Should You Join Kalaia? Find Out Together

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Skincare products that are clean, simple, effective, and are formulated from natural ingredients are becoming the trend now.

 Kalaia is a company that offers this kind of product under this category. It is a new company in the network marketing realm where you can find an opportunity to become an entrepreneur at an affordable starting cost.

Given the background, products, and details about Kalaia’s business opportunity, is this company worth your time?

Should you join Kalaia and start your entrepreneurial journey from here?

 Let’s find out more information about this skincare company called Kalaia in our honest review below.

Should You Join Kalaia? Let's Find Out Together

The Kalaia Company

kalaia logo

Kalaia  is a skincare company founded by Gaya Samara Singha.

She is an immigrant to the U.S.A and had been with several other direct selling companies in the past including Young Living Essential Oils, Monavie, Nu Skin, and many more prior to starting Kalaia.

 The company was launched in 2018 and has its headquarter in Utah, U.S.A. 

The company donates 1% of its sales to Kalaia Cares, a micro-loan program that supports female-owned businesses through its partnership with a company called Kiva.

Kalaia is a combination of the words “Kalon” and “Gaia”. These words mean beauty is more than skin deep or simply a beauty that comes from within and mother Earth that refers to where the natural ingredients of the company’s products come from, around the world.

I cannot find any listing of the company with Better Business Bureau or Direct Selling Association.

The  Kalaia Products

kalaia products

Kalaia products are said to be formulated with natural ingredients from around the world.

 The company promises these about its products - that they are vegan, cruelty-free, no added colors, no synthetic fragrances, and no toxic chemicals.

Similar companies are Pamper Boutique, Beauty Society, and Ever Skincare.

 Some of the products’ key ingredients are Gotu Kola, turmeric, and aloe vera among many others.  The fragrances are made from essential oils and other natural fragrances.

The products are classified into treatments, product tools, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and exfoliants.

Here are some of the company’s products and their retail prices:

  • Detox & Balance - Cleansing Bar - $28

This is an activated charcoal beauty soap with papaya and ginger extract.

  • Hold Tight - Overnight Moisturizer (1.7 fl oz) - $58

A moisturizer for night use that contains bamboo silica, pea extract, Kalaia key ingredients, and natural fragrances.

  • Keep Smooth - Day & Night Serum (1fl oz) - $70

Facial serum for day and night use that contains Gentian leaf extract and peptide molecules among many others.

  • Fresh Canvas - Exfoliating Powder (1oz) - $48

Apply with little water, this exfoliating powder is gentle yet effective.

  • Revitalizing Glow - Facial Treatment (2 pack) - $28

This is a clay facial treatment that cleans and revitalizes the skin. 

How To Join Kalaia

To join Kalaia you need to purchase a digital kit that costs $49. This comes with a replicated website; business, digital, and training tools to help you jumpstart your business.

You also need to sign the company’s Brand Partner Agreement.

To remain active as a Kalaia’s brand partner, you need to maintain a minimum of 600 CV for the 3-month period. 

Membership to Kalaia’s business opportunity should be renewed every year. 

The  Kalaia Compensation Plan

kalaia compensation plan

In Kalaia’s compensation plan, you start as a brand partner and with the right actions and efforts, you can be promoted to K-I, K-II & K-III Manager, Bronze, Silver & Gold Director, and Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond Executive. 

The ways to earn an income with Kalaia are as follows:

  1. Retail Profits - This is 20% of your personal sales.

  2. Power Seller Bonus - When your sales exceed 1200CV, you can earn an additional 10% bonus. 

  3. Personal Team Bonus - Starting from K-I Manager rank and up, you can earn 5% to 10% of the CV of your level 1 to 3 downline depending on your rank.

  4. K-III Team Bonus - As your downline gets promoted to K-III Managers, a new generation is created and you can earn 3% to 5% of your generation’s CV up to 7 levels deep. 

In addition to this, Kalaia offers an affiliate program for those customers who want to share their referral links with their friends and family.

This program rewards $5 for every $50 purchase from your referral link. You can use this cash in your future purchases with Kalaia.  

There is also the social rewards program where you can invite your friends for a spa experience and you can be rewarded with discounted items and even free items.

Can You Earn Money With Kalaia?

Most companies provide an income disclosure statement to show the average earnings of their members.

However, in the case of Kalaia, they call it a statement of typical participant earnings. On this statement, it is mentioned that a typical participant in Kalaia’s compensation plan earns between $20 to $900 annually.

The company further stated that these earnings are just estimates and have been derived hypothetically from the available data during the brand launch.

These earnings estimates are to be reviewed and updated after 6 months of operation and should be updated annually. 

However, as of this writing, Kalaia seems to have not updated these figures yet. Looking at Kalaia’s compensation plan, it is clear that it follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.

In this system, members need to sell the products and recruit people to join the team to earn bonuses and commissions from the company. The problem however with this model is that it ends up being favorable to very few only.

In fact, based on studies and our own review of several MLM companies for years, only 1% appears to be earning a full-time income from this similar business opportunity. Also, in most cases, more than 50% are earning insignificant amounts to nothing.

The MLM business model just like in the case of Kalaia rewards the few top leaders of the organization with a residual income that are in truth comes from the efforts of the people at the bottom of the organization.

So, while the upper 1% are enjoying their lucrative income from the opportunity, the majority of the members at the bottom are treading a challenging road towards achieving a decent income from the opportunity.

Kalaia could easily dispel these conclusions especially in terms of income earnings of its members if it has a detailed income disclosure statement. However, it is not the case at this time. 

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The Good And Bad Of Kalaia In A Nutshell

  •  The company is a legal company founded by a woman of humble beginnings but with years of experience in different areas of direct selling.
  •  It gives back to the community by providing loans for female-owned businesses.
  • The products are said to be formulated with natural ingredients and promise to be vegan, cruelty-free, and have no added synthetic and toxic chemicals.
  • It offers an opportunity to start a business at an affordable cost.
  • The company is a relatively new company.
  • There is no listing in Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association.
  • The products have relatively high prices and are facing tough competition from other established and known brands.
  • There are not many products to choose from, only around 10 products are on offer.
  • The statement of typical participant earnings lacks full details and is mainly based on estimates and hypothetical calculations.

Conclusion - Should You Join Kalaia?

We start this post with our question, should you join Kalaia? We know that Kalaia is a young company that is legally established and has legitimate operations.

It is founded and headed by a woman with humble beginnings but with a strong background in direct selling. Despite the company’s newness, the company already knows how to give back to the community by supporting women entrepreneurs.

The products are formulated accordingly to be effective while having safe ingredients. It gives an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at an affordable cost. 

On the other hand, due to the company’s newness, Kalaia is not yet listed on independent websites like Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association. Listing on these websites would give companies like Kalaia a certain level of trust.

Also, it is quite noticeable that the products have relatively high prices. This can pose a challenge to selling because as we know competition is high in this field especially coming from companies with more brand recognition and a variety of products. 

It is clear that Kalaia follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model and although it offers an advantage wherein anyone can start a business from it at a lower capitalization, achieving success in such a business is not a breeze.

 It requires hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Numbers across MLM industry are disheartening especially when you look at the success rate of members in getting a full-time income from the business opportunity.

 In the case of Kalaia, its statement of typical participant earnings lack the details, and even with estimates or hypothetical calculation, it came out with $20 to $900 typical annual earnings for its members.

 I must say such an earning potential will not catch my entrepreneurial spirit in a bit.   

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