Is Young Living A Scam? [Read My Review Now]

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Is Young Living a scam is a question that is of interest for many people who do their thorough research before deciding if they are going to join this MLM company.

MLM companies are so popular nowadays because of the promise to make lots of money, work flexible hours, and the chance to be your own boss.

But does Young Living really hold up to statements they make on its website like 'Be part of something bigger' or 'everyone deserves a life of abundance and wellness'?

My detailed review whether or not Young Living (YL) is a scam will not only show you how you can join YL but also if you can actually make money with this company?

Is it worth your time? Or, should you rather look for an alternative way to make money.

Please read the review to the end to discover how I now earn four figures each month.

And by the way, it doesn't involve selling or recruiting.

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Is Young Living A Scam?[Review]

The Young Living Company?

young living logo

Young Living was founded back in 1994 by Gary Young and his wife Mary.

Gary passed away in 2018 and left a company behind that is now selling in many countries worldwide, including New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, just to name a few.

Like countless other MLM companies, e.g. Natures Sunshine, LifeVantage, or Zijah International, Young Living is based in Utah.

The current president of the company is Jared Turner.

According to YL, the legend goes that Gary Young discovered the power of essential oils in the 90's when him and his wife developed a organic herb farm and distillation operation.

Thanks to Mary's background in direct selling the Young's decided to sell the products via a multi-level marketing business.

Along the way, the company endured  a few legal hiccups.

Young Living lost a court case against doTerra in 2017, one of its biggest competitor,  whom they accused "...for theft of trade secrets..."

In 2014, the FDA also issued a warning against illegally marketing because of claims by YL distributors that some of the essential oils can cure certain diseases like Parkinson's disease, insomnia, heart diseases and more.

More About The Young Living Products

young living products

Young Living offers a wide range of products that not only includes essential oils but also oil-infused products, diffusers, and personal care products.

But be aware, the products are expensive with the 30ml facial creme retailing at $90, and a 15 ml bottle of essential oil starting at around $33 retail.

Similar products that claim to be organic can be bought on Amazon from $10 up to $20, much cheaper than YL essential oils.

Even if I take the wholesale prices into consideration, Young Living products are still too expensive.

The price tag is an important factor to take into account when looking at a company you are interested to join.

The competion is fierce with similar companies like doTerra for example.

How To Join Young Living

young living basic kit

The joining process is the same as with any other MLM company. You'll need to fill in a form with your details and also the ID of your sponsor.

In YL's case you enroll as a member first before you can choose any of the starter kits.

Young Living has got different starter kit option with  prices ranging from $45 up to $165.

The membership gives you 24% off the retail price and you can enroll in the Essential Rewards program which is basically an auto-ship program with some benefits to the enroller.

Your order has to be at least 50 PV.

Now, I haven't found out how much 50 PV translates to into a dollar amount but I would assume it is around $50.

The Young Living Compensation Plan

young living compensation plan

The Young Living compensation plan is a mix between a binary and unilevel payment structure.

It is essential for you to know that you have to have 100PV in personal orders each month in order to qualify for commission payments.

I've seen this way of pressuring members aka distributor way too often in network marketing. Examples for this kind of practice applies also for companies like LifeWave, Synergy Worldwide, or PartyLite, just to name a few.

I get it, to be able to sell products you need to use them to find out if there are any good.

But there should be no minimum amount of personal purchases required to qualify for commission payments.

The Young Living compensation plan clearly focusses on recruiting rather than selling the products.

For more details about the compensation plan, please click here.

Can You Actually Make Money With Young Living

young living income disclosure

Kudos to Young Living for publishing an income disclosure. You can see the one from 2017 on the screenshot.

Following the question if one can actually make money with selling Young Living products, all I can say is that the numbers speak for itself.

 "In 2017, 33%* of Young Living business-building members were ranked as Distributor and earned an average commission of $26 per month or $312 per year." [source: Young Living]

To reach Star, Senior Star, or Executive status, it takes from one to two years to get there. An Executive earns an average monthly income of $500.

These numbers don't take any business related expenses into account such as the 100PV for example. You still have to pay tax, and may have to travel to presentation and the likes.

So overall, it looks like there is only a tiny chance to make a good income with Young Living.

The majority of distributors spend most likely more money then they earn.

The Pros Of Young Living

  • Low start-up costs of $45.
  • Company has been in business for 25 years.
  • YL offers training and business tools.

Here Are The Cons Of Young Living

  • Minimum purchase of at least 100 PV required.
  • The focus is on recruiting/sponsoring rather than selling the products.
  • The products are very expensive. Similar items on Amazon retail for just a fraction of the price than what you would pay for an YL product.
  • Even though the BBB rating is A, the customer reviews are not promising at all. In the last three years, consumers have posted 142 complaints about Young Living. Read the reviews here.
young living bbb reviews

BBB Reviews

In Conclusion - Is Young Living A Scam?

Based on my research, I can't really say that Young Living is a scam considering the product range and the fact that the products are available worldwide.

Also, Young Living has been around for over 25 years now.

But! Asking distributors to purchase products each month to qualify for commissions is a big red flag.

Of course, you need to try the products but no one should be forced to buy them to earn a commission!!!

It appears to me that Young Living puts a lot of emphasis on sponsoring rather then selling the products. 

Looking at Young Living's income disclosure, there is only a slim chance to make an income. It looks like one would lose money then earn anything at all.

Here is what I would recommend to earn a passive income, without selling or recruiting.

An Alternative Business Modell

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