Sunrider International – Our Full And Honest Review

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Multi-level marketing business has been saturated by health, wellness and beauty products in the recent years.

Welcome to our full review of  Sunrider International who is one of many MLM companies that have found a market in the health and wellness niche.

Making a difference on the products is becoming a trend and has made several companies stand out among the rest for years.

Sunrider International surely received this memo from long time ago hence its business has been in existence for years and is growing up to now.

Sunrider has successfully taken advantage of the fusion of oriental herbalism and western technology on its products.

 The founders and the owners have maintained a business that showcased different product lines that are developed with unique philosophy from the owners' expertise, formulated with safe, effective and quality raw materials and produced by top notch manufacturing process.

There is no question that Sunrider's company profile is quite impressive.

So, could this be the ideal MLM company that we are looking for? Just like you, we also wanted to find out.

Hence, we bring you this full review of Sunrider International.

Read on to find out more.

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Sunrider International - Our Full And Honest Review

More Info About Sunrider International

sunrider logo

Sunrider International  is a direct selling company that was founded in 1982 by husband and wife Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen.

Tei Fu is a Taiwanese national who was raised by a family that believed in the use of herbal medicines.

He became a herbalist and pharmacist later in his life. While, his wife Oi-Lin is from Hong Kong and became a licensed medical doctor.

The company reaches to 50 countries worldwide selling cosmetics, nutritional supplements, personal, skincare and homecare products.

The Chen's business also owns and operates a number of hotels located in some of the busiest cities in China, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.

Sunrider is headquartered in California and owns manufacturing plants for all its products.

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau but has no rating. It received one customer complaint relating to delivery issues.

The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association as well.

Being in the business for 38 years, Sunrider had been to rough roads in several instances. For instance, in mid 1990s, the owners were charged of tax and customs fraud.

Also, complaints had been filed with FDA and with the court in line with false medical claims and the negative effects of the Sunrider products in health.

 However, all had been settled and cleared eventually.


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The  Sunrider Products

sunrider products

Sunrider products are classified into food, drinks, nutritional supplements, weight loss, active lifestyle, skin care, body, hair care, cosmetics, oral care and household products.

Because Sunrider has a lot of products to offer, we only choose the bestsellers to feature their prices and short descriptions here.

Sunrider prides their products to have been formulated by trusted scientists and experts, manufactured in a state of the art process and contains balanced ingredients coming from various whole foods.

Food and Drinks

· SunTrim Shake - US$65.44

This is formulated with plant-based protein and herbal ingredients.

· Smart Gummy Mango/Strawberry Flavor - US$45.96

These are 100% vegan gummies that are all sugar-free.

· Sunny Dew - US$22.94

This is a blend of stevia and chrysanthemum flowers.

· Sun Bar - US$26.66-33.81

This is a food bar that contains dried fruit, nuts and asparagus root. Available flavors include oatmeal raisin, fruit and chocolate.

· Vitashake - US$33.66

This is another shake formulation enriched with natural vitamins and minerals.

· NuPlus 10/60 Packs - US$24.38/136.63

This is a concentrated herbal food that is mixed with water when consumed.

· Calli 10/60 Bags - US$12.52/70.50

This is a specialized green tea filled with antioxidants that are effective in absorbing harmful ingredients.

· Fortune Delight 10/60 Packs - US$12.74/70.50

This is similar to Calli with Catechins as the primary ingredients.

· Evergreen - US$44.54

This is a dietary supplement concentrated with chlorophyll. This is also consumed by mixing with water.

· VitaDophilus - US$12.67

This is a supplement powered by good bacteria to help promote healthy digestion.

Nutritional Supplements

· Quinary 100 Capsules/10 Packs/60 Packs - US$47.08/44.91/250.62

These are in the form of capsule and powdered packs made with a blend of herbs.

· SunBreeze - US$39-66.07

These are balm and oils effective when used to massage the body to soothe the muscles.

· Alpha 20C 100 Capsules/10 Packs/60 Packs - US$46.27/44.10/246.77

This is another herbal dietary supplement in the form of capsule or powdered packs.

Weight Loss and Active Lifestyle

· SunTrim Plus - US$39.60

This product consists of capsules formulated with herbal ingredients to help one achieve weight loss goals.

Skin Care

· Dr. Chen Youth Masque 2 fl. oz. - US$54.92

This is formulated to make skin soft, moisturized and rejuvenated.

· Dr. Chen Youth Emulsion - 1 oz - US$90.88

This is an anti-aging formulation for the skin with stem cells from some rare fruit.

Body and Hair Care

Sunrider offers soaps, body cleansers, body moisturizers, hair shampoo/conditioners/serum and deodorant under this line.


Sunrider has complete line of cosmetics from face powders, eye makeup, lipstick to makeup tools and accessories.

Oral Care

Under oral care, Sunrider has toothpaste and mouth freshener products with Sunsmile Toothpaste as one of the bestsellers with price starting at US$12.48 for 2.3 oz.

Household Products

Under this category, Sunrider offers fruit and vegetable rinse, laundry soap, multi-cleaner solution and bleach. SunSmile fruit and vegetable rinse is one of the bestseller products.

The Sunrider International Compensation Plan

sunrider compensation plan

There are 3 ways to enjoy Sunrider products.

First, one can become a Sunrider customer for free.

Second, one can become a preferred customer by paying US$19.95 membership fee annually and enjoy 5-10% discount on retail prices.

 And, the last and the most relevant in our discussion is by becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

One can become an IBO by completing and signing the IBO Agreement and purchasing a Sunrider Starter Kit.

This startup kit costs US$59 and contains marketing materials and resources to help one start a business with Sunrider.

The following are title and ranks and their respective qualifications in the Sunrider infinity compensation plan:

· Independent Business Owner (IBO) - 200 personal volume (PV) in the month of qualification

· Star - 200 PV and 500 downline volume (DV)

· Star Prime - 300 PV and 1000 DV

· Star Elite - 400 PV and 1800 DV

· Ace - 500 PV and 3000 DV

· Ace Prime - 600 PV and 5000 DV

· Ace Elite - 700 PV and 7000 DV

· Ace Royal - 800 PV and 10000 DV

· Hero - 800 PV and 18000 DV

· Hero Elite - 800 PV and 36000 DV

· Hero Royal - 800 PV and 90000 DV

· Icon - 800 PV and 225000 DV

· Icon Elite - 800 PV and 600000 DV

· Icon Royal - 800 PV and 1650000 DV

There are several ways to earn as Sunrider IBO.

1. Retail Sales Bonus

IBOs with qualifying PV can earn as much as 10-25% commissions and retail sales bonus.

2. Fast Start Bonus

When an IBO sponsors new IBOs, he/she gets a 5% fast track bonus on their personal sales from their enrollment month up to the next 3 months.

3. Star Elite Advancement Bonus

If within the IBOs first 3 months from enrollment, he/she reaches the Star Elite rank, then he/she gets US$100 star elite advancement bonus.

 Upon reaching Star Elite status or higher, a matching star elite advancement bonus is rewarded to those who help new IBOs on their downline to reach Star Elite rank within the first 3 full months of joining.

Other rank advancement bonus rewards with similar mechanics with that of star elite advancement bonus are as follows:

· Ace Advancement Bonus - US$200

· Ace Prime Advancement Bonus - US$350

· Ace Royal Advancement Bonus - US$500 - This bonus has no time constraint. It is rewarded once an IBO advances to Ace Royal for the first time. There is a matching bonus as well for the first upline of this IBO with Ace Royal rank or higher.

4. Unilevel Bonus

Star ranks and higher is rewarded with 2-10% bonus in accordance to the below chart.

5. Development Bonus

This bonus is awarded to IBOs with Ace rank or higher.

6. Turbo Infinity Bonus

Hero ranks or above are qualified for a turbo infinity bonus of 0.5% on their CV from level 6 to infinity.

7. Check Match

This bonus is paid on Ace Royal or above and is shown on the chart below.

8. Icon Bonus

This bonus is for Icon rank and higher. This bonus is paid per month so long as the recipient qualify to the rank he/she is paid on or higher.

Can You Earn Money With Sunrider International ?

sunrider Income disclosure

In 2019, the average annual income of IBOs in the USA is USD5430.27.

 This is by far the highest average income of representatives amongst the MLM companies that I was able to review.

A relatively higher percentage of Sunrider IBOs are also earning US$10000 or more annually that is about 10.8%. This means that Sunrider is one of those MLM companies with better income distribution at face value.

 However, it shows in the chart that at least you have to be an Ace Prime rank to have an average annual income at the level of USD 10000.

 Getting to an Ace Prime rank requires 600 PV and 5000 DV for the month of qualification. These personal sales and downline sales target are in fact not easy. You have to have at least 8 downlines who will work the same as you.

Based on my rough estimate of Sunrider's income summary, I get US$1190.95 as the median income of all active IBOs.

 This is still a good thing because this amount is still higher than that of other MLM company representatives' median income.

 This just means that about 50% of active Sunrider IBOs are earning higher than this amount.

Another important thing to note on Sunrider's Average Annual Income Summary is that it only shows the income of active IBOs and it is noted on the chart that only about 29% of all IBOs (active and inactive) receive a payment. Omitting inactive IBOs on the income chart actually makes Sunrider's income chart better by face value than that of other MLM companies’ income chart.

I must say that Sunrider's compensation plan actually convert to income for IBOs.

However, next we need to ask ourselves: Is joining a better MLM company like Sunrider worth our time and effort?

 Let's check out the pros and cons of Sunrider as whole business opportunity and decide for ourselves.

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The Pros Of Sunrider International

  • The company has been in the business for 38 long years and was founded and currently managed by proven experts and scientists who actually know what they are doing.
  •  The company had been through some legal hurdles in the past but was able to rise from it stronger and more resilient.
  •  The company has its own manufacturing plants that is NSF ( certified.
  •  The company has worldwide presence.
  •  Sunrider offers a wide variety of products with unique formulations/ingredients and some have received great following from users already. These products encompass different categories from food and drinks, health supplement, beauty, health care to cleaning products.
  •  Cost of joining at USD$59 is relatively cheap.

The Cons Of Sunrider International

  • Most of the products are relatively costly than the other products sold on the same category especially those sold not by MLM companies.
  •  Retail commission rate starts at 10% which is relatively low than the retail rate commission of other MLM companies.
  • Sunrider's compensation plan actually convert to income for its IBOs. In fact, the income summary shows better numbers with higher average and median income amount for the active IBOs. However, with only about 10% of active IBOs earning a decent income from this opportunity, competition and survival in the business is still tough. Also, it should be noted that this 10% still excludes inactive members.
  •  Sunrider is no different from most MLM companies. You cannot only depend on your personal sales to earn a decent income. For you to succeed, you must create your own team and that means you have to recruit and make your team perform as well.


Sunrider International is no doubt an established company with convincing profile and unique products that are really effective.

Some products are even outstanding and have overwhelming patronage. However, it is still far from an ideal MLM company that we have in mind.

As a business opportunity, Sunrider is no different from most MLM companies.

 Income distribution is only favorable to the few. Loss rate is high. Building a business does not grow by increasing your sales of the product rather reward is bigger if you recruit and encourage your team to do the same.

Given these reasons, joining Sunrider International with business opportunity in mind has a very high probability of failure.

 Joining the company to enjoy the product is in my opinion a better path to take.

But, as a business opportunity, I would rather skip Sunrider's MLM patterned offering.

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