What Is Morinda/Noni – Our Detailed MLM Review

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New super fruit based products have been marketed by several multi-level marketing companies for years.

One of these companies is Morinda, under the new brand Noni by NewAge.

Morinda's story has spanned years since the discovery of noni fruit, a native produce of Tahiti.

For Morinda, noni is an exceptional discovery that can bring true miracle not just to people's health and beauty but to achieving financial freedom as well.

Morinda experienced a major revamp last 2019 and with the new management, it is just right to revisit this company's business opportunity offerings.

What is the truth about Morinda's MLM business opportunity? Does financial freedom really start from it?

We hope this review article helps you answer those questions and so much more.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is Morinda/Noni? - Our Detailed MLM Review

Some Details About The Morinda Company

morinda logo

Morinda was established in 1996 by a group of professionals in Utah, two of them are food scientists.

The company was originally known as Tahitian Noni International and was revamped in 2012 to Morinda Bioactives under Morinda Holdings, Inc.

 In 2019, the company merged with New Age Beverage Corporation, a Colorado based corporation focused in building portfolio of products and distribution of healthy beverages such as Nestea, Illy, Volvic, Evian, Xing, Bucha, WaterisLife and 'Nhanced.

With this merge, Morinda's CEO for 22 years Kerry Asay and other founders left the company.

 Now, the brand is marketed as Noni by NewAge but for this article, I will use Noni and Morinda interchangeably to refer to this same brand.

Morinda emerged in the consumer market upon the discovery of the health benefits of Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia), a fruit that is especially abundant in Tahiti. Now, Morinda's main products are distributed worldwide on all continents.

David Vanderveen is currently the chief operating officer of Noni by NewAge.

 He has been in the direct selling industry for more than 20 years and was a senior executive in Amway with total of 18 years in that company.

Morinda is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and is also listed in BBB with an A+ rating but with the old management information.

The company faced several controversies in the past including unsubstantiated claims about the products' health benefits, possible contamination of products distributed in Spain and some dispute relating to intellectual rights.

There have been cases of hepatotoxicity in the consumption of noni juice as well.

But, all these controversies were handled and settled in the past.


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The  Morinda/Noni Products

morinda products

Morinda carries 5 brands such as Tahitian Noni, Shape, TeMana, HIRO and 'NHANCED.

Tahitian Noni

This brand carries products made from Tahitian Noni, a known variety of plant that produces the well-known super fruit.

Tahitian Noni Juice

This is a liquid dietary supplement formulated with Noni puree and some fruit juice concentrate to add some flavor on the drink. It is said to contain more than 275 nutrients needed by our body. Price starts at US$30 for 500ml bottle. Recommended usage is 1 fl. oz. (30ml) twice a day.

Noni Seed Oil

As the name suggests, this product is made from noni seeds oil and it helps promote healthy skin. Price is US$30 for 5ml/0.2 fl. oz.

Essential Oils

These are different variants of essential oils with noni seed oil and other soothing oil types. Price starts at US$35 for 15ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Lotion, Soap, Serum, Etc.

Tahitian Noni brand also offers personal care products with noni juice and oil on their components. Price starts at US$6.99.


This is similar to the Tahitian Noni Juice with some added formulation from other plant/fruit. It is said to be beneficial in maintaining healthy cells and promoting health of the circulatory system among many others.

The recommended usage is also 1 fl. oz. or 30ml twice a day. Prices start at US$40 for 25 fl. oz/750ml bottle. There are 3 variants - Pure, Extra and Max.

Tahitian Noni Original and Joint Concentrate

The Noni original juice concentrate consists of 1 fl. oz. pure noni juice and Tahitian noni joint concentrate contains 8 fl. oz/240ml noni juice concentrate and Glucosamine HCL. Both sold at US$17.99.


The Shape brand carries whole food smoothie and powdered dietary supplement formulated to help with weight loss.

 Both products contain noni fruit pulp/fiber on their ingredients. Price starts at US$42 and the 30-day challenge pack is sold at US$209.


This brand brings noni + collagen drink supplement, facial cream and lip cosmetics. All products have noni ingredients. Noni + collagen drink costs US$225 for 30-day supply and lip cosmetic starts at US$8.50.


HIRO brings energy drink to Morinda. All products contain noni components. Price starts at US$35.


This is the only brand under Morinda that carries products without the noni components. There are dietary supplements and CBD oil-based products under this brand.

 The Noni/Morinda by NewAge Compensation Plan

morinda compensation plan

Starting a Noni/Morinda business costs US$299-365 depending on which product you want to start with. It is said that these business packs options comes with US$955 worth of bonus items.

Now, the company offers a risk-free package with 90-day money back guarantee.

Noni/Morinda only provides the summary of its compensation plan on its website. It does not provide a detailed version openly on its website. With further research, I was able to gather the following details.

Just like most MLM's, Noni/Morinda ranks its members depending on certain qualifications and achievements.

· IPC - 30 QPV

· Coral - 120 QPV

· Jade - 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Corals + 4800 QV up to Level6

· Pearl - 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Jades + 24000 QV up to Level6

· Diamond Pearl - 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Pearls + 24000 QV up to Level6

· Diamond Pearl Elite - 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Pearls + 72000 QV up to Level8

· Double Diamond Pearl - 120 QPV + 4 personally sponsored Pearls + 95000 QV up to Level 8

· Triple Diamond Pearl - 120 QPV + 5 personally sponsored Pearls + 120000 QV8

· Platinum Diamond Pearl -120 QPV + 6 personally sponsored Pearls + 120000 QV up to Level 8

· Black Pearl - 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Diamond Pearls all 3 months of calendar quarter

Retail Sales

IPCs are allowed to earn profits by purchasing products at a discounted price and selling them at the suggested retail price.

Fast Start Bonus

This allows new members to earn immediately after enrollment up to 60 days. IPC can earn from 5-20% up to 5 generations. Also, after reaching 120 QV volume within a month, an IPC can get 20% personal rebate on additional volume that he/she can make beyond this 120 QV threshold.

Unilevel Bonus

Morinda/Noni pays up to 45% bonus up to 8 levels depending on one's rank.

TruPerformance Bonus

This bonus is paid to qualifying IPCs who have increasing auto ship QV up to level 4. The bonus pool is 2% of the qualifying converted commissionable volume (CCV) for the month.

Infinity Bonus

This bonus pool is 3% of the qualifying CCV for the month.

 This is rewarded to Diamond Pearl Elite rank or higher.

Global Team Bonus

There is this bonus as well as shown on the company's compensation plan summary.

 If my understanding of the chart is right this consists of 3% of the qualifying CCV for the quarter and is rewarded to Black Pearl ranks.

 Can You Make Money With Noni/Morinda?

morinda income disclosure

Based on the income chart posted on Morinda/Noni's website, the direct answer to this question is about 50% yes and 50% no. The income chart reflects US IPCs income in 2018.

 All these important considerations must be noted when analyzing the company's income chart.

· about 48.35% of all active IPCs did not receive any commissions

· the chart does not include profits earned by IPCs in selling the products by retail

· car bonuses earners consists of 0.4% of all active IPCs/0.8% of all active IPCs commission earners

· travel bonus beneficiaries accounts to 2% of all active IPCs/3.9% of all active IPC commission earners

· from the establishment of the company in 1996, the company has made over 300 millionaires in the shortest span of 6 months up to 7 years of cumulative commissions

As I said, there is a 50-50% chance one can earn an income from Morinda/Noni as an affiliate.

 This is because about 48.35% of all active IPCs did not receive any bonus in 2018 in the US. And, when I analyze the chart, I get US$249.36 as the average annual income of all IPCs.

 As for the median annual income amount, it is below US$289.80 for all active IPCs.

Given the start-up cost, I would say these figures are not really true income in the real sense. In fact they are too small to cover the cost of business. Also, in the case of Morinda/Noni, the annual median income is higher than the average income.

 This is not a good thing in my opinion because this means that more IPCs are actually earning even lesser below the median amount thus pulling the average income downwards. It means that income is more skewed downwards below the median amount while above the median amount income distribution is more even.

Also, the income chart is no different with that of other MLM companies where only about 4.62% of active IPCs are earning a monthly income of US$1456.28 (US$17475.36 annually) or higher.

 This is the threshold of a decent income that I believe one should earn in the US if he/she exerts all his/her energy and resources in this business.

This only shows, that Morinda/Noni's income figures confirm the uneven distribution of income as well as the misleading nature of its business opportunity and that of most MLM companies as a whole.

 Even looking at Morinda/Noni's income chart, loss is surprisingly certain than the gains with only 4.62% of active IPCs earning a decent income. For many who consist of 95.38% of active IPCs, money can surely be earned but to what cost?

That cost should not be ignored because when you do the math, with this income chart, most affiliates are on the losing end unfortunately.

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The Pros Of The Morinda Opportunity

  •  The company has been in existent for more than 20 years although under the new management recently. This means that the products have established market and buyers at the very least.
  •  With the addition of new brands, there is a wide variety of products to choose from.
  •  The company is a member of DSA and is also listed in BBB with A+ rating.

The Cons Of The Morinda Opportunity

  •  The products may offer some unique and helpful health benefits but the prices seem higher than that of other similar products. Also, clinical studies to confirm the health benefits of noni plant are still limited and lacking.
  •  Relatively high start-up cost.
  •  Retail sales incentive is not directly provided in the compensation plan.
  •  Earning a decent income is achievable to at least Coral rank that is with 120 QPV requirement and is only very likely at Pearl rank with 120 QPV + 3 personally sponsored Jades + 24000 QV up to Level 6.
    This means that for one to earn a decent income, recruitment and building a team is a must. Also, one's team should do the same effort of selling and recruitment.
    This is quite difficult to achieve and even the company's income chart confirms this.
  •  Near 50% of active IPCs are not earning an income.
  •  Average and median income figures are much lower than the decent income threshold. Only 4.62% of active IPCs are earning decent income.

Wrapping It Up

We've come at the end of our Morinda/Noni MLM review.

 Unfortunately, this is still not the best MLM company out there.

 Despite the good presentation and the transfer to the new management, Morinda under the new brand Noni by NewAge has no new good things to offer in the context of its MLM business opportunity policies.

The company's income chart says it all. Although there is a promise of high income achievement in as low as Coral rank the truth of 95.38% of IPCs not earning a decent income is enough reason for one to think again about this opportunity.

Also, it should not be ignored that the average and median annual income figures are at less than US$289.80 mark and with 48.35% of active IPCs having zero income at all, I would rather not call this business opportunity.

 I would say Morinda/Noni's business is clearly a losing undertaking for its affiliates.

 However, if the products suit you, one can always hope that the new management can revisit its business opportunity offering and make it a real opportunity for most members in the days to come.

 But, given the current set-up, I would say Morinda/Noni’s MLM business opportunity does not deserve a thumbs up from me.

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