What Is NHT Global – Our Full Review Of This MLM Company

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If you are looking for a bit of everything in an MLM company, then NHT Global might be just for you.

This company has a bit of every MLM products in the personal care, beauty, wellness and herbal sectors. If this is a good thing or not we will later know.

Many MLM companies are putting their focus in health and wellness sector because with the right products and regular consumption; it can actually drive sales and make the business thrive.

Similar companies are Sunrider International or Melaleuca.

However, in an MLM setup, although FTC  requires earnings from retail sales to customers, the retail profit is often used by most MLM companies as a facade to meet minimum regulatory requirements of the law.

The truth of the matter is that the bulk of the earnings do actually come from recruiting new members to the company.

In this article, we bring NHT Global to your focus. Let's find out together how this company provides business opportunity to its members and whether or not it is a venture that is right for you.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is NHT Global - Our Full Review Of This MLM Company

About NHT Global

nht global logo

NHT Global is a direct selling company based in California, USA.

 It was first launched under the name of Lexxus International and changed to NHT Global in 2006.

 The parent company is Natural Health Trends Corp.  under the leadership of Chris Sharng  and Scott Davidson.

 Both leaders have educational background in finance. Prior to NHT Global, Sharng held leadership roles in other companies relating to security, toys and consumer product industries.

The company has a presence in 16 countries around the world. It has been subjected to several lawsuits in the past while under the business entity of Lexxus International but all of these were just things of the past and were all settled.

The story of NHT Global, Inc started with the launch of its signature product that is now called Alura Lux.

 It is said to be a revolutionary cosmetic gel that refreshes and moisturizes the skin. Several products were added later on.

Surprisingly, even with almost 20 years in the business, NHT Global and even the parent company NHTC are not yet listed with Better Business Bureau .


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The  NHT Global Products

nht global products

NHT Global products are classified into beauty, herbal, lifestyle and wellness.


· Botanical Hand Protector - US$28.57

This is a hand cream that gives intensive hydration to skin.

· Skindulgence Moisturizer/Cleanser (Paraben-free) - US$30

· Skindulgence 30 Minute Firming System - U$89.29

· This is a box set containing cleanser (56g), masque (85g) and moisturizer (56g)

· Airelle Age-Defying Facial Serum/Intense Hydrating Repair Complex - US$128.57

· Airelle Age Defying Eye & Lip Treatment - US$91.43

· Airelle Exfoliating Cleanser - US$54.29

· Airelle Hydrating Manuka Mask - US$120.00

· BioCell SC - US$76.93

This is a patented bio-cellulose mask created from coconut juice and a stem cell.

· Color Awakening Lipstick

This is for lip coloring and nourishment.


· LivaPro

This is an herbal supplement that promotes liver health.

· Purus

This is an herbal supplement for the heart.

· Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4

This is an herbal supplement for kidney.


· Alura Lux - US$54.29

Also called a pleasure gel/intimacy gel, this product refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

· LaVie

This is beverage with red grapes, aloe vera and red raspberries components.


· FiberRich 6.9 oz - US$44.29

This is a powdered dietary formulation consumed by mixing with water. It promotes digestive tract health.

· Enhanced Essential Probiotics - US$60.71

This product promotes digestive health.

· Premium Noni Juice - US$63.57

Filled with anti-oxidants, this drink is made from components of different kinds of super fruits such as noni fruit, grapes and pineapple.

· Triotein - US$120

This is a whey protein powder.

· Cluster X2 - US$80.71

This is a concentrated drink formulated to promote cellular health.

· CurcuMore

This is a dietary supplement to help you age in good shape and health.

· BeautyGlo

This is a drink that promotes healthy skin.

· Trifusion

This is a drink with acai berry, mangosteen, goji berry and lychee on its ingredients.

· Energin

This is an herbal supplement with ginseng to boost one's energy.

Other product offerings under wellness are:

· Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids - US$61.43

· OcuFocus - US$100

· Glucosamine - US$49.29

· StemRenu - US$100

· Noni Foil Pouch Travel Set - US$91.43

· ReStor Silver - US$81.50

· Restor Vital - US$88.71

The NHT Global Compensation Plan

nht rbc packages

Joining NHT Global is easy. All you need to do is enroll and choose from these 2 options.

1. Register as a Preferred Customer

Enrollment as a preferred customer is free of charge and makes one qualify to a 25% discount for purchases within a 6-month period.

 Preferred customers are not qualified to get commission but they can upgrade to become a Distributor anytime.

2. Register as a Business Builder Member

In this option one will receive a personal website, an online store and personal backoffice that one can use for 12 months.

 To be able to qualify for bonuses under NHT Global's compensation plan, one needs to choose from bronze (90BV), silver (250BV), gold (1000BV/500BV promotional packages) and platinum (1250BV).

Once an RBC package is activated, this qualifies the new distributor to earn an income in 4 ways.

1. Retail Profits

Retail profits can be earned by purchasing the products by wholesale and reselling them at retail. Discounts depend on one's rank. For Bronze it is 5%, Silver is 10% and Platinum/Gold is 30%.

2. Generational Bonus

When a distributor sponsors a member to enroll, he/she gets a generational bonus of 3%-10% on every order placed by the personally sponsored member.

3. The Two-Team Infinity Compensation System

When a distributor develops two team legs, he/she can now accumulate BV points from his/her left team sales.

For every 3750 Total BV accumulated, this will account to one cycle and qualifies the distributor to express override bonus.

 Override bonus is computed from a team with lesser amount BV accumulated (1/3 team). Any unused BV will be carried forward for future payments. This bonus ranges from 5-20% depending on one's rank with maximum limit of US$50,000 per week.

Also, advanced override bonus of US$50 can be earned once 2000BV/1000 BV is reached. Upon reaching the 2500 BV/1250 BV, the balanced of the express override bonus will be paid.

4. Matching Extra Bonus

This bonus is earned from one's personally sponsored member's express override bonuses.

This ranges from 1%-10% up to seven levels depending on one's rank. 

There is a quarterly matching bonus limit also as provided in the chart below.

nht matching extra bonus

 How Much Can Be Earned by a NHT Global Distributor?

nht earning information

NHT Global provides information on income earnings of its US distributors  in 2018.

 My problem however is that even if I mix and match the figures presented, the numbers are not adding up for me to get how many members active and non-active do the percentage refers to so I decided to just put a screenshot of that information here.

Based on those statements, I should say that 61% of members not earning a commission is way too high.

 This just means that more than half of the members are not earning at all. Although this presentation excludes the retail profit that members are earning, these number are all a red flag for me.

 Why would an MLM company downplay its members' income anyway?

 So, I'm sticking to my belief that there is a likelihood that these numbers are published in liberal terms that means to say they do reflect the real income commissions of NHT Global members rather than underestimate the real figures.

Also, based on commissions, only 2% are actually earning a decent income from this business offer of NHT Global. Hence, to call this a business opportunity is actually misleading.

It is common in most MLM companies to boast about turning members to millionaires but the truth is this accounts to less than 1% of members.

 In the case of NHT Global, it is just one person in 2018.

Also, it is still uncommon for more than 5% of the members to earn a decent income in a year in most MLM companies and NHT Global just confirmed this with only 2% of its members earning more than US$25000 in 2018.

Surely, one can possibly earn more from NHT Global when one banks on retail profit. Unfortunately, no evidence is presented to support this claim.

 Also, the fact that prices of NHT Global products are relatively higher than that of similar products, earning from retail profit will surely add to the challenge in selling.

The presentation of members' gross income in NHT Global does not really sit well with me. It is even confusing. I get the impression that this maybe the case because there's not much to tell really.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of NHT Global.

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The Pros Of Th NHT Global Opportunity

· The company has been in the business for almost 20 years now with office headquarter and worldwide presence.

· Management information of the company is well-provided.

· The company has laid down its policies and procedures in the website to guide both distributors and customers providing terms for distributors conduct, sales refund and product returns among many others.

The Cons Of NHT Global

· The company is not BBB Listed.

· Although there are different products to choose from, I see this as a drawback because most of the products are not FDA evaluated.
 It seems that the company is trying to add popular health and wellness products on its line and would make one guess what really the company’s specialization is.

· The products are relatively more expensive than similar products sold outside of MLM setup limiting one's earning through retail profit.

· Commissions are earned through recruitment and how one's team perform making it really difficult for distributors to earn.

· Rank is in a sense bought by distributors and not based on actual retail sales volume. Even purchase discounts differ by rank and surprisingly not by retail volume.

· Earnings information of distributors are confusing even if it is provided in simple terms.

· More than half or 61% of the members to be exact are not receiving commissions.

· Only 2% of the members have earned a decent income in 2018.

Wrapping It Up

NHT Global is no question an MLM company where you can make money by retail selling and by recruiting members to your team.

 It is a solid company that started with one unique product and surely made big sales volume in the past. The company offices, management and policies are well provided as well.

For business to thrive, NHT Global has surely expanded its product line to include a bit of everything in its sector qualification.

However, we find a lot of downside on the company's compensation plan and distributors' income figures.

We have laid down everything already and the truth is NHT Global is not at all different from the other MLM companies that we have already reviewed.

The sad thing is that it is even worse. The number of members that are not earning is more than half with only 2% earning a decent income in 2018 in the US.

 Risking on these numbers are worse than gambling and surely our logical recommendation need no further stating and explaining in this respect.

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