What Is Tropic Skin Care? A Real Money Making Opportunity Or Just A Scam

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Conscience and ethics are not the usual considerations in a business. But, in the case of some companies like Tropic Skin Care, these guiding principles are inculcated from the start.

 This makes Tropic Skin Care one of the fastest growing companies in the direct selling industry. In a short period of time, led by known personalities, Tropic has made a name in the industry where it belongs and has won multiple awards and certifications to silence detractors and critics.

Does this outstanding reputation translate to money making opportunity for those who seek it as well?

 This is the ultimate question that we will be answering in this review. Let's find out together how Tropic fares in this aspect.

Is Tropic Skin Care a real money making opportunity or just a scam?

Read on to find out more.

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What Is Tropic Skin Care? A Real Money Making Opportunity Or Just A Scam

 About Tropic Skin Care

Tropic Skin Care is a direct selling company founded and headed by Susie Ma. She is known for her stint on the seventh season of The Apprentice UK in 2011 where she made an impression with Lord Alan Sugar, the show's host.

After the show, Tropic Skin Care became a recipient of investment from Lord Alan Sugar hence making him a 50/50 partner in the company.

Tropic Skin Care's story is a story of its founder, Susie Ma. At an early age, she was influenced by her grandmother who was a medicinal chemist and toxicologist.

She learned from her the importance of feeding the body with nourishment that comes from natural ingredients.

And, being raised in the tropics particularly in Cairns, Australia, she saw the abundance of natural and tropical ingredients in her environment.

As early as 2004, she made and sold her own jar of body scrub and added more products as years go by.

The major leap for Susie Ma's business happened after she met Lord Alan Sugar in 2011 and the direct selling platform was launched in 2013.

 The company is currently headquartered in the UK.

The company carries cosmetics and skin care products that are made to help achieve the business’ ultimate purpose.

 That is, to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. Tropic is duly certified by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

It is also an environment-friendly company, safe and one that gives back to the community.

 It has been a recipient of several awards as well.


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The  Tropic Skin Care Products

tropic skin care product range

The company's online shop classifies its products to skincare, bodycare, makeup, haircare and sun care.

Since Tropics has a very long list of products, we just chose the bestselling/award-winning products to feature here.


Tropic's online shop addresses unique needs of customers. One can choose products that can address his/her skin issues by just ticking in specific boxes in the search menu.

Here are some of the bestsellers.

Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier 120ml - GBP18

This cleanser is formulated with green tea extract, golden jojoba oil and eucalyptus oil.

Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate 50ml - GBP24

This cream contains hyaluronic acid, ectoin molecules and kakadu plum extract. It hyrdates, brightens and nourishes the skin.

Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist 120ml - GBP14

This toner contains aloe vera juice, cranberry seed extract and mineral sulfur.

Face Smooth Brightening Polish 100ml - GBP15

This contains macadamia oil, bamboo silica, acai berry among many others. It exfoliates, brightens and refines the skin.

Tamanu Healing Balm All-in-One Skin Saviour 60ml/20ml - GBP16/GBP32

This healing balm helps repair, soothes and hydrates the skin.

Elixir Age-Defying Omega Oil 30ml - GBP23

Containing moringa oil, pomegranate seed oil and organic rosehip oils, this skin elixir rejuvenates, smoothens and hydrates the skin.

Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum 30ml - GBP21

Formulated with plant allo-melanin, passion fruit extract and coconut water among many others, this serum helps you achieve desirable tanning results.

Skin Dream Age-defying Firming Cream Concentrate 50ml - GBP42

With age-defying formulation, this night cream surely delivers great results.

Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask 50ml - GBP20

This product is formulated with spirulina, bamboo charcoal and ginger.

Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil 30ml - GBP42

This is rich in antioxidants, tamanu oil and caffeine.

Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum 41 30ml - GBP42

This serum is stuffed with bioflavonoids, prebiotics, blue spirulina and hyaluronic acid among many others to deliver results.

Body Care

Tropic has deodorant, body wash and lotion products on this line in addition to the bestselling body exfoliator described below.

Body Smooth Refreshing Polish 200ml - GBP24

This is a body exfoliator filled with natural oils and helpful minerals.


Tropic has complete cosmetic line with award winning products including the following:

· Colour Palette GBP68

· Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation GBP22

· Blush Crush Pressed Colour GBP16

· Blush Crush Cream Colour GBP16

· Jet Set Pressed Bronzer GBP16

· Way To Glow Pressed Highlighter GBP16

· Eyes on You Pressed Shadow GBP8

· Brow Boss Defining Pomade GBP8

· Kiss Me Quick Lipstick GBP16

· Lip Glaze GBP14

· Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner GBP12

Hair Care

Tropic's hair care line includes award-winning products such as the following:

· Hair Feast Deep Conditioning Treatment GBP18

· Clarifying Hair Wash - GBP16

· Nourishing Hair Cleanser - GBP18

· Hair Smooth Radiance Oil - GBP24

Sun Care

Tropic has new line of sun care products for your skin protection against UV rays and other free radicals.

How To Join Tropic Skin Care

tropic skin care start up kit

Getting into Tropic's business opportunity means joining the company as an ambassador.

 To become an ambassador one has to contact a local ambassador and purchase a starter kit for a cost of GBP 198.

 This kit usually contains bestselling products worth over GPP 500 and some training and business tools.

The  Tropic Skin Care Compensation Plan

tropic skin care success plan

Tropic's compensation plan is not provided with complete details on its website.

 It is stated there that ambassadors get incentive rewards including luxury trips and 25% commission on orders.

In an interview with Susie Ma by a female-led organization Talented Ladies Club, the founder revealed that 90% of the company's ambassadors are not business builders.

Hence, Tropic as a business organization doesn't feel that sharing the business plan publicly is relevant. Tropic does not want to provide misleading earning promises to the public and make them risk all they have to Tropic.

 What Tropic encourages is for ambassadors to share Tropic products that they believe in with friends and family first and make the decision to build a business from it as they go along.

Even with extra digging, we were not successful in getting a hold of Tropic's compensation plan so we will again refer to what is shared by the Talented Ladies Club.

It is explained here as well that this success plan especially the items relating to monthly sales requirement does not apply to ambassadors who do not wish to be business builders.

However, since the purpose mainly of this article is to assess the company's business opportunity, might as well go through with Tropic's success plan based on our own interpretation since a detailed explanation of this plan is not publicly available.

Tropic's Qualification

· Active Ambassador - PS GBP250

· Senior Ambassador - PS GBP500, 1 active ambassador

· Team Ambassador - PS GBP500, CTS GBP2000, 3 active ambassadors

· Manager - PS GBP500, CTS GBP4000, 5 active members

· Senior Manager - PS GBP500, CTS GBP4000, EGS GBP8000, 5 active members, 1 manager

· Executive Manager - PS GBP500, CTS GBP4000, EGS GBP25000, 5 active managers, 2 managers

· Platinum Executive Manager - PS GBP500, CTS GPB4000, EGS GPB50000, 5 active managers, 4 managers

· Diamond Executive Manager - PS GBP500, CTS GPB4000, EGS GPB100000, 5 active managers, 8 managers

*PS (personal sales)

*CTS (central team sales)

*EGS (entitled generation sales)

*There is a 50% Rule on CTS and EGS as well that applies to Team Ambassador or higher. Unfortunately, it is unclear to me what this rule means.

Personal Sales Bonus

In addition to the above-mentioned retail sales bonus of 25%, a personal sales bonus of 1.5% to 10% is awarded to ambassadors depending on their ranks and personal sales volume.

 So this means that an ambassador can earn as much as 35% retail sales bonus depending on his/her sales.

Team Mentor Bonus

A business builder is entitled to 2-3% bonus for the sales of his/her personally sponsored ambassador sales.

Central Team Sales Bonus

Managers or higher ranks are rewarded with 4% bonus for their central team sales volume.

Generation Bonus

Senior managers or higher ranks are entitled to generation bonus of 1-4% up to level 4 depending on their actual ranks.

Executive Car Bonus

Executive managers are qualified for GBP300-500 car bonus depending on their rank advancement.

Can You Make Money With Tropic Skin Care?

I should say that one can indeed make money with Tropic. But, the most important question is how one can make it and up to how much can you earn from this opportunity.

Firstly, let us consider the startup cost of GPB198. For an ambassador to be able to earn back this startup cost, he/she must be able to sell GPB792 worth of products and earn retail sales from them.

Also, if by any case an ambassador is able to sell the products included in the startup kit, then he/she can immediately earn something from it as well.

As an ambassador, the earnings really depend on the personal sales volume that one can make. As per Susie Ma's interview mentioned above, about 90% of the ambassadors are not business builders hence do not actually benefit completely on the company's success plan as explained above.

Tropic does not have an income disclosure statement so I would rather not make an assumption as to how much ambassadors are actually earning.

But, if the fact that 90% of ambassadors chose not to be business builders apply up to this day, then it just logical to assume that very few are seeing this business plan to work on their advantage.

By just considering the retail sales profit bonus alone, an ambassador should at least make GBP 2400 sales monthly to earn a decent income with Tropic.

However, if you believe in the product and you are just doing this as a side hustle then this may work to your advantage.

Just know your capabilities, set your targets and assess if your action plans can work given Tropic's success plan.

 Surely, an ambassador can make money from Tropic but income target varies individually, and since Tropic is not sharing its income disclosure statement, we can only assume as much.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Tropic Skin Care.

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The Pros Of The Tropic Skin Care Opportunity

· Tropic is a company with conscience and ethics. It is a legitimate company founded and owned by popular personalities.

· The company and its owner/founder have been recipients of several awards.

· Amongst the standout certifications of the company include those from Leaping Bunny, vegan Society, Cruelty Free International, Carbon Neutral and Think Dirty.

· The company's products are innovative, formulated with natural ingredients and several are award-winning.

· The 25% to 35% is a good percentage for retail sales profit and can give one reasonable income with wide customer base.

· The startup cost is reasonable given the actual cost of items included on the kit.

The Cons Of The Opportunity

· The company only operates in the UK so getting stocks to other marketplaces can be a challenge.

· It may seem that Tropic is not actually pitching on the business opportunity rather it encourages ambassadors to sell at their own pace. Hence, the detailed compensation plan as well as the income disclosure statement are not publicly available. This puts the company to a lot of skepticism from people wanting to be ambassadors and want to be enlightened about the business.

· Just like in most business, earning an income in Tropic requires effort and time and to be able to grow a business, the need to recruit is inevitable. This also means that an ambassador needs to drive his/her team to make the same effort so earnings are maximized.

· The percentage of business builders over the total ambassadors that is 90% aligns Tropic to the figures of other MLM companies where in reality business builders who are expected to be able to maximize the benefits of a compensation plan are actually few in numbers.


Conclusion - 

Is Tropic Skin Care A Real Money Making Opportunity Or Just A Scam

There is no question that Tropic Skin Care is a legitimate company with exceptional achievements and reputation.

It is definitely not a scam. Although its business opportunity shows some similarity with that of other MLM companies, it cannot be refuted that Tropic is a product-based company and not your typical MLM companies that give so much focus in recruitment.

From the retail sales bonus, an ambassador can actually earn so much. However, it does not escape our notice the lack of information on the company's compensation plan and the ambassadors’ income charts.

This is a relevant setback that can scare away business spotters. And, the fact that only 10% of ambassadors become business builders poses a lot of question on the practicality of Tropic's business opportunity.

If you believe in the products and the principles of the company, getting into Tropic's business could turn into a worthy side hustle but as full-time money making opportunity, we found some holes that we think can put your money and effort at risk eventually.

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