Is Anovite A Scam? Find Out More In Our Honest Review

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Products called superfood have gained popularity in health and wellness companies especially in the field of multi-level marketing industry.

 I already came across with several of these companies and I must say that Anovite's main product component is quite surprising for me.

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 I knew about the importance of colostrum to newborn babies being a mother myself but I was quite surprised to learn that it can be used as a component of a lot of products.

If you are surprised as well and colostrum-based products catch your interest then learning about Anovite as a company and the business opportunity that it offers may lead you to a better place than where you are right now.

 To help you with your understanding about Anovite, we bring you this honest review and we hope to answer the crucial questions you have in mind about the company especially those relating to its business opportunity offering.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Anovite A Scam? Find Out In Our Honest Review

More About The Anovite Company

anovite logo

Anovite is a US-based company founded by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, a nutritional science expert and award winning author.

 The company was launched in 2014.

Prior to Anovite in the year 1993, Dr. Kleinsmith put up a company called Immune-Tree Inc., where he started studying the benefits of substances found in colostrum, a first form of milk produced by mammals. 

Immune-Tree is still operational and has the same product line with Anovite up to this day.

Surprisingly, there has been no mention of Immune-Tree in Anovite’s website.

Anovite is a network marketing/direct selling company under the sector of beauty, health, wellness and pet. The products are manufactured by the company's in-house plant in Utah, USA.

 At this time, the company is not yet listed with the Better Business Bureau  or the Direct Selling Association.

Anovite's Alexa Rank is 210 in Business for Home database.

 A notice of violation was issued by Environmental Research Center to some of Anovite's products in 2018 because of excessive levels of harmful Lead.

This notice may had been rectified by the company already because the products mentioned on the notice are still being sold by the company up to this time.

Anovite also pitches on its website the awards they receive and multiple product features in Healthy Living magazine.


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The  Anovite Products

anovite products

Anovite's products are the result of the founder's years of research on the components found in colostrum. The products are under the category of skin care, colostrum6, weight loss, anti-aging, fitness and pets. 

Skin Care

Anovite brings colostrum based facial formulations designed to defy aging problems of the skin. These products are also rich in natural ingredients.

· Anovite Face Cream 30ml - US$99

· Anovite Face Serum 30ml - US$99


Anovite has capsule form and powder formulation supplement that contain colostrum that is said to be a rich source of helpful nutrients to support healthy cells.

· Colostrum6 Capsules 500mg 90/180 - US$25/43.75

· Colostrum6 Powder 2.5oz/6.5oz/1lb/2lb - US$30/65/131.25/202.5

· Colostrum6 Pineapple Lozenges 450mg 130 - US$41.25

· Colostrum6 Strawberry Tablets 200 mg 180 - US$41.25

Weight Loss and Fitness

This line contains daily powdered packets and capsules formulated with colostrum and other natural youthful nutrients to aid users on their weight loss and fitness journey.

· LimuZ 30 daily dose packets - US$70

· LeptiTRim6 Daytime Capsules 180 - US$62.5

· LeptiTrim6 Nighttime 162 grams - US$61.25

· LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake 860 grams - US$60

· LeptiTRim6 Chocolate Shake 856 grams - US$60

· Flex6 Fitness Formula 180 capsules - US$67.50


In addition to the face cream and serum as well as the powdered packets with anti-aging properties, Anovite brings OxyQuest, a liquid oxygen supplement on its anti-aging product line.

· OxyQuest 2 fluid ounces - US$37.50


In this line, Anovite brings dog and cat supplements enriched by dried colostrum.

· Canine6 Natural Beef and Bacon Flavored Colostrum - Small Breed/Large Breed - US$33.75/US$72.50

· Feline6 Colostrum Supplement - US$22.50

All products intended for humans have disclaimer that they are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How To Join Anovite 

anovite business builder kit

There are 2 ways to earn from Anovite, firstly by becoming a wholesaler and secondly by enrolling as a business builder.

As a wholesaler, you get to earn 20-30% off on the retail prices with zero charge. Here's an overview of the cost of the starting packs versus their actual retail value.

· LifeStyle Pack - costs US$299.95 with US$489 retail value

· Weight Management Pack - costs US$299.95 with US$454 retail value

· Colostrum6 Starter Pack - costs US$149.95 with US$192.50 retail value

When you opt to enroll as a business builder, here are your starter pack options and their actual retail value.

· Business Sample Pack - costs US$499.95 with US$1069 retail value

· LifeStyle Pack - costs US$299.95 with US$511 retail value

· Weight Management Pack - costs US$299.95 with US$454 retail value

· Colostrum6 Starter Pack - costs US$149.95 with US$192.50 retail value

· Anovite SkinCare Pack - costs US$299.95 with US$698 retail value

When you decide to be a business builder, you need to purchase a business kit at US$39.95 together with one of the starter packs of your choice as listed above.

 This covers the cost for Anovite's app, other information resources and online back office.

 To remain active and qualify for commission, an associate needs to make US$50 monthly order.

The  Anovite Compensation Plan

Here are the ways to earn within Anovite's organization.

 You may check out this link to the company's detailed compensation plan.

Retail Commission

This is the income one can get from purchasing the products at a wholesale cost and selling them by retail. I did not find any information on the average retail margin a business builder can earn on a regular basis but based on the starter packs cost versus the actual cost, one can earn as much as 57% retail profit.

SmartShip Advantage

SmartShip is Anovite's term for monthly autoship. Rebates of up to 30% are awarded to customers or associates who qualify.

anovite smartship

Fast-Start Bonus/Fast-Star Mentor Bonus

To qualify for a fast-start bonus, one must be an active associate. He/She is qualified by purchasing a start pack, selling one start pack to a customer or accumulating 150QV in personal volume.

While, a fast-start mentor bonus is earned when one's personally sponsored associates sells start packs to their personally enrolled associates or customers.

Bonus Doubler

When an associate sells 2 fast-start packs in a month, his/her bonus will be doubled.

First-Order Bonus

A first order bonus is paid to associates for every first order with BV with the exception of fast-start pack orders.

Team Bonus

Team bonus is paid per 100 BV cycle created by your lesser leg.

Every 100BV cycle entitles an associate to a bonus of US$25 for up to 2 cycles and US$10 for all cycles thereafter.

 All unused BV from an associate's stronger leg is carried over to the next week's payout.

Anovite's Rank Advancement

An associate can advance his/her ranks based on the following order:

· Associate

· Senior Associate

· Star Associate

· Two Star Associate

· Director

· Bronze Director

· Silver Director

· Gold Director

· Executive

· Ruby Executive

· Emerald Executive

· Diamond Executive

· Double Diamond Executive

· Triple Diamond Executive

· Black Diamond Executive

anovite rank requirements

Matching Team Bonus

Matching team bonuses are computed on whichever is lower of the two criteria:

1. 10% of all the team bonus earnings of every associate in one's downline and,

2. cap percentage of one's personal team bonus from 20-100% depending on one's rank.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Each rank promotion is rewarded with the following one-time bonus:

· Star Associate - US$100

· Two Star Associate - US$200

· Director - US$300

· Bronze Director - US$400

· Silver Director - US$500

Lifestyle Bonus

The following lifestyle bonus is paid weekly in accordance to rank.

· Bronze Director - US$100

· Silver Director - US$125

· Gold Director - US$150

· Executive - US$225

· Ruby Executive - US$300

· Emerald Executive & Higher - US$375

Primary Influencer Pool

Executive rank and higher gets a portion of the 3% of the total global BV for the week.

Can You Make Money With Anovite?

Anovite's compensation plan may look promising however its lack of income disclosure may lead one to take a step back and think about more of this opportunity.

The closest I can get in getting a picture of Anovite's associate income is through the company's compensation rewards by rank chart.

 However, it only shows the maximum earnings by rank and is missing a lot of information on the real income earnings of most associates.

anovite compensation reward by rank

As we already know, success rate in most multi-level marketing companies as a full-time business rarely reaches to 10% of all the associates.

 In some companies, it even goes down to 1% low. Since Anovite does not show an income disclosure statement publicly, we will be inclined to assume that Anovite is no different from other MLM companies when it comes to the success rate of its associates.

The good thing about Anovite's compensation plan I must say is the weekly payout and the carry over scheme for all sales volume. However, inactivity can also cause accumulated sales volume to flush.

Anovite may have laid down a detailed compensation plan for the sake of its associates however the lack of income disclosure statement leaves new entrants in the dark.

 A compensation plan that does not translate to income is no better than empty promises that can break one's business hence it can never be called a business opportunity in any instance.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of  Anovite.

anke profile picture

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The Pros Of The Anovite Opportunity

· The products are developed by an expert with long years of experience, are manufactured in an in-house manufacturing plant and are proudly made in the USA.

· Requirements by rank in terms of recruitment is minimal. An associate only needs two.

The Cons Of The Anovite Opportunity

· The benefits of the products are not FDA validated.

· The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau or Direct Selling Association.

· I must say that the products are out of trend in terms of formulation being not vegan. I have reviewed several health and wellness companies and most of their products are going into the use of plant-based components.

· Anovite's compensation plan is laid down with complete details on the website. However, its lack of income disclosure statement brings a lot of questions on the efficacy of its compensation plan to translate to income earnings for associates.

· Team sales volume requirement by rank is quite challenging to achieve.

Conclusion - Is  Anovite A Scam

Anovite is technically a new company being launched 6 years ago.

However, its founder Dr. Kleinsmith has been in colostrum industry for 17 years.

Studies about the importance of colostrum has spanned thousands of years and its uses to new born babies are established as well as the fact that it contains antibodies to fight diseases.

However, incorporating colostrum to capsule supplements and powdered drink formula for a myriad of health benefits that are not FDA validated does sound quite shady to me.

 I also checked Amazon user reviews for colostrum-based products although not particularly for Anovite and the reviews in all fairness are mostly favorable to colostrum products.

 Personally, I'm having second thoughts about the truthfulness of the health benefits of the products but I believe I'm not in the right position to just discredit the effects of the products based on my hunches because they can actually bring great results to users who have already used them.

In line with Anovite's business opportunity, I must say that the compensation plan is well-presented.

The problem however is that Anovite is not sharing an income disclosure statement for the benefit of new entrants.

 This reflects a lack of transparency on the part of Anovite.

Also, this makes us think that it is no different from other MLM companies and we know what the bad news with MLMs is – the success rate is especially discouraging.

So, our advice is that if you are not a believer of Anovite's products and you are in this just for its income generating means, better think again and make this opportunity pass.

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