La Senorita Jolie MLM Review

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La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) means “A Beautiful Girl” translated from a mix of French and Spanish. At a glance, it seems to be an interesting company to join if you have the passion for fashion and jewelry.

 Its representatives are called Stylist and it does sound sophisticated. It could also be a really great stepping stone in starting a business from home if you are into styling and fashion. 

If by any chance, you received offers from La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) and are wondering if this company is for you then we got you covered here in this article.

Read our honest review of La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) below and learn the things that you need to know before deciding wisely whether or not to dive into what LSJ can offer to you.

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La Senorita Jolie MLM Review

About La Señorita Jolie (LSJ)

lsj logo

La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) is a direct selling fashion company founded by Jennifer Dixon in 2015.

With 13 years of working experience from New York under her belt, Jennifer went back to her home in North Carolina and started LSJ.

Since its founding, LSJ has expanded to several USA states and has gained representatives from there. Jennifer is also a founder of Capstone Branding, a digital marketing company.

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There’s not much information about LSJ on the internet and I cannot find any listing of the company in Better Business Bureau (BBB) ( or Direct Selling Association.

However, it is listed in Business for Home website with its link here

I did not see any lawsuit faced by LSJ but looking at its social media pages, it does not seem to have recent posts to date.


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The LSJ Products

lsj products

As mentioned above, LSJ is a fashion company offering clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Under clothing, women tops range from $22-69, dresses/jumpsuits range from $25-124, jackets range from $64-69 and bottoms range from $63-74. 

LSJ jewelry collections consist of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sets. Necklaces are priced at $19-65, earrings at $28-39, bracelets at $24-39 and sets at $55. 

Accessories collection include scarves offered at $15, belts at $58 and canvas bags at $19-25. 

I must say LSJ has relatively few products listed on its corporate website given the fact that it is a fashion company. I am expecting that to be an effective fashion stylist, a variety of style options is a necessity and this just means that there should be more product types on the company’s portfolio to choose from.

 If LSJ has an offline brochure then it would be even better.

It was mentioned on LSJ website that since 2016, about 85% of the company’s products are made in the USA and this clearly means that they do offer quality-made products. 

How To Join La Señorita Jolie (LSJ)

Joining LSJ will make you a stylist. You can join LSJ by purchasing the following sample pack at the below cost:

  • Ambassador Kit - $34
  • The Weekender Kit - $299 - This contains items with $800 retail value.
  • The Networker Kit - $499 - This contains items worth $1200 at retail.

Once an LSJ stylist, you will have your own stylist replicated website.

The  La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) Compensation Plan

LSJ business plan is available in this link .
The link to a detailed compensation plan in the company website seems to be broken. However, based on what is available here are the ways that an LSJ stylist can earn.

  1. Personal sales commissions range from 25%-35% when starting out and up to 12% more bonuses per month on personal sales.
  2. There are team sales commissions but is unknown up to how much percent it is being computed.
  3. Direct purchases by a stylist are discounted at 25%-35%. This can also be understood as the retail commission when stylists buy the items at a discounted price and sell them at a retail price.

LSJ also rewards hosts of LSJ pop-up parties. The host can earn from $25-700 dollar shopping credits depending on sales made during the show.

lsj host earnings

Can You Make Money As La Señorita Jolie Stylist?

LSJ is not posting its income disclosure statement if there’s any. So, it is really hard to say how much an average LSJ stylist is earning.

The problem however with LSJ is that it follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) system of business. I have reviewed several MLM companies in the past some are even the top companies in the industry and even MLM companies that have limited geographical scope and they are in so many ways similar when it comes to the figures shown in their income disclosure statement.

Unfortunately, these prevailing income occurrences amongst representatives of MLM companies are not anymore good news to new entrants in this kind of business model.

 Income figures across MLM companies usually favors only about 10% of the representatives by conservative estimates and it is even lower in particular companies.

There are MLM companies with less than 1% of its representative earning an income that can replace a decent paying full-time work. These figures do not sit well to a person who is seriously looking for a business opportunity.

However, since most MLM companies are employing convincing tactics just to bring more representatives, these figures are often overlooked. 

As for the case of LSJ, I can say a lot of not so good things about how its business model is being presented. The main problem starts with the limited information on the business opportunity that it offers and even product information that are available on its corporate website as well as its social media sites.

 In addition to this, there is no way of knowing how its stylists are faring in terms of income that they earn from LSJ business.

 If you are willing to bet given these drawbacks, then that can be a very risky business decision in my opinion.

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The Pros Of The La Señorita Jolie Opportunity

  •  LSJ is transparent about its management information.
  • It has expanded representation across several states in just a short time. 
  • Eighty five percent (85%) of the products are said to be made in the USA.
  • There is an option to start at a low cost.

The Cons Of The La Señorita Jolie Opportunity

  • LSJ is a relatively new company with no documented listing under Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA).
  • Currently, the company seems to be inactive on its social media sites.
  • The products are too few for a fashion company. The prices are also relatively higher.
  • LSJ does not have an income disclosure statement.
  • It is very difficult to find detailed information about its business model.


I must say La Señorita Jolie (LSJ) is one of those companies that can intrigue you just by its name. Clearly, it has been founded from the owner’s love for fashion.

It is a young company just like its founder. However, it has grown successfully and has expanded to other marketplaces.

 The products seem to be made with quality, comfort and style in mind. 

However, LSJ follows a direct selling model and rewards multi-level marketing ways of selling and recruitment.

 In my opinion, this is where the drawbacks of this company come from. This may have even influenced why the products are priced as they are.

Also, I do not understand why information on the detailed compensation plan and more importantly the income disclosure statement are lacking on the corporate website.

The company has not been listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor in the Direct Selling Association (DSA). This company can be very interesting but with these important information lacking about its business opportunity offering, it is in fact illogical to recommend it for those who are seriously looking for a business opportunity that they can start from home. 

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