Saladmaster Review – The Right Opportunity For You?

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They say the path to a healthier lifestyle involves healthier cooking. Saladmaster also believes in this hence its tagline, 

“Change your cookware. Change your life. “

The company offers cookware that would transform the way one feels about cooking. It promotes home cooking and healthier lifestyle.

If you are a chef or someone who just loves home cooking, chances are you already know about Saladmaster.

The thing is it operates and follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) system in selling its products and in this article we decided to look into what Saladmaster can offer in the business side of things and for us to be able to fully know about the company, just like in our other company reviews, we included some backgrounder of the company. 

Read on to find out more about Saladmaster.

Saladmaster Review - The Right Opportunity For You?

About Saladmaster

saladmaster logo

Saladmaster is a cookware company based in Texas, USA.

It was founded in 1946 by Harry Lemmons where he started manufacturing his products from home.

Through the years the company has grown and expanded its operation to what it is now. Now, Saladmaster is under the umbrella of Regal Ware Inc..

Its products are distributed worldwide and it also moved to a bigger headquarter.

Similar companies: Pampered Chef and Tupperware.

The current company President is Ayo Olaseinde. It has been said that he is the main driving force for the fast growth and expansion of the company in Europe, Middle East and in Africa.

The company has been active in partnering with charitable organizations to give back to the community because it puts value on its social responsibility. 

The company has been accredited by Better Business Bureau since 1993 and has currently an A+ rating  with zero complaints.

The  Saladmaster Products

saladmaster products

The company prides itself for the quality, design and limited lifetime warranty of its products. It also boasts about its manufacturing practices and the use of latest technology to achieve best results on its finished products.

The products are proudly made in the USA and offer innovative designs.

Saladmaster offers cookware sets and are all made mostly of stainless steel. Each cookware set usually consists of any combination of the following cookware items:

  • Saucepan with cover
  • Roaster with cover
  • Skillet
  • Perforated Basket
  • Braiser Pan with Cover
  • Wok with Cover
  • MP5 Inset
  • Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Oval Baking Dish
  • Bake and Roast Pan
  • Rack with 6 Egg Cups
  • Kitchen Tool Set
  • Pudding Pan
  • Double Walled Salad Bowl
  • Bakeware Set
  • Mixing Bowl Set 
  • Stainless Steel Powdered Cleaner

Food processors and french presses are also available from Saladmaster.

The prices of these items are not provided on Saladmaster website. I only saw the prices of Saladmaster cookware set parts here in this link.

 Also, I found the following prices from some other unofficial websites/pages. However, I think prices may vary depending on country location.

In one Saladmaster presentation, it says there that the average price per set is $2000.

Here are the prices I found from other websites:

  • Saladmaster Whistling Tea Kettle - $530.00
  • Professional Cookware Set with 6 items - $5700

How To Join Saladmaster

To join Saladmaster, you need to find a dealership near you. The cost of joining is not divulged by Saladmaster on its website. On its business FAQ, this is the company’s answer to the question about the cost of joining,

“ The initial investment to join Saladmaster is minimal — especially when compared to the expensive up-front costs of other businesses, like franchising.”

One may find a hint here that the comparison is made to franchising cost and not to other MLM companies' start up costs. 

The  Compensation Plan

Saladmaster is not posting its compensation plan on its official website. From other sources, particularly from this link, I was able to get some information about its consultant programs although it is unofficial.

Here are some important things about its compensation plan.

  • A fee for service is paid to consultants computed on one’s personal sales. This fee ranges from 10%-25% of one’s personal sales depending on one’s rank/level.
  • The level advancement in Saladmaster are as follows - trainee, consultant, senior consultant, group manager, distributor, direct dealer, and senior dealer. 
  • Members with group manager level or up earns monthly override commission computed on personal and recruits’ retail sales. Depending on the total personal and team sales of at least $25000 monthly, a group manager can earn 2-6% of total group sales as override commission. 
  • Distributors can earn 3-10% on override commission for total group sales of at least $30000 monthly. 
  • There is a Fast Cash and Saladmaster Recruiting Bonus Plan (SRBP) program as well.
  • There are other awards and recognitions offered as well as travel incentives under certain conditions and rules. 

 Can You Make Money With Saladmaster?

Surely, one can make money with Saladmaster. Unfortunately, the company does not have an income disclosure statement so we cannot at least see the status of income earnings of its consultants. 

In one presentation of Saladmaster that I saw from one unofficial site, bonuses from personal sales are computed from $4000 sales while override commissions are based on at  least $25000 total team sales.

 These are challenging monthly figures for sales of cookware. Cooking inclined skills may prove useful for selling Saladmaster cookware however prospective entrepreneurs without such background may find achieving such sales a challenge.  

Also, I don’t understand why Saladmaster is keeping its compensation plan, product prices and income disclosure statement from the public.

It could be the case that there are some things on those that can easily scare off prospective consultants or even customers. I hope not.

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The Pros Of Saladmaster

  •  Saladmaster has a long history in the business that is about 74 years.
  •  The company has a worldwide presence.
  • The products are made in the USA with focus on highest grade design and quality.
  • There’s a brand recognition when you talk about Saladmaster.
  • It is accredited in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating and is also a member of Direct Selling Association.

The Cons Of Saladmaster

  • The products are very expensive.
  • The company lacks transparency by keeping information from the general public about its compensation plan, product prices and income disclosure statement.


Saladmaster seems to be a perfect company with a solid and long years of business history. It manufactures its own products following stringent quality standards, latest technological advancement and innovative designs that will make one love cooking.

The products are also proudly made in the USA and it is a brand that is known. It has its own charitable programs and gives importance to social responsibility.

It is a member and has the accreditation of some trustworthy organizations just like the Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association.

 The company is being led by seasoned executives as well. 

However, Saladmaster is not all about a good story. It keeps a lot of information that anyone on his/her right mind will wonder why such information is not being shared publicly.

Saladmaster has the reputation of selling very expensive products. Whether or not the benefits that come with the products can actually compensate for such a high price remains to be a question because of conflicting reviews about the products all over the internet. 

Based on the information we got about Saladmaster’s compensation plan, it is pretty standard.

 It mainly rewards sales and encourages members to recruit to level up their ranks. The way I see it, the challenge with Saladmaster is really on the selling of its super expensive products.

 For one to be able to make successful sales, I must say love and fair knowledge of cooking and cookware sets must be the minimum qualities for a Saladmaster affiliate to succeed.

 I would be glad to know some success stories though even if I will be proven wrong. 

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