Signature Homestyles – Find Out More About This Direct Selling Company

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If styling your home is your thing or you just have a knack for interior design and colors then Signature Homestyles will surely interest you.

Surely, it is very delightful to help create beautifully decorated homes as many good things emanate from there.

Signature Homestyles offers a way for you to start a business in the home decor sector and if you want to find out more about this company and its business offerings, then we are glad to be of help as this is exactly what this article is all about.

Without further ado, let’s get started in getting to know more about Signature Homestyles.

Signature Homestyles - Find Out About This Direct Selling Company

About Signature Homestyles

signature homestyles logo

Signature Homestyle’s is a direct selling company in the field of home decor.

Its story started with Madolyn Johnson’s entrepreneurial venture in 1968. Years later, her daughter Cari Christopher helps her with the business and together they make a difference to the business, its representatives and to the homes of the customers it reached.

 The mother-daughter tandem of Madolyn and Cari later on has been recognized by some award giving bodies especially those that impact positive change for women.

The company is headquartered in Illinois, United States. It is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating but with 1 star rating from 3 customers who posted their reviews in 2020.

 Signature Homestyles is also a member of Direct Selling Association and its representatives abide by the organization’s code of ethics.

More About The  Products

signature homestyles products

As already mentioned Signature Homestyle’s product portfolio includes products relating to home organization, decor and design. The company’s online shop classifies the products into accessories, candles and candleholders, organization, textiles and wall decor.

The accessories category lists products like hyacinth tray set ($60), mini pot set ($18), flower pic set ($16-36), utensils holder ($24-35), pour pitcher ($38), drum set ($165), ribbon ($16), vases ($20-48), signs ($14-16) and many more.

In candles and candleholders, you can find candleholders at $18-68, lantern ($36-60), sconce ($24-26), tealight holder ($35-40), LED candle ($12-18) and LED string lights ($10).

In organization, you can find storage baskets ($15-$150), tray baskets ($24-35) and many more.

The textiles section offers throw blankets ($45), runners ($25-28) and pillow cases ($10-40).

While in wall decor category, you can find different designs of basket ($42-58), wall pocket ($18-38), sconce ($35), wall print ($30-120), styled hooks ($40), home signs ($14-84), frames ($60), styled mirrors ($55-158) and garden gates ($35).

There is also a section for items on sale.

The company issues an annual catalog and it gives customers new ideas how to design their homes using Signature Homestyle’s products.

How To Join Signature Homestyles

join signature homestyles

You can join Signature Homestyles and be its representative by registering at its website.

 You can choose from among the show case options to get your business started. As of this writing, here are the showcase options for representatives:

· $99 + $25 (shipping) with products at retail value totaling to $300

· $198 + $38 (shipping) with products at retail value totaling to $702

To remain active status, a representative must ship $200 in customer orders every 4 months.

Non-representatives may want to start with hosting a show to earn free products.

 Here are the free product incentives for hosting a show.

sh hosting shows

The  Signature Homestyles Compensation Plan

Signature Homestyles' compensation plan is available in this link.

This is just a tabular version of the company’s compensation plan with limited explanation but I will try my best to highlight the important features of this complan here.

Ranks are divided into representatives and leaders. Once one advances to team leader, he/she becomes on the leaders ranks. These rankings are arranged as follows:

· Representatives

· Senior Representative

· Executive Representative

· Team Leader

· Director

· Senior Director

· Executive Director

· Senior Executive Director

· National Director

signature homestyles compensation plan

Personal sales (PS) requirement is $500 across ranks excluding representatives.

Leaders should have $4000 personal group volume (GV) and personal sales excluding leaders and their personal groups in one’s downline.

Leaders are required to have at least 3 representatives under them who have $200 sales in the bonus month. Leaders should also meet the organizational volume (OV) and qualifying 1st generation leaders requirements to maintain their ranks.

The retail commission rate is at 25% and can go up to 40% depending on one’s ranks. Also, an added incentive for exceptionally high personal sales from $2000-$5000 during the bonus month can increase one’s commission on personal sales.

A 3% bonus is paid to representatives on sales of their personal sponsored representatives who have at least $500 in monthly sales.

A representative is qualified for this bonus if he/she has at least $1000 on personal sales for the bonus month.

Monthly activity bonus of $10 is paid to leaders as long as they reach $500 in monthly sales.

Group volume retail overrides are paid to leaders at 0.5 to 5% up to 3rd generation.

Personal group volume bonus, personal group sponsoring bonus and quarterly infinity growth bonuses are also paid to qualified leaders.

Can You Make Money With Signature Homestyles?

Signature Homestyles has no income disclosure statement.

 From the company’s FAQ, I saw how Signature Homestyles answer this same question. Basically, it is stated there that one’s earnings really depend on one’s qualities and hard work.

 The sure thing is that as a new representative, one can earn 25-30% on personal retail sales.

signature homestyles earning facts

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Signature Homestyles. .

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The Pros And Cons Of Signature Homestyles

  •  Signature Homestyles has been operating for very long years and it surely says a lot about its stability and expertise.
  •  The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. It is also a member of Direct Selling Association.
  • The products have unique and exclusive designs and are presented attractively in the catalog.
  •  There is no sales quota requirement for first level representatives to get commission.
  •  Signature Homestyles has a fairly systemized compensation plan and requires minimal recruitment to advance in ranks.
  • The product prices are not really competitive.
  • Startup cost is reasonable but is still on the high cost spectrum when compared to other MLM companies.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Signature Homestyles is a company with proven expertise not just in the sector that it belongs to but in the whole business realm as well.

Surely, the company’s humble beginnings and resilience through long years are testament of good business practice and management.

In this review of Signature Homestyles, we did find out a lot of good things about this company. We surely can’t ignore the long years it has been in the business.

It is listed with A+ rating in Better Business Bureau and is also a member of Direct Selling Association. I must say that the products have really unique and homey designs as well.

 However, I cannot say the same about the product prices.

On the company’s business offerings to its representatives, it surely does have a fair compensation plan.

The sales quota requirement to representatives to remain active is quite negligible at $200 every 4 months.

So, if there will be hard days, you will be assured that you have a business to go back to as soon as you become ready again. I must also say that the compensation plan has a minimal requirement to recruit.

 However, typical of the multi-level marketing (MLM) set-up, easy and real money comes with having a team once you’ve set up your members to replicate your effort in this respect.

Also, it cannot be ignored that starting a business with Signature Homestyles comes with a relatively high cost. Also, the product prices are not really competitive.

Another important downside of the company also is the lack of income disclosure statement. However, we may not discount the fact that you can earn from this business especially if you have the talent and passion for design.

But, expecting to have a full time and stable income from it can be too much to ask and may lead to losses.

As a side hustle for people with interest and touch for design this can be recommended otherwise we suggest that you think again before jump into it.

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