Enersource International – Is It Worth Your Time?

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EnerSource International is an MLM company in the category of health and nutrition.

Although the products have been developed from way back in 2001, the company just launched the products under EnerSource International in 2016. So, this company is quite new.

I can say that the products are in the trend by being 100% vegan, gluten-free and organic. Its main products aim to alkalinize the body and provide the nutrients for overall health and wellness.

Even though the products are on trend, does that mean Enersource International is worth your time?

The task of reviewing this company is quite challenging though because the information about the company particularly on its compensation plan/business model is not readily available on the company website.

However, hard as it may be, we did our best to do much digging and give you this article about EnerSource International.

So, without further ado let’s talk about the background, business model and products of EnerSource International.

 At the end of this article, we breakdown the pros and cons of this business opportunity so we can provide the answer to prospective representatives on whether or not being with EnerSource International is worth your time.

Read on to find out more.

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Enersource International Is It Worth Your Time?

Facts About The Enersource International Company

enersource logo

EnerSource is a network marketing company for health and wellness products and is founded by Linden Wood.

 The company is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and prides itselves for being debt-free and for paving the way so financial freedom and healthy lifestyle are achieved by their representatives and customers.

Linden Wood is said to be a self-made businessman. At a young age he and a friend started a travel business. It did not last long though and this led Mr. Wood to explore other opportunities.

 He entered Excel and made his mark there by being one of the leaders in a team of over 100,000 representatives in just a span of 3 years. This allowed him to earn an income of over USD 500,000 a month and eventually putting up his own network marketing company – Enersource International.

The first nutritional products of the company was said to have been produced since 2001. As of this writing, the company carries about 10 products in the health and wellness classification.

There has been no information from the internet so far whether or not the company had faced lawsuits or complaints recently.

The company is not listed in BBB website as well so there is no way of knowing if they are following certain standards on their business practices.


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The  Enersource Product Range

enersource products

Enersource International carries the following products under the nutritional supplement category.

Most of the products are formulated from plant-based ingredients .

EnergGreens - US$49.99

This is a powdered formula that is often mixed with water. It is said to neutralize pH level in your body as well as provide about 50 essential nutrients that your body needs. There is the regular and plus variety. This product is tagged as raw, vegan, gluten-free and 100% organic.

KetoSource - US$116.95

Tagged as aspartame, gluten and soy free, this is a product designed to help you with your ketogenic diet. It is said to be very effective in weight loss as well as your overall health wellness.

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake - US$79.99

This weight loss shake product is known to be aspartame, gluten and soy free. It is said to contain 26 vitamins and minerals and contains high quality and easily digestible protein.

SuperNutrient Vitamin & Mineral - US$34.99

This supplement contains vitamins and minerals that is said to support your daily maximum nutrition needs.

EnerGFX Energy Booster Energy Drink - US$44.99

This healthy formula is said to give you energy boost to improve your physical performance as well as your mental focus.

ENERGfx O2 - US$29.99

This drop formulation is said to improve your body's alkalinity. It is said to be an antioxidant and is helpful for acid reflux and heartburn prevention.

ENERGfx B-12 - US$29.99

This is another drop formulation made to increase your energy.

EnerLight Vitamin D3 (and K2) Supplement - US$29.99

This drop is formulated to give your body enough vitamin D.

CBDSource - US$49.99

This is CBD oil and is said to be CO2 extracted to retain utmost purity.

These products from EnerSource International seem promising however we cannot find actual scientific research to back the soundness of the products' health benefits claims.

 Also, there are limited resources and verified reviews on the products to prove that the products actually work as advertised.

How To Join Enersource International And The Business Model

enersource joining

I have reviewed a lot of MLM companies in the past and Enersource International is one of these companies that offer very few information about their compensation plan.

 Even the cost of joining the company is not outrightly stated in their website. So, I had to do some extra digging to find out these information.

It has been said that interested representatives can join the company for US$49 to be eligible under the force matrix plan.

 There is also another compensation plan option for the joining cost of US$249. This allows a representative to maximize his/her chance of getting commissions.

As a representative you will be required to buy or sell US$99 worth of Enersource International products and sponsor representatives to join your team. You will also have access to training tools and modules.

Now, let us have a closer look into these two compensation plans.

Force Matrix

It says that under this plan here are the benefits:

  • Not Binary - No Balancing of Legs
  • No Excessive Breakage
  • You Get the Commissions you Earn
  • Offers a Spillover Component

Enersource International website does not actually have the details of how this plan works but in general MLM terms, a matrix plan means a representative has to refer members below him/her then these members will be placed on the level 1 below the top member.

 The first level members will then sponsor more members below them and they will be placed on the level 2 of the top member. By this time, the level 1 members completed their first level members as well.

The pyramid will keep growing to the bottom and the members will get level commissions depending on the company's regulations.

These commission rules are not really available from the Enersource International website.

Up Front Sales Commissions

The following benefits are listed under this plan:

  • Customer sales commissions of up to 100% on every new representative
  • Up front commissions paid when US$150 in products bought or sold
  • Customer sales commissions paid to infinite levels
  • Residual income paid to infinite levels

These benefits are really big claims but I think they mean nothing without concrete income disclosure to back up these claims.

Which leads me to the question ...

Can You Make Money With Enersource International?

EnerSource International is a MLM company with compensation plan similar to most MLMs where your income depends on your sales as well as on the work you put in bringing representatives to your team.

One red flag with EnerSource International is that for you to maximize your commissions you have to pay extra US$200 for your membership.

By numbers and statistics, very few people are earning a decent income from most MLMs.

In the case of EnerSource International, information about their compensation plan is very limited let alone data on how much money a representative can earn.

There is no income disclosure statement posted in their website or anywhere on the internet.

This alone is reason enough for you to pause and think more about this opportunity before jumping into it.

Let us break down the pros and cons of EnerSource International opportunity for an easy assessment.

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The Pros Of The Enersource International Opportunity

  • The products seem to be quite exceptional with the formulation that aims to alkalize the body and give it 100% plant-based nutrition that it needs. The company's Keto Source product is helpful as well for those who are on Ketogenic diet. 
  •  The prices of the products are quite reasonable.
  • The company was relaunched in 2016 so it is quite new. They say that it is best to start with an MLM company with market that is not yet saturated so this can still be a good time to start with this company although the risk cannot be disregarded.
  • The founder, Linden Wood has proven experience in growing his sales and business as in the case when he was with Excel as well since he was building EnerSource International from 2001.

The Cons Of The Enersource Opportunity

  • The company is not listed in BBB website so there is really no way of knowing if EnerSource International is indeed operating with acceptable business practices.
  • The product claims are not backed by scientific research and findings.
  • It is very hard to find complete details of EnerSource International's compensation plan from their website or anywhere in the internet.
  • The cost of joining is reasonable at US$49 but for you to maximize the benefits of the business compensation plan, you will need US$249, which is relatively high.
  • Adding US$200 in the membership will give you access to unilevel commissions. So, you are actually paying them more to receive more commissions. This is quite contradicting because instead of encouraging representatives to exert their efforts in selling and building their team to get commissions, first you need to pay an additional US$200 to the company.
  • The compensation plan is not explained with full details which can be discouraging to prospective representatives.
  • There is no income disclosure statement from Enersource International making their big claims about their unmatched compensation plans a fiction to most prospective representatives.

Conclusion - Is EnerSource International Worth Your Time?

EnerSource International is considered as new entrant in the MLM industry although the products have been available since 2001. The products have an enticing formulation that can attract new customers.

They are in trend by being 100% vegan, organic and gluten-free. One product is even designed for ketogenic diet followers.

 This company is founded by a person who has proven experience in building his sales and team.

 Also, being a newly launched company, the opportunity is still vast for new entrants.

So, are these reasons enough for you to say that EnerSource International can be worth your time? Maybe yes or maybe no, there is actually a big uncertainty that looms around EnerSource International.

Just like joining most MLM companies, there is always a risk and high percentage of failure.

 EnerSource International is not listed on the BBB website so there’s no way of knowing if they meet certain standards on their business practices. The compensation plan is too vague and the company’s income disclosure statement is nowhere to be found.

The cost of joining is reasonable but for you to maximize your returns you will still need to pay more. The returns that we are speaking here is your commission that will still depend on you effort in selling the products and adding members to your team.

And, to reiterate the requirement of US$99 sales monthly to remain active as a representative shall never be disregarded as this will need hard work from your end as well.

For reason of uncertainty with underlying cost, I would rather skip this opportunity.

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