iCoinPRO Review- Is It A Good Business Opportunity?

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ICoinPRO is a multi-level marketing company carrying a unique product in the category of education. The company is selling digital products composed of training modules on cryptocurrency.

Welcome to our iCoinPro review and the question if it is a good business opportunity.

iCoinPro is a relatively new company that was established in the year 2017 when cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin hit a record high value to date.

Although, the trend from the end of 2017 has been moving downward, as a believer of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, I still think that there will come a time like in the year 2017 that cryptocurrency will again surprise us.

So, if you are interested in knowing the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, iCoinPRO will make it easy for you with the product they are offering about cryptocurrency education and training.

So, we give you this honest review about iCoinPRO and in the end of this article we hope to answer the question of whether or not iCoinPRO is a good business opportunity for you.

Read on to find out more.

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iCoinPro Review - Is It A Good Business Opportunity?

More About iCoinPro

icoinpro logo

IcoinPro was established to bring the knowledge of cryptocurrency to everyone.

 It is the belief of the company that there are many opportunities available out there that can be explored given enough knowledge and training on cryptocurrency.

As per the company's policies and procedures, the distributorship contract shall be construed in accordance to the laws of the State of Texas, USA. While any case or complaint for arbitration shall be resolved in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

From here, it is safe to assume that the company originated from Texas, USA. Although, when I did some extra research, I did not see any registration of this company with any government body.

The company website states that they have no physical office. What they have is a support team that works remotely from home. The company was pre-launched in May 2017.

Paul De Sousa, from South Africa but based in London, is the founder and CEO of IcoinPro. From his Linkedin account, it says that he is currently the owner of iCoinPRO and Catena Digital. However, upon further checking, the latter has already been dissolved.

Aside from this, there is really nothing outstanding written about Paul De Sousa in the internet.

Another founder of iCoinPRO who is mentioned on the website is Justin Clark.

He is the micro profit system trainer. His forte is into online and network marketing, business development and campaign management.

 Just like his co-founder Paul, there is not much written about Justin Clark in the internet.

By far, there have been zero major complaints circulating in the internet about iCoinPRO as of this writing. However, there is no way of telling that the company is complying with certain good busi


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The  iCoinPro Products

icoinpro digital product

As already mentioned, iCoinPRO is an educational platform, so the products are composed of training packages about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

The training modules include basic information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to complex systems explaining about how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are purchased and traded to achieve greater results.

Inside the member's area, you will have access to 3 training modules including the core training, advanced training 1 and advanced training 2. Details on these modules are shown in the photos.

Once you are well-versed with the basics and workings of cryptocurrencies, iCoinPRO has this micro profit system that will help you understand the tools of cryptocurrency trading.

 This could open some opportunity for you to take advantage of the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies' value while trading.

These products can be availed by paying a subscription fee amounting to US$39.95 per month, US$229.95 per 6 months or US$449.95 per year.

Some say that there are weekly webinars to give you update on the recent happenings and approach in cryptocurrency. Also, it has been said that the company has great support groups to guide new members along the way.

How Can You Join iCoinPro

For you to be eligible to distribute the products of iCoinPRO, you will need to pay a one-time fee of US$40.

 You are not required to purchase a product but you have to maintain a minimum of 40BV in personal volume each month.

 Not meeting this requirement will result in account termination.

The  iCoinPro Compensation Plan

icoinpro binary commissions

As a distributor, you have 4 ways to earn from iCoinPRO and they are classified as follows:

Fast Start Bonus

As a distributor, this will automatically entitles you to a 50% commission on the initial membership payment of the referrals you bring to the company.

And, as you advance your rank, you are entitled to additional commission as shown on the table below.

Fast Star Infinity Overrides

As you progress to 3 Star rank and beyond, you will get additional commission on every person that enters your team.

This is regardless of their position in your team and this is 3% of commission for every rank that you already achieved which can reach up to 9% commission on every single entrant in your organization.

Binary Commissions

This entitles a distributor to earn commissions of up to 16% of the total volume of his/her smaller binary leg monthly. This is summarized on the photo above.

Matching Bonuses

With matching bonus, a distributor can match a percentage of the commissions from his/her team member that earns their binary commission. This will allow them to match up to 100% bonus on all of their new personally enrolled member and some percentage bonus to up to 6 levels.

Can You Make Money With iCoinPro?

As already mentioned, iCoinPRO is an educational platform that sells training modules on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

 So, the company is actually selling digital products.

I myself am a believer of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and in some instances I had earned some money while taking advantage of the rise and fall of the crypto’s value in the past.

 I was able to do it without spending a cent from my pocket on paid trainings and the likes.

 I just learned from the resources that are available in the internet.

 It should be noted though that there is this shadow of uncertainty with regard to cryptocurrency. It is in fact a very volatile investment.

Talking about iCoinPRO products, I think it can be very challenging to sell these products. I, for one think that the information stated in the training modules can be obtained for free from the internet.

Also, buying a book can be actually cheaper than this. Hence, availing those information at a monthly subscription is way too much.

So, how can you actually sell the product and recruit member to your team if you know for a fact that you are actually selling an overpriced product?

As for the compensation plan, yes iCoinPRO has a great and enticing commission charts. But, do they actually convert to real income?

There is an income disclaimer on iCoinPRO's website and it states that there is no guarantee how much level of income you will get by joining the company and just like in most business your income will depend on your individual capacity, experience, effort and so on.

Also, the company has no income disclosure statement so we could at least look at how the iCoinPRO distributors fare at the earning money department. In fact, the company 'Policies and Procedure's state that it is possible that you will earn less than the money you are paying the company for.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of iCoinPro.

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The Pros Of iCoinPro

  •  The products can be a great platform to people who are new to cryptocurrency and are very much willing to learn the faster way.
  •  ICoinPRO is a new company and there are still many people out there who are uneducated when it comes to cryptocurrency so there is still a possibility that you can create a team and be on top with this opportunity.

The Cons Of iCoinPro

  • The products are unique but it is overpriced given the information that you will get from them.
  • There is no way of telling as well what the quality of the trainings are. Class syllabus in formal education set-up comes with detailed explanation of the topic outline as well as there is usually a list of sources from where the educational materials will come from. I did not see this from the overview of iCoinPRO training modules.
  • There is no option on the website for just buying the product. You can only purchase the product by being a distributor first. So, it seems like you are actually paying the company so you can get a commission and not by selling the product itself. Although, the company policies and procedures say otherwise. 
  • The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau so we cannot have a legitimate assessment of the company's business practices.
  • There is no really outstanding information written about the two founders so there is no way of telling if the company is in good hands.
  • Cost of joining the company in a year consisting of one-time fee of US$40 and maintaining a minimum of 40BV in personal volume each month is quite expensive. I think this is a costly investment without a guarantee on the results.
  • ICoinPRO has a detailed compensation plan and I think it is quite generous but just like most MLMs, it focuses on recruitment.
  • The company has no income disclosure statement and there is no way of knowing if the positive testimonials about it are actually true.

Conclusion - Is iCoinPro A Good Business Opportunity?

When iCoinPRO was established in 2017, I can say that cryptocurrency was actually a hot topic then.

 This is when Bitcoin and most cryptocurrency surged in value at the end of the year.

 But, recently, the change in value is on downward trend and it never reached to the highest price level recorded in the year 2017.

Although, up to now crypto value changes hourly. This way it can still be very profitable to trade given the right tools.

 But, I still think that cryptocurrency has already lost its glitters and is just seen by many as volatile investment at the moment. This, I think makes the product harder to sell in a way.

So there you have it the things you need to know about the business that iCoinPRO is offering.

 Do you think it is a good business opportunity? My answer to this is NO.

ICoinPRO is a promising platform for training and educating newcomers to cryptocurrency however I believe it is not a worthwhile business opportunity.

 As I already laid down the pros and cons of this business opportunity above, I can only see two good things about this opportunity and that is the uniqueness and timeliness of the product that it carries.

 Also, being a newly established MLM company, there can be still room to build a team and be on top.

However, iCoinPRO is still an MLM company carrying products that pose more questions to me than answers. A product with subscription of US$39.95 monthly should be very outstanding and useful. This price is twice the monthly subscription of JSTOR, a proven digital library for scholars, researchers and students.

So, what iCoinPRO is offering here is clearly an overpricing. Also, the outline of the trainings is very general and a first look into it, I cannot really see much value in there.

 To add to this, there is no option or tab where you can directly purchase the training modules from the website.

The compensation plan is quite generous when you see it on charts but there is no guarantee that it translates to income. As I repeatedly mentioned in most of my reviews of MLM companies, the success rate is really low where a 5% of sales reps earning a decent income is still rare.

Most do not even account to 1% of affiliates earning decent income.

So, I don’t really see how this business opportunity that iCoinPRO offers can be good.

So, my advice is to stay away from iCoinPRO if it is good business opportunity you are looking for.

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