What Is Acti-Labs? Should You Join This Direct Selling Company?

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Acti-Labs, short for Acti-Laboratories, is a french direct selling company that has launched in the US only a few years ago, in 2016.

Many women, who are looking for a job opportunity, have been wondering what is Acti-Labs and if  they should join this direct selling company.

Look no further because in our detailed review we will answer questions like how you can join this company, and go into details about the compensation plan. 

Finally, we will check if you can actually make money as an Acti-Labs ambassador.

If you are looking for an alternative way of selling the products and recruiting new people into the company, please scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Without further ado, read on to find out more.

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What Is Acti-Labs? Should You Join This Direct Selling Company

More About The Acti-Labs Company

acti-labs logo

Acti-Labs is a joined venture by husband and wife John and Yelena Miller who founded the company in 2011 in France.

I couldn't find any information about their background or experience on the world wide web.

One thing is for sure, Acti-Labs has a wide range of products  from skincare, makeup, nutrition, to weight loss products, and hair care.

All products are produced in France and are distributed to Canada, the UK, and, since 2016, to the US. 

The headquarter in the US is in Rockford, IL. I am not too sure who acts as CEO. According to the Better Business Bureau, business manager is James Hillyard-Millard.


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The  Acti-Labs Products

acti labs products

Acti-Labs slogan is 'Powered by Nature' and prides itself to be a accredited cruelty free brand.

They also make sure that the products are biodegradable which means they are not toxic to the environment.

As mentioned earlier, Acti-Labs offers a wide range of products:

  • Cosmeceutical Skincare e.g. cleansers, serums, creams, and masks.
  • Bodycare
  • Dieting and supplements e.g. meal plans, shakes
  • Skin-sync Mineral Makeup
  • Hair and Teeth
  • Solution Sets

    Similar companies:  Rodan And Fields  and​Nature’s Sunshine ​​​

Regarding the price tags, Acti-Labs is very similar to other direct selling companies in the health and wellness niche.

How To Become An Acti-Labs Ambassador

acti labs starter kit

To become a sales representative or Acti-Labs Ambassador, you pay $40 and receive a sample kit as you can see on the screenshot above.

"When you join us [Acti-Labs] you will you receive immediate access to training, support, your own website & Back Office.

In addition, you will also be sent a sample kit which includes :
12 Sample Sets
(each containing :Anti-Imperfections Cleansing Gel,
Radiance Exfoliating Cream,
Eye Contour Concentrate,
25+ Normal Skin Cream.


2 x Skinny Mix.

1 x Skyscraper Mascara.[source: Acti-Labs]

In addition, you'll receive a voucher of $30 which you can redeem when you spend at least $120 on an order within the first four weeks of joining.

You can also order a larger product kit which is optional.

The  Acti-Labs Compensation Plan

acti labs comp plan

The Acti-Labs compensation plan is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. The good news is that there are no quotas to meet to remain active nor does it require to have auto-ship orders in place.

The base commission is 20% and increases according to your sales effort. Please refer to the screenshot.

Once you reach over $1000 in sales, you will get a 30% commission.

Acti-Labs has also a Mid-Month Acti Cash which means once you reach $200 in sales before the 14th of each month, you'll get a $20 Acti-Cash bonus which you can redeem for products.

You can also earn a free starter kit when you have $500 in your first 30 days as Ambassador.

Here is what is stated in the compensation plan: "


Within 30-DAYS of enrolment

When a new Ambassador achieves personal sales volume of  £400 / $500 / 600CAD they will receive a FREE & exclusive Fast Start Kit of five Acti-Labs best-sellers!  These product have been specially chosen to enhance your demonstration capabilities & boost your sales further.

Free Fast Start Kit includes: 

Lipo Sculpt Wrap kit

30 KetoCaps

Capill-Hair Shampoo 

Capill-Hair Mask

Soft Focus Finishing Powder ."

You can also earn up to 10%  in team commissions and also earn cash bonuses once you have qualified for certain ranks. The cash bonus payments  start at level 5.

But there are a few questions that are not answered in the Acti-Labs compensation plan, e.g. how many people do you have to recruit in order to advance to higher ranks?

Also, what are the minimum team sales requirements for each rank?

Let's move on to our next question.

 Can You Make Money With Acti-Labs?

I think that there might be a good chance to earn some money with Acti-Labs once you have build a solid customer base. If the products are of good quality then repeat business is more likely.

The joining costs are low and there are no minimum sales requirements.

On the down side, there is no income disclosure available we could refer to as a reference. 

Since the company is fairly new in the US, the opportunity to advance in ranks is probably better then with more established companies like Mary Kay for example. 

Overall, it might be a good way to make at least a part-time income.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Acti-Labs .

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The Pros Of Acti-Labs

  •  Acti-Labs is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. Please bear in mind though that the reviews are very mixed.
  • The joining fee is reasonable with no minimum sales  requirements.
  • Since the company is fairly new in the US your chances of advancing in ranks might be better then with more established companies.

The Cons Of Acti-Labs

  • Even though the compensation plan is easy to read there are a few open questions that need clarification.
  • Acti-Labs does not provide an income disclosure.
  • .It is not clear, how Acti-Labs ambassadors selling the products. If it is a party plan business there are no hostess rewards available.

Wrapping It Up - What Is Acti-Labs? Should You Join This Direct Selling Company?

I hope this review has given you a good insight of what Acti-Labs is all about.

The list of pros and cons are pretty even with a few open questions.

Generally speaking the risk of losing money is low because of the low costs of joining and there is no requirement of auto-ship orders.

I order to make a decent income though, you will need some experience in sales and recruiting.

You need to be consistent in your efforts with ongoing customer service and follow-up phone calls as well.

So it is up to you if you want to get involved or not. It might be best to try some of  the products first so so you know if they are worth the money.

How To Sell Acti-Labs Products And Recruit People Into The Company.

There is a great way to sell  and, as a matter of fact, any other products you'd like to promote and actually make money with it.

On top of that, it is a great way of recruiting people into your Acti-Labs team as well.

I recommend this method to sales representatives for most direct selling companies.

Remember that everyone who joins Acti-Labs will get a personalized website.

That is great news. On the down side it also means, that thousands of Acti-Labs partners have a website that basically looks the same. 

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The key to success is to have your OWN website/blog.

That means you can build your own personal brand by creating a fashion blog, a lifestyle blog, or a 'mom' blog.

Doing it this way, you can promote  Acti-Labs 24/7 and attract not only new sales but also new leads.

From your personal website you can then link to your replicated website where people can purchase products or join your team. Makes sense?

In addition, you could also promote other products not just Acti-Labs.

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