What Is Lifebrook About? – A Great Opportunity Or Just A Scam?

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Lifebrook is a multi-level marketing company in the health and nutrition category. The name is said to reflect the company's vision to change lives with a new flow of wellness and prosperity, hence Lifebrook.

Our review post will tell you exactly what Lifebrook is about and whether it's a great opportunity for you or just a scam.

The company prides themselves with 100% natural products that are proudly manufactured in America.

The products are quite unique as aronia berry is still unknown to many.

The introduction of this new variety of superfruit in the health and nutrition marketplace could actually trigger some interests of health enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for new products to try.

In this review, we will try to examine Lifebrook, its products, culture and the business opportunity that it offers.

 Is it a great opportunity for you or just a scam? Let us get started and scrutinize the Lifebrook's business opportunity and so we will know whether or not it can actually change your life income wise.

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What Is Lifebrook About? - A Great Opportunity Or Just A Scam?

 The Lifebrook Company

lifebrook logo

Lifebrook  is founded by Tony Heisterkamp and his wife Jennifer.

 The spouses started an apple orchard and when Mr. Heisterkamp was faced with a health situation, he came across with this so called superfruit, the aronia berry that is said to be overflowing with antioxidants.

This is when the aronia revolution begins for Lifebrook.

The founders believed in the power of words or person to person selling hence they decided to put up a marketing company to bring this product to many more people.

 The distributors are called advocates.

The products were launched in 2017 and the company has its headquarter in South Dakota, USA.

As of this writing, the company is not accredited with Better Business Bureau  yet.

There is a section in Lifebrook's website where you can find links to scientific studies conducted that relate to the benefits of aronia and antioxidants in health.

However, there is not one study that subjects Lifebrook products to testing so at least it can be confirmed that the products themselves deliver such health benefits. 

In fact, there is a disclaimer on Lifebrook's website stating that the statements mentioned in there relating to these health benefits are not actually validated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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The  Lifebrook Products

lifebrook product

As mentioned above, Lifebrook products are all made from the aronia berry.

 It is said that aronia berries contain a considerable amount of antioxidants that are even on higher levels than those found in other superfruits.

 It is mentioned in Lifebrook's website that aronia berries have enough scientific studies to back the benefits they give in the improvement of the following among many others:

  •  eye health
  •  brain health
  •  heart, blood and circulatory system health as a whole
  •  digestive system health
  •  joint health.

Now, let us take a look at these products from Lifebrook.


It is said that this product contains pure aronia berry juice but it is not clear up to what percent. Other ingredients include filtered water, lemon juice from concentrate and Natamycin.

 Each bottle contains around 24.5 oz. This is sold in 4, 8, 12 packs. A 4-pack is sold at US$80 retail and US$64 to advocate. This is good for 30-day consumption.

HydraZorb Aronia Muscle & Joint Rub

This is formulated for external use and for the relief of muscle and joint pains. Retail price is US$50 and advocate price is US$40.

Lifebrook 1022 Daily Protocol

Containing aronia extract and flavored with either blackberry or citrus, this product is formulated to hydrate you throughout the day. It is sold by case containing 12 bottles and is priced at US$40 retail and US$32 advocate price.

Lifebrooks product range is limited to only three products which to me is quite underwhelming.

It reminds me of the Kyani opportunity which also just has a few products on offer.

How To Join Lifebrook And Become An Advocate

lifebrook starter kit

Being a Lifebrook Advocate costs US$49.95 yearly. This comes with the following tools to increase your chance of success:

  • your personal website
  •  marketing tools
  •  online back office
  •  training
  •  personal mentorship.

There are optional start up packages that you can purchase as well alternatively.

 These are 3 packages that cost US$120, US$220 and US$230.

So, how will you earn from Lifebrook as an advocate?

How To Earn  With Lifebrook - The Compensation Plan

lifebrook compensation plan

Lifebrook's compensation plan offers you 6 ways to earn.

1. Retail Commission

Lifebrook offers 20% commission for all your retail sales. You can get it in the form of discount or cash/check paid weekly.

2. Commission from Preferred Customer Purchases.

For your customers who regularly consume the products, you can enroll them as preferred customers for free when they commit to a monthly autoship order.

 This will give them 20% discount plus you will get a 20% bonus based on the products bonus volume (BV). This is paid monthly.

3. Fast Start Pack Bonus

When you sponsor an advocate and he/she purchased a fast start pack upon joining, then you will be entitled to 25% bonus. This will be paid weekly.

4. Advocate Team Bonus

This entitles an advocate for a 10% BV from the personal retail sales of his/her downline up to level 5 as the advocate advance in ranks. This is summarized in the table below. This bonus is paid monthly.

5. Preferred Customer Level Bonus

This will reward you of 5% bonus from the sales made by your downline to preferred customers. Just like the advocate team bonus, as you advance your rank, you can earn bonus from the sales of your downline up to level 5.

6. Executive Bonus

To be able to understand this program, let me give you a summary how rank titles in Lifebrook is achieved. The requirement provided below should be understood in monthly terms.

Active Advocate - have a US$32 personal bonus value (PBV)

1 Star - have 1 active preferred customer

2 Star - have 2 active preferred customers

3 Star - have 3 active preferred customers

You may also advance your rank when you meet the following requirements:

Business Builder - be active with 2 active advocates

Team Builder - be active with 3 active advocates

Team Leader - be active with 4 active advocates

Director - be active with 5 active advocates

Since these ranks have unique requirements, when you meet each of these requirements, your rank will be classified with Star level.

 And, when you become a 3 Star Director (i.e. you are active with 3 active preferred customers and 5 active advocates) then you will be qualified for an executive bonus of up to 3% up to the level of your next executive in your downline. 

You can even earn the difference in bonus up to unlimited levels beyond your next executive.

lifebrook executive bonus

Can You Actually Make Money With Lifebrook?

Retail, preferred customer and fast track bonuses at 20%-25% is a good rate for you to earn money as a Lifebrook advocate without advancing your rank.

However, I think the challenge here is in selling the products to interested customers.

 Lifebrook has only 3 types of products while its other competitors have more.

Basically, it has 2 beverages and 1 body rub. The company does not even have capsule in their product line. Also, aronia as a superfruit is quite a new knowledge and not really popular yet with the population. So, I think selling these products alone is already a challenge. When there's low chance of sales then commissions will be low as well.

When you are having a hard time marketing the products and making people believe on them, building a team will be hard as well. Hence, your chance of earning from the referrals you make is also slim.

Lifebrook does not have an income disclosure statement, so we can only assume based on estimates as well as how people in multi-level marketing companies are doing.

And, when we look at the MLM statistics, the chance of earning a decent income is low even for companies with a wide range of products.

 In fact, an estimate of 95% of representatives failing is still a conservative number.

 So, I think the odds are against you when you expect to earn a decent income as an advocate of Lifebrook.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Lifebrook.

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The Pros Of Lifebrook

  •  Lifebrook CEO, Tony Heisterkamp has a proven experience in business although not really on MLM industry or health and wellness. He has been in a furniture business for 35 plus years before starting his orchard and later on his present MLM company, Lifebrook.
  •  The cost of joining at US$49.95 yearly is reasonable.
  • Terms of use, privacy policy, contract for advocates and return policy are clear and are provided in the website.
  • Retail, preferred customer and fast start pack bonus is highly achievable when you have the market for the products.
  • The company is still new hence there is still room to grow.

The Cons Of Lifebrook

  • Lifebrook is not a member of Better Business Bureau and its products are not FDA approved.
  • There are studies confirming the benefits of aronia berry in improving human health but there is not one study to confirm the health benefits of Lifebrook products itself.
  • The products' pricing are relatively more expensive than the other health and wellness products of other MLM companies. Also, comparing the price to other aronia berry juice concentrate available out there, Lifebrook products are priced double than those other aronia juice concentrate products that are sold in Amazon for example.
  • ​There is not much on the product line. There are only 3 products listed there. So, I should say that there is no product variety.The company has no income disclosure statement yet so we cannot actually tell how advocates are doing in Lifebrook and how many of them actually succeed.

Conclusion - What Is Lifebrook About - A Great Opportunity Or Just A Scam

We are almost at the end of our review and it's time to answer the questions we posed at the start of this article.

 In all fairness to Lifebrook, the moment I entered its website, I had a positive feeling about the company and I actually thought that this will be the first MLM company that I will give a thumbs up.

 This is actually a good thing because as they say first impression lasts.

However, when you are looking for a great business opportunity, it is a different story. We need to dig deeper and scrutinize the company for all it's worth.

As per the discussion of the pros and cons of this business opportunity above, it is obvious that Lifebrook is not really a great business opportunity.

 The good news however is that it is not actually a scam.

Lifebrook offers unique products to the marketplace although they are not enough. The company has a legitimate compensation plan that actually converts to income.

 The policies and procedures are clear and are all laid down in the company website. The cost of joining is also reasonable.

The company has a nice story as well and it is quite new so there can be more room for expansion.

In saying that, all of these good things about Lifebrook are all without guarantee. I should say that the company is in good hands based on the profile of the CEO though.

Yes, Lifebrook is a legitimate company but I should say it is not a great business opportunity. The products are costly for the benefits that they offer.

There are not much products to choose from as well. There is no income disclosure statement and increasing your earnings depends on your capability to recruit and build your team.

 It is very typical of MLM companies and the numbers and statistics pointing to the success rate in this industry are all red flag.

 Hence, I would suggest that you stay away from Lifebrook if what you are looking for is a great business opportunity

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