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Welcome to my InteleTravel reviews online to find all the information you need about this work from home business opportunity.

For starters, I am not affiliated with the company but I have done my due diligence in researching the InteleTravel company.

First up, I think it is essential  to mention that InteleTravel is not an MLM company.

I have read a few InteleTravel reviews where they have been mentioned together with a company called PlanNet Marketing which is an MLM company.

Even though both companies have partnered a few years back, they are not the same.

Both are working with different structures and business models.

In some cases I have even seen InteleTravel reviews where PlanNet Marketing's income disclosure was used to show InteleTravel Agents income possibility.

Let me say it again, they are two different companies with different payment structures.

Therefore, I will review PlanNet Marketing in a separate review to avoid confusion.

So let's find out in my review what InteleTravel is all about and if you should start a new career as an Independent Travel Agent.

Read on to find out all the details.

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InteleTravel Reviews 

More About The InteleTravel


inteletravel logo

InteleTravel has been a long standing company with over 25 years of business experience.

It is a subsidiary company of Traina Companies, a privately held  company, which is run by  Joseph Traina and president James Ferrara.

James Ferrara at the same time is also the co-founder, president (and CEO?) of InteleTravel.

The company is based in Florida and operates in all 50 states of the US and, according to the companies website, in 40 countries worldwide.

Just recently, in March 2019, James Ferrara got interviewed by a big online British travel magazine about its standing in the British travel industry as a new competitor.

They questioned especially the fact that the company targets inexperienced people into this work -from home opportunity.

Read the full interview here.

Ferrara emphasized the fact that the company is looking for people who love to travel and want to share their passion with their customers.

InteleTravel also provides extensive training as I will talk about later on.


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The InteleTravel Products

inteletravel products

The image above shows that an ITA sells the same products as any other travel agent.

InteleTravel works with all major travel brands like Hertz, Carnival, different airlines like United Airlines, Disney packages, Contiki, major hotel brands etc.

The key when starting such a business is to get training because, let's face it, booking travel itineraries including flights, hotels, tours, rental cars and the likes, is a complex task.

A vacation is something that costs a lot of money and it takes a lot of trust to book with any travel agent.

The Training

InteleTravel offers an online academy and online tutorials to guide newcomers on their first steps of  the ins and outs of booking a trip.

It is a three tiered certification course starting with Dream Maker, Vacation Builder, and Travel Genius.

I can't comment on the quality of these certification courses, so it would be great to hear some feedback from past or current InteleTravel agents.

I personally think that being a travel agent is a huge job and requires a lot of hard and consistent work.

Prior experience would definitely be an advantage.

How To Join InteleTravel

inteletravel join

Upon registry as a travel agent for a one-time enrollment fee of $179.99, you'll receive a personalized website, access to booking tools, business cards, stationery, an email marketing program, and customizable newsletters.

Once you are enrolled, you pay a monthly fee of $39.95. If you want to opt out, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

InteleTravel doesn't require any quotas or sales targets that need to be met.

It doesn't matter if you book something once a year or less. It is totally up to you.

InteleTravel even says that you can use it to book your own trips and earn the commission back. So it may be worth to join if you are an avid traveler.

Please note, that InteleTravel is not a membership site or travel club like WorldVentures for example.

Let's see how much in commission you can earn.

What Are The Commission Payments?

inteletravel commission

The image above is taken from the InteleTravel website and explains quite well your earning potential.

Basically, when you book a trip for yourself or a customer, the brand you have booked your trip with is called the supplier.

The supplier pays a certain commission for the flights, cruise, and accommodation, usually between 10 and 16%. So in the example it says that a 14% commission on a family vacation for $2800 pays out $392 - paid by the supplier to InteleTravel.

Now, you, as travel agent, would get a 70% commission from the $392 which equals a payout of  $274.40 that will be your payment.

Considering you want to earn a full time income, you would have to sell at least 10 vacations worth around $3000 each a month.

Can You Make Money With InteleTravel

There is no income disclosure available from InteleTravel but the question here is how many people do you know who would buy a vacation package of you? 

The more customers you acquire the more money you can make.

It depends on your marketing and advertising skills. It reminds me a bit of a friend of mind, who recently became a real estate agent.

She is now in the process of advertising her services via social media. Once you have done a good deal, it's all about word of mouth.


The better your service the bigger your business will grow.

Are The Prices Competitive?

InteleTravel advertises that their prices are lower than the competition but because I haven't booked with them I can't comment on it.

The fact is, that the travel industry is a multi billion dollar industry and the competition is fierce.

As a travel agent, you need to be aware that customers do a lot of their own research before they actually see a travel agency.

It is common practice to get quotes from different agencies so you may put a lot of work into a potential booking only to be left without closing the deal.

I guess the only way to find out is to try InteleTravel for yourself.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the InteleTravel business opportunity.

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The Pros Of InteleTravel

  •  The start-up costs are reasonable for a work from home business as well as the ongoing monthly costs of $39.95.
  •  The company looks back at over 25 years of being in business.
  • They offer training modules via the InteleTravel Academy
  •  There is a no question ask 30-day money back guarantee. Read more on the FAQ's page.
  • InteleTravel is accredited with the BBB with an A Rating.
  • (update on 8th December 2019) According to Melissa, an Inteletravel  agent, the company provides marketing tools and training to help promote the business. Please read her full comment below.

The Cons Of InteleTravel

  • Even though the BBB rating is A, it is worth noticing that there are 40 complains mainly regarding the products and services. Read more here.
  • It takes a long time before commissions are being paid out, between 30 and 60 days after the vacation has ended.


Is InteleTravel a good work from home business opportunity? The answer is: it depends. 

If the training is great and the prices are better than the competition, then becoming a travel agent with InteleTravel might be a good opportunity.

If travel is your passion, and you have great customer skills, why not give it a go. 

I guess, there is a huge learning curve involved and I can imagine that it takes hard work to acquire a network of customers.

It is a huge responsibility to book for someone the most anticipated time of the year, the well deserved vacation. 

The good news is that InteleTravel has no minimum requirements of how many trips you are selling a year.

So it is up to you to make it work.

How You Can Make It Work 

One of the most challenging things is to find new customers especially when you are new to the business.

Here is an idea on what you could do to find new customers besides advertising via social media or handing out business cards.

gif sloth - tell me more

As mentioned earlier, people have to trust you first before they will book their vacation with you.

One way of gaining trust is to have your own travel blog (if you are an avid traveler) to show people your experience and also places you have been to.

Here is an example of ​my family travel  blog.

Not only can people see how well traveled you are and that you know what you are talking about, but you could also offer your service via your travel blog.

On top of  that, you can also make money by having ads on your site or product links to relevant travel companies. This way you could also earn a commission.

In a nutshell it means

  1. A travel blog shows potential customers your expertise on traveling which will build trust.
  2. You can promote your service via your website and potentially get hundreds of leads.
  3. You can earn additional income via ads and affiliate links to travel related products or companies.

This is a long term approach but will pay off big time regarding your business.

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  1. Melissa Newberry said:

    I have been with Inteletravel for 2 years now and would like to comment on one of the cons in your review. We actually receive tons of no cost marketing tools and training to help promote our business. This even includes direct mail pieces that can be sent to clientele on our behalf at no additional cost to us. We are provided thorough training on how to market our business to reach new clients. If someone is really interested in putting in the work and training this business can be very rewarding.

    December 1, 2019
    • Anke said:

      Thank you so much, Melissa, for clarifying this. I have updated my review accordingly. All the best with your Inteletravel business venture.
      ~ Anke

      December 7, 2019

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