Is Radiantly You The Right Opportunity To Build A Business?

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Welcome to our MLM review post of Radiantly You.

Finding the right opportunity to build a business is not easy. Any successful entrepreneur has tried several business ventures before settling into the best ones. 

However, we can always do our research so as we cannot overlook some of the best opportunities out there.

In the sector of pure, clean, and natural products, Radiantly You prides itself to be one true company that offers these kinds of products.

Does this mean that Radiantly You is the right opportunity for you to build a business? 

Let’s go over the details of the company in our honest MLM review below of Radiantly You and find out if this business meets your criteria of the right business opportunity.

Read on to find out more.

Is Radiantly You The Right Opportunity To Build A Business?

More About The Radiantly You MLM  Company

radiantly You logo

Radiantly You is a clean beauty and skincare company based in New York, USA. It is said that it was nominated by The Academy of MLM for Start-up Company of the Year in 2014.

It offers a business opportunity that is open for everyone to join. 

The company was built by spouses Melissa Brown and Nick Brown. Melissa is a Certified Holistic Health Coach while Nick is a seasoned entrepreneur and has started with network marketing since college. 

The company started in 2011 and has found the Anjong Young Farmers Group in Africa as its partner in providing them the purest ingredients for its products.

Radiantly You also gives back to the community by teaming up with 1% for the Planet for its environmental advocacy.

A Direct Selling Association (DSA) logo is shown on the company’s corporate website however I could not confirm the company listing on DSA’s website. 

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a D trust rating.

The  Radiantly You Products

radiantly you products

Radiantly You products are said to be non-toxic and safe. They are said to be formulated with certified organic ingredients and are not tested on animals.

The products are categorized into timeless skincare, beauty, lip balms, handcrafted soap and shampoo bars, family, and cleaning.

Here are some of the company’s products and their prices:

Timeless Beauty

  • Exquisite Facial Mask - $22
  • Exquisite Facial Serum - $35
  • Exquisite Facial Moisturizer - $42


  • Protective Tea Tree Toner - $15.50
  • Coco-Loco Whipped Boddy Butter - $16.50
  • Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash - $13.50
  • Lip Balms - $4.50

Hand Crafted Soap & Shampoo Bars

  • Awakening Coffee Bar - $10
  • Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar - $6.50
  • Tea Tree Shampoo Bar - $9.50


  • Mouthwash - $12.50
  • Natural Herbal Decongestant - $10.50
  • Vanilla Mint Toothpaste - $9
  • Healing Calendula Balm - $8.50
  • Essential Oil Bug Away - $10.50
  • Detox Deodorant - $8.50
  • Lemon Hand Soap Concentrate - $14
  • Strawberry Toothpowder - $16.50


  • Deodorizing Toilet Bomb - $15
  • All Natural Counter Spray Concentrate - $7
  • O.N.E. Power Scrub - $9.50
  • Earth Safe Dishwasher Powder - $12
  • Laundry Soap Concentrate - $8
  • All Natural Bleach Concentrate - $15

How To Join Radiantly You

When you join Radiantly You’s business opportunity, you become an Independent Wellness Guide (IWG).

You can join the company by choosing from the 3 starter kits that cost $99, $199, and $399 exclusive of the shipping fee. 

These starter kits come with products and catalogs. There is also a mention of a $29.99/year enrollment fee that comes with basic training, your replicated website, and the chance to earn an income from the company’s compensation plan.

To remain active as an IWG, you need to generate 25 points each month.

The Radiantly You Compensation Plan

Radiantly You Team Builder Bonus

Radiantly You Team Builder Bonus

Here are the ways to earn an income from Radiantly You. 

Retail Commissions

You can earn a 30% retail commission from the purchases made by your customers on your replicated website as well as your sales made face to face with your customers from the difference of the wholesale price you get when purchasing the product and from selling them at suggested retail price.

Team Builder Bonus (TBB)

This is the bonus that you can earn each time a new IWG joins your team and purchase a kit in their first 30 days. You can earn from this bonus up to 3 levels deep.

Group Volume Residual Commissions

Radiantly You’s compensation plan is based on unilevel structure. You can earn team commission from the volume of your downline up to 8 levels depending on your rank.

Matching Bonus Residual Commissions

This commission is given to Senior Team Director or higher. This is the bonus that you earn as a percentage of earnings that your team gets.

 You can directly check Radiantly You’s compensation plan on this link here. 

Can You Make Money With Radiantly You?

Radiantly You has no published income disclosure statement if they have one. This means that we don’t have actual figures as to how much an average IWG earns from the business opportunity.

Also, we are left in the dark in knowing about your chance of success in earning the income that you deserve in this business opportunity.

An income disclosure statement is especially important in dispelling doubts about the profitability of entering into a business similar to that of Radiantly You. Unfortunately, Radiantly You has none.

What is clear though is that Radiantly You is an MLM company and we know that figures across the MLM industry tell us that your chance to succeed in similar business opportunities is very small when we talk about your possible income earnings.

In most cases, from those companies that have published their income disclosure statement, we saw that only the upper 1% of the members are earning a full-time income.

The rest are left struggling with part-time income and in most cases, more than 50% of the members are earning close to nothing.

These are not the possibilities that you would want to enter when you are looking for a business opportunity to venture in.

Without its own income disclosure statement, Radiantly You could not dispel any doubts that its members are faring better than what we have seen in most cases of MLM companies. 

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The Pros And Cons Of The Radiantly You Opportunity

  • Radiantly You is a legal and family-run business based in the USA.
  • The company offers clean and safe products and gives importance to the environment by donating some of its profits to environmental groups.
  • They offer consumable products that are easier to sell. 
  • The company’s trust rating in Better Business Bureau is low, only at D rating.
  • The brand recognition of the products can be an issue during selling.
  • It is an MLM company and for you to earn as an IWG, you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is Radiantly You The Right Opportunity To Build A Business?

Radiantly You is a legal company in the USA run by spouses with the goal to eliminate toxins in the environment and more importantly from their homes.

The company offers clean and safe products that are all consumables hence they are easier to sell. You can also start your own business with the company products as a distributor by joining the company’s business opportunity offering.

However, we also found some down points about the company. We wonder why it only has a D rating in Better Business Bureau and we could not find the listing of the company in the Direct Selling Association. Although the products are consumable, safe, and environmentally friendly, brand recognition could still be an issue during selling.

Also, Radiantly You is clearly an MLM business and for distributors to earn, you need to sell the products and build your team. You need to encourage your team to duplicate your efforts also in return.

On top of these, the company has no income disclosure statement. In a way, you don’t have any guarantee that you will be spared of the losses that most MLM members have made when you don’t become the upper 1% of the earners in the company.

Such a chance of success is low and if you want to bet on it then it’s your personal call and I must say it would not be a very wise move. 

But, do remember that there’s always a better alternative and you just need to find it.

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