Is Ringana Cosmetics A Legit MLM Company?

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Welcome to our Ringana MLM review.

Offering environmentally sustainable, safe, and effective products and working from home are some of the things that we can say are the new trends today and the near future. 

Looking for a business with this complete formula is not easy. Many companies are subscribing to these notions but only a few are true to their words.

Ringana Cosmetics is one of the few companies that believe in environmentally sustainable, safe, and effective products and in offering business that you can do from home. 

Is Ringana Cosmetics a legit MLM company? This is mainly the purpose of this article and we hope to be of help in giving you some useful inputs so you can decide if Ringana is a company that is worth your time and money investment

Read on to find out more.

Is Ringana Cosmetics A Legit MLM Company?

The Ringana Cosmetics Company

ringana cosmetics logo

Ringana Cosmetics is a skincare and nutritional company founded in Austria. The story of the company began with the tube of toothpaste with shocking ingredients brought home by the founders’ son.

The said toothpaste contains ingredients that they didn’t want their kids to be exposed to. Hence, they decided to manufacture their own freshly made products, effective and without unnecessary ingredients.

The company founders are Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher. The company started in 1996. The company received several awards in the past few years.

All are listed on the corporate website and I see that many awards of the company are recognition of the company’s environmentally friendly principles and practices.

The company owns a production plant in Austria for its products. It delivers its products across Europe, to Great Britain, and to Hong Kong. 

Ringana is listed on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website as a company that doesn’t test on animals. 

Similar companies are Nature's Sunshine, Beauty Society, or NYR Organic.

The  Ringana Cosmetics Products

ringana cosmetics product

Ringana Cosmetics offers products that are fresh, effective, environmentally friendly, and safe. The products are classified into skincare (fresh line), sports, supplement, and nutrition (complete line).

Here are some of the company’s products and their prices:


  • Tanning Care - EUR24.90
  • Body Milk - EUR33.30
  • Body Wash - EUR17.10
  • Cooling Spray - EUR25.10
  • Cream Deodorant - EUR23.60
  • Foot Balm - EUR22.10
  • Hand Balm - EUR21.40
  • Overnight Body Treatment - EUR66.60


  • D-eat Meal Replacement - EUR61.20


  • PACK antiox cell protection - EUR65.50
  • CAPS beauty & hair - EUR52.90
  • Beyond Spermidine ageless effect capsules - EUR104.50
  • Ringanachi Drink - EUR48.40


  • Sport Boost High Endurance Powdered Drink - $53.90
  • Sport Go Muscle Relaxation - EUR23.40
  • Sport Protein Ultimate Strength Powdered Drink - EUR53.90 

How Can You Join Ringana Cometics

To become a Ringana Cosmetics distributor, you need to register online as a Fresh Partner. Then you choose your starter kit.

The starter basic kit is free while the starter business booster costs EUR29.

Business booster kits come with a founder set bonus with free products.

The  Ringana Cosmetics Compensation Plan

ringana compensation plan

For retail commission, partners can earn from 19% to 39%. While, for team commission, partners can earn 8% to 9% on their level 1, 2% to 14% on level 2, and some more commission up to level 9 for partners as they increase their ranks.

The ranks in Ringana’s compensation plan consist of 10 target levels, target 1 to target 10 with qualifications based on your personal purchases, customer sales, and team sales volume.

There is also the growth bonus that is calculated as a percentage of your team sales growth and that of your qualified downline team sales growth. 

A detailed explanation of Ringana’s compensation plan is available here on this link. This is not readily available on the company’s corporate website.

Can You Make Money With Ringana Cosmetics?

Ringana Cosmetics has no income disclosure statement posted on its corporate website. I wonder why that is.

Looking at the company’s compensation plan, one can surely earn money from the business opportunity but as to your chance of earning enough, the company is not making any guarantee or providing any proof that you will have a good chance.

As we already know, MLM companies where Ringana’s business model has been based have been known for their promises of lucrative income without substantiated proof.

In fact, most studies and even our own research for years are confirming that most members of MLM companies lose money from the business opportunity. It is an established fact that you have a 1% chance of earning a full-time income from being a distributor of an MLM company. In most cases, more than 50% of the members are earning close to nothing.

In the case of Ringana Cosmetics, on their compensation plan with the link posted above, they provided possible earnings of partners on each target level.

You can see from the company’s matrix that you will have to be at least on target 7 to earn an average annual salary in the same level of average annual salaries in Austria for the year 2020. To reach target 7 you need to accumulate 660 personal purchases and customers sales and team volume of 15000.

This means sales of more than EUR20000 in a month. At target 4 level, a decent income can also be earned. That is a qualification of at least 440 personal sales and customer sales and 3200 team volume.

This matrix from the company only states the possible earnings of partners in each target level but how many partners have achieved these certain levels is unknown.

Looking back at the things we know about the figures of MLM industry, it is very likely that only 1% of all the Ringana partners are earning at the level of target 7 or above.

The matrix that is being presented by Ringana merely shows possibilities and how it translates to the actual earnings of its partners is totally a different question.  

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of  Ringana Cosmetics.

The Pros Of Ringana Cosmetics

  •  The company is a legit one being founded in Austria and has been operating since 1996.
  •  It is on a mission to offer fresh, natural, effective, and environmentally sustainable products.
  • It is listed on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website.
  • It allows ordinary people to start a business at a minimal startup investment.

The Cons Of Ringana Cosmetics

  • The company is an MLM company and for partners or distributors to earn they need to sell the products and recruit people to be part of their team.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is Ringana A Legit MLM Company?

There is no doubt that Ringana Cosmetics is a legit MLM company when it comes to its founding story, years of operations, principles, and mission.

It is a company that offers fresh, natural, effective, and environmentally sustainable products. It owns a manufacturing plant and distribution centers. The company is known for its ethical beliefs and environmentally sound principles. Ringana offers a business to everyone where one can start with a minimal startup investment.

However, in looking for a business, your chance of earning an income is an equally important consideration.

I must say that just like most MLM companies, Ringana Cosmetics lacks on this aspect. Ringana states your possible earnings in each target level but there’s no guarantee in there.

It has no income disclosure statement so we don’t really know how many partners have achieved a certain rank level where they can earn a fair amount of income that is worth their time and effort. With its compensation plan, Ringana is not much different from other MLM companies that we have already reviewed and we know what is wrong with this kind of business opportunity.

One can earn money from MLM business opportunities but your chance of earning an income that you envision in your goals is too low that you would not want to bet on it. Figures across the MLM industry are leading to findings of a 1% success rate in getting a full-time income from such a business opportunity.

Other businesses have a much higher success rate than this. In choosing a business to start with, surely you would not want to settle for less.   

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