Is Seacret Direct A Scam Or Legit MLM Company?

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They said that the Dead Sea in Israel has been one of the top destinations for healing and wellness due to the unique composition of the minerals that surround the area.

Seacret Direct is a company that saw the importance of Dead Sea minerals for beauty and skincare products and brought them to the USA and the rest of the world.

After a few years of operation, Seacret joined the multi-level marketing industry and offers now an opportunity for ordinary people to do business with the company as its agents.

The question now is whether or not Seacret Direct is a scam or a legit MLM company.

Let’s find out together in our honest MLM review below focused on Seacret Direct.

Is Seacret Direct A Scam Or A Legit MLM Company?

More About Seacret Direct

seacret direct logo

Seacret Direct is a skincare and wellness company founded by Izhak Ben Shabat and Dani Solomon. The company started by selling the Israeli Dead Sea products in shopping mall kiosks in 2001.

Seacret was launched as a direct selling business in 2011. In 2017, Dr. Howard Cohn became part of the company and introduced health and nutrition products to the Seacret product portfolio.  

Now, the company is based in Arizona, USA with offices in Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Japan. 

Seacret is a member of Direct Selling Australia  and is listed in Better Business Bureau with an A+ trust rating.

The  Seacret Direct Products

seacret direct nutrition products

Seacret Direct products are said to be made from Dead Sea minerals and some natural ingredients. The products are under Skincare, Body Care and Nutrition.

Here are some of the company’s products and their prices: 

Body Care

  • Dead Sea Bath Salts - $19.99
  • Salt & Oil Scrub - $35
  • Mud Therapy Foot Cream - $28


  • Aqua Blast Lanseal Mask - $50
  • Mud Soap - $17
  • Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover - $30
  • AClear Facial Toner - $25
  • Non-Smudge Mascara - $37
  • Intensive Moisture Face Cream - $63
  • Balancing Facial Serum - $72
  • Men Cool Foaming Shave Cream - $32
  • Rewater Age-Defying Face Oil - $100
  • Restore Age-Defying Face Serum - $100

Hair Care

  • Seacret Hold & Shine Hair Spray - $25
  • Nourishing Hair Serum - $55


  • ProbiotX Powder Supplement - $56
  • Gourmet Dead Sea Salt & Chill Seasoning - $18
  • Greens Powdered Drink - $86

How Can You Join Seacret Direct

To join the company as an agent you need to pay $29 for a period of a year of membership.

There is an enrollment form online but you will need a sponsoring agent to proceed.

To remain active as an agent, you need to have at least 100 personal volume for the month.

The Seacret Direct Compensation Plan

There are 6 ways to earn in Seacret Direct compensation plan. Here are the different sources of income for agents of Seacret.

1. Sales Commission

You can earn 20% to 30% on all VIP customers and some free product credit. As you grow your sales you can earn more from the company’s tiered sales commission up to 30%. 

2. Kick Start Bonus 

seacret direct kick start bonus

This is the bonus that you can earn as a new Seacret agent. You can earn free products or product credit by increasing your personal volume or you can earn $50 to $120 in helping your new recruited agent getting ahead of their sales. 

3. Team Commission

This is the commission that you can earn from the sales generated by your team. A cycle is created when your binary team generates 300 and 600 commissionable volumes in both legs respectively. For every cycle, you can earn $30 to $45 depending on your rank. 

4. Leadership Check Match

This is the bonus that you can earn when you reach bronze rank or higher and when you help your downline achieve leadership status. Depending on your rank, you can earn a 20% check match bonus in your first generation and a 10% bonus in your 2nd to 4th generation.  

5. Rank Advancement Bonus

seacret direct rank qualification

This is a one-time bonus paid each time you achieve a higher rank. 

Seacret also offers lifestyle bonuses such as vacation trips.

An explanation of Seacret Compensation Plan is available on Youtube.

How Much Can You Earn As A Seacret Direct Agent ?

secret direct earnings statement

In Seacret statement earnings or income disclosure statement for 2020, it is stated that 50% of the agents earned more than $78 in a month with an average tenure of 1.35 years.

The top 10% of the agents earned more than $1142 in a month with an average tenure of 2.25 years and the top 1% earned more than $10688 in a month with an average tenure of 5.4 years. 

You can see from these statements that only the top 1% were earning a full-time income from this opportunity.

seacret direct income disclosure statement

The top 10% were earning quite a decent income but couldn’t be enough if you have to finance the expenses of a household. 

It’s good to see that the top 50% were not earning zero by average however the amount of $78 in a month for an income could not make such a difference if you have to build a business and exert some of your time and effort for selling and recruiting for the company. 

Looking at Seacret income disclosure statement, just like in most MLM companies, the majority of the agents were not really earning enough. It is only the top 1% who were actually earning enough.

Seacret Direct  is another case of a typical MLM company that is only good for the top 1% of its members but for the rest, it is another disappointing story of a business opportunity with a low chance of success in terms of income earnings.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of this company.

The Pros And Cons Of The Secret Direct MLM Company 

  • Seacret Direct is a legally established company based in the USA and has operations worldwide.

  • The products are unique with main ingredients that are said to be sourced from the Dead Sea, a top destination for healing and wellness for centuries.
  • It allows you to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • Seacret Direct is an MLM company and for you to earn an income you need to sell the products and recruit people to join the business.
  • The income disclosure statement shows a 1% success rate of earning a full-time to a lucrative income amongst its members.
  • To remain active as an agent, you need to have at least 100 personal volume for the month.

Conclusion - Is Seacret Direct A Scam Or A Legit MLM Company

Given all the information about Seacret Direct that is discussed above, it is clear that Seacret is a legit company and is not a scam.

The company is based in the USA and has operations in the main business centers of the world.

Secret Direct is listed in Better Business Bureau with an A+ trust rating. The products are made of ingredients that are said to be sourced directly from the Dead Sea.

The products are surely retail-viable. Seacret offers an opportunity for people to start a business from home at a minimal cost. 

On the other hand, it is clear that Seacret is an MLM company and for agents to earn they need to sell the company products, and to maximize their earnings they need to build a team by recruiting more agents to join the company.

Just like most MLM companies, Seacret pay bonus, and commissions in multi-levels to qualified agents who are leaders of their respective teams.

This way leaders benefit more from this setup rather than the agents at the bottom of the organization. This setup is reflected on the company’s income disclosure statement wherein the success rate of gaining a full-time income is 1% with 50% of the agents earning $78 in a month.

I must say that the good thing about the Seacret income disclosure statement is the fact that the median income is not zero among agents.

Except for this point, Seacret business opportunity is nothing different from what we have already seen in most MLM companies.

The sad fact is more people lose money from this opportunity and Seacret is most likely no different in this respect.

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