Omnitrition MLM Review – Legit Or Just A Scam?

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Welcome to our Omnitrition MLM review.

Are you looking for a legit source of income? Joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company always pops out as one of the easiest ways to start a business at a minimal initial cost. 

In the field of health and wellness especially, there are several companies that you can get involved with. However, doing your research about the company could really make a big difference in finding the best business that will suit you as well as in avoiding scams that could eventually hurt you financially.

In this post, we give you our honest MLM review of Omnitrition. If you are looking into joining this company, then you have come to the right place as we will be giving you below the things that you should know about Omnitrition.

Is this a company that you can trust to be a legit one and not a scam? Let’s find out below.

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Omnitrition MLM Review - Legit Or Just A Scam?

More About The Omnitrition Company

omnitrition logo

Omnitrition International Inc also known as Omnitrition is a nutritional supplement company currently based in Nevada, USA.

The company is headed by spouses Roger Daley and Barbara Daley. Omnitrition was incorporated in October 1989.

There’s not much information about the background of the company leaders prior to Omnitrition.

In 2017, a case was filed against the company for the illegal and deceptive practice of manufacturing, promoting, marketing, selling, and distributing the weight loss product, Omni drops. Consequently, the case was dismissed in favor of the company.  

Prior to this, in 1996, Omnitrition was sued in a class action lawsuit for being a pyramid scheme as a matter of law. 

The company survived this hurdle and has been operating until now.

Omnitrition is listed in Better Business Bureau with a trust rating of A+. 

Omnitrition Products

omnitrition product

Omnitrition products are classified into Energy & Vitality, Nutrition, Specialty Products, and Weight Management.

Here are some of the company’s products and their prices:

Energy and Vitality

  • Sugar Free Orange/Fruit Punch Charge - $102.29 - $120.69

These are energy drink mixes with stevia and some appetite suppressant.

  • Omni Sport® Pre-workout Drink Mix - $62.72
  • Remind® Capsules - $42.58
  • Remind® Powder - $47.32
  • Charge Powder Orange Nutritional Beverage Mix - $49.69
  • Charge Capsules - $41.40
  • Charge Capsules with Caffeine - $41.40


  • Omni Liquid Concentrate w/Glucosamine - $65.09
  • Nite Lite® - $49.39
  • Immune Defense - $37.85
  • Omni IV Liquid Concentrate Original - $60.89

Specialty Products

Under this category, there are probiotics, Fiber-rich, anti-oxidant, and phytonutrients capsules.

Weight Management

In this category, products include meal replacement shakes, weight loss capsules, herbal tea, coffee, and the Omni Drop program.

How To Join Omnitrition

To join Omnitrition you need to purchase a distributor kit that costs $49.95.

This kit comes with the distributor’s handbook, marketing materials, samples, and other tools you need to help you get started with the business.

The membership must be renewed every year.

The  Omnitrition Compensation Plan

omnitirition sales volume percentage

Omnitrition sales volume percentage

An Omnitrition distributor is called Independent Marketing Associate (IMA). Once you become an IMA, you have 4 ways to earn an income from Omnitrition’s compensation plan. 

1. Retail Profits

This is the profit you get from the difference between the discounted price you get the products as an IMA and the retail price your customer pays for the products.

2. Discount or Wholesale Profit

When you sponsor new IMAs to join the business opportunity, you can earn this bonus from the difference between your recruit’s percentage of discount and your own. 

3. Royalty Override

There are ranks to progress in the Omnitrition compensation plan. When you reach the rank of Fully Qualified Supervisors and help your distributors become one, you can earn up to 5% royalty override of the personal or group volume up to 3 generations of fully qualified supervisors in your organization as well as your own. 

A discussion of Omnitrition sales and marketing and rules and regulations is available on this link here.

Can You Make Money With Omnitrition?

Omnitrition has no income disclosure statement.

In the company rules and regulations on the link provided above, the company’s rules on income, earnings or sales representations, read as below, “IMAs are not permitted to make any income, earnings or sales representations, except for their own documented individual earnings. 

Each IMA’s financial success depends entirely upon his or her individual effort, locale and dedication to the Omnitrition career opportunity.”

I wonder why Omnitrition has no income disclosure statement given the fact that it has been in the business for 31 years now.

An income disclosure statement in an MLM company shows the average earnings of the members as well as the top leaders of the organization.

This document if available can dispel doubts about the profitability of joining the company’s business opportunity or it can also show a harsh reality about the income earnings of the members.

Across the MLM industry, it seems that it’s always the latter rather than the former.  

Studies about the MLM companies and our reviews of several of these companies in the past revealed that most members lose money from this business opportunity.

Surely, there are people who earned money from these opportunities however your chance of earning enough is too low that could be less than 1% chance in most cases.

Also, in most cases, about more than 50% of the members are earning close to nothing. This is the problem with MLM companies and this can also be the case of Omnitrition.

Without an income disclosure statement from the company, how can we believe otherwise?

The Good And The Bad Of The Omnitrition Opportunity

  • The company has an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau.
  • There are several products to choose from in the nutrition and weight management category.
  • Omnitrition is a legal company that has been operating for 31 years with a base in the USA.
  • It offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • There are no proprietary ingredients on the products.
  • There’s not much information about the background of the company leaders even on the corporate website.
  • The company once faced a class action lawsuit and was tried for being a pyramid scheme.
  • To earn an income you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Omnitrition - Legit Or Just A Scam

With its more than 3 decades of operations and a headquarter in the USA, there’s not a doubt that Omnitrition is a legit company.

It has an A+ trust rating in Better Business Bureau that speaks a lot about its reliability and stability. The company has several products under different subcategories of nutrition and weight management and they are surely retail-viable.

It offers an opportunity for people to start a business from home at a low cost. 

However, some things are lacking about Omnitrition. I could not find much information about the background of the leaders who run the company.

The products are not really unique and have no proprietary ingredients. Also, it should be noted that Omnitrition is obviously an MLM company and for distributors to earn an income, they need to sell the products of the company and recruit people to join the business.

In its several years of operation, the company has no updated income disclosure statement. I wonder why that is. 

We know that the MLM business model has quite a reputation for having members who don’t really earn money from the business and in some cases even had some losses.

With Omnitrition being in a business for a very long while, surely it has produced top leaders who comprise the upper 1% percentile of the earners. In line with this, it would be extra hard for new entrants to climb up the top.

In most MLM companies if not all, only the upper 1% were earning full-time or lucrative income from the business while about 50% or even more were earning close to nothing. 

This is the sad truth about the MLM business model. In the case of Omnitrition, being in the business for several years, although joining the company is easy, the nature of the business is not really for beginners.

Selling and expanding your network is not an easy task and it could entail trial and error for inexperienced ones.

Yes, Omnitrition is legit and it is surely not a scam. You can earn money from the business opportunity but your chance of earning enough could go as low as 1%.

Surely, this is a chance that you don’t even want to bet on a gambling spree what more if you are looking for the right business for you to improve your finances, it’s hard to even think of giving it a shot, I must say.

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