Lurralife – Just Another Expensive MLM Opportunity?

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Welcome to our Lurralife review post. In here, we are trying to answer the question if Lurralife is just another expensive MLM opportunity.

With lots of companies selling health and wellness products in the network marketing industry and the stories of business losses amongst MLM members, it is just right that we check our facts before getting involved in one. 

One of the positive things about the MLM industry is that it allows ordinary people to start a business from home at a minimal capitalization.

Could we say the same thing to all these MLM companies? How about Lurralife?

In this MLM review post, we feature Lurralife. Could it be the case that Lurralife is just another expensive MLM opportunity?

What are things that you should know before considering this business opportunity?

Let’s get started and find out.

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Lurralife - Just Another Expensive MLM Company?

More About Lurralife 


Lurralife is a health and wellness company based in Utah, USA. The company name comes from the language of the Basque that means Earth.

Lurralife means living close in touch with nature. 

The company leadership is not available on the company website but in one video on the company’s Facebook page, there is a mention of the company founders Travis Martin and Johnathan Bryant.

Other leaders of the company include Dan Putnam, Richard Johnson, Dr. Derek Martin and Al Rodriguez. Dan Putnam’s background mentions his 25 years of experience in network marketing and financial coaching.

Alarmingly though, research of Dan Putnam’s name relates him to some Bitcoin Ponzi scams and companies like Eyeline, WealthBoss and Modern Money Team that are into cryptocurrency mining and trading. 

I could not find the profiles of other leaders of the company but it seems that Al Rodriguez is no longer connected to the company since June 2020 as per his LinkedIn profile.

Lurralife is a newly created company that combines the products of EPXbody and O2 Worldwide, both MLM companies. It was launched in January 2019 and is said to have operations in 33 countries around the world. 

It is listed in Better Business Bureau with a B+ rating.

Lurralife  Products

lurralife products

The company products are classified under nutritional, herbal supplements, weight loss, and essential oils. Here are some of the company’s products and their prices.

  • LurraFit Coffee - $59.95
  • O2 Drops - $49.95

This contains activated oxygen and Lyophilic third state minerals.

  • O2Immune Nasal Spray - $49.95
  • Drink2Shrink Detox Formula (1pack) - $17.95
  • This is a Dr. Miller’s Detox Tea. 
  • Lurra Fit Capsules (All-Natural Energy Supplement) - $59.95
  • DeLite (Healthy Sweetener) - $59.95
  • DeStress - $59.95

This is an herbal supplement for natural relaxation boosted with magnesium and melatonin.

  • Lurra Blends (Essential Oils) - $84.95
  • LurraSlim 4 Bottles (240 capsules) - $99.95

Lurralife offers different programs where members can receive cash rewards, inspiration, and many more. There’s a $100 a day club that you can join at $79.90.

The 90-day challenge will pay you as you lose weight. Lurralight is a 10-week program that aims to give you inspiration for a cost of $299.

There are also the VIP60 that I will explain further down below and 10k steps programs. 

How To Join Lurralife

According to Lurralife’s Policies and Procedures that are available here, to join the company as a Brand Partner (BP), you need to be of legal age with valid identification and resides in the U.S. territory.

You need to submit a signed Brand Partner Application and Agreement as well. In the company’s compensation plan, it is stated that there is no requirement to purchase a start-up package.

However, there is a business kit that is posted on the corporate website.

It costs $150/kit that includes Lurralife products, business tools, and qualification to GRN bonus and VIP60. 

Joining through the VIP60 program costs $130-$150 and comes with Lurralife products.

The Lurralife Compensation Plan

The ways to earn income with Lurralife as stated on the company’s compensation plan are listed below.

1. Retail Customer Bonus

This is the bonus that you will earn from the purchases made on your website. Your bonus is 50% of the commissionable volume.

2. Fast Start Bonus

This is the bonus that you get from the first purchase of the new Brand Partners that sign up in your team. 

3. Two Team Pay

This is the bonus you get from the sales generated by your teams. This bonus is 10% of the balanced CV generated by your teams.

4. Matching Bonus

This is the matching bonus you get from the two team pay bonus of your downline. You will be paid 50% of your downline’s two team commission.

5. 2x2 bonus

You can earn a $100 bonus when you sponsor 2 BPs who each sponsor 2 BPs. All 6 BPs must purchase qualifying product packs.

6. 4x4 Bonus

You can earn a $500 bonus when you sponsor 4 BPs who each sponsor 4 BPs. All 20 must purchase qualifying product packs.

There is also the lifestyle bonus in the amounts of $500-$1800 when you can maintain the 4-star rank or higher for 5 weeks in a row.

Lurralife’s detailed compensation plan is available here.

How Much Can You Earn With Lurralife?

lurralife income disclosure

Lurralife’s income disclosure statement reflects the income of the company’s BPs from October 2019 to October 2020.

We see that less than 0.03% of the BPs were able to earn a full-time income from $42,150 to $320,313 on average annually. 

One percent (1%) earned $9152 on average annually while the bulk of BPs or 78.2% of them earned $960 on average annually. The link to the company’s income disclosure statement is available here.

I must say that we are seeing the same pattern of income distribution in Lurralife’s income disclosure statement as what we have already seen in most MLM companies that we have reviewed.

Sadly, we see that your chance of earning a full-time income from this opportunity is less than 0.05% and your chance of earning consistent and significant part-time income is about 10%.

Looking at these figures, I could not see a valid income opportunity here given the low chance of success in terms of income earnings.

Also, I see a strong reward system for sponsoring in the company’s compensation plan. Such a reward system obviously benefits the sponsors who are very likely the top leaders in the company as reflected in the company’s income disclosure statement.

The Good And The Bad In A Nutshell

  •  Lurralife is a legal company based in Utah, USA.
  •  The company has real products under health and wellness and they are retail-viable.
  • It allows ordinary people to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  •  The company is a newly launched company with roots in dissolved MLM companies.
  •  One of the company leaders and founders has previous links to Bitcoin ponzi scams.
  • The company’s compensation has a strong reward system for sponsoring.
  •  The income disclosure statement of the company shows a less than 0.05% chance of success in earning a full-time income or more from the business opportunity.

Conclusion - Lurralife - Just Another Expensive MLM Opportunity? 

Lurralife is a legal company based in the USA. Although the company has a complex background having roots in some inactive MLM companies and leaders who have controversial links, I must say the company is legally complying.

It offers real products under the health and wellness categories. The company also offers a business opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at an affordable cost. 

However, it is very clear that Lurralife is an MLM company and for Brand Partners to earn, they need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the opportunity.

It is very noticeable that the company’s compensation plan gives much importance to sponsoring which could lead to a chain of recruitment and could only benefit the very few in the end.

This observation is further strengthened by the company’s income disclosure statement. We see that less than 0.05% of the members were able to earn a full-time income from the opportunity while about 10% were earning some part-time income.

The sad truth is that about 90% were earning close to nothing from this opportunity. As to how much money, time and effort did the 90% of the BPs invested in this opportunity to receive such a meager reward, only the BPs could answer for themselves. 

Given all this information about Lurralife, I would suggest giving it a second thought first before getting yourself involved in this opportunity as what I’m seeing here is an MLM opportunity that is no different from those that came before it.

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