What Is Designrr? – Create A Stunning Ebook In No Time

I have been using Designrr ever since it got launched back in 2016 and finally, it is time to share with you what Designrr is all about.

My post ‘What is Designrr?’ not only tells you in detail how you can use this awesome software application.

I will also explain step-by-step how anyone with no design skills or tech skills can create stunning ebooks or lead magnets to build an email list in less than two minutes.

So listen up email marketers, bloggers, and niche website builders. This post about Designrr is for you.

A Little Bit About The Company

Designrr was developed by a company called PageOneTraffic.

British man Paul Bannister is the founder and CEO of PageOneTraffic. He is one of the leaders in the industry in creating tools to make things for internet marketers, small business owners, and bloggers easier.

He knows how crucial it is, to build an email list. It is one of the essential things everyone in the online world should do.

But to capture email addresses you need to create a so-called ‘lead magnet’, something that your audience wants.

Some of the best lead magnets are ebooks or guides which the user can download and print off if needed in exchange for their email address.

That is where Designrr comes in, a powerful software app that makes it possible to create an ebook in only a few minutes.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

How Does Designrr Work?

Designrr works in seven simple steps

1. Log into your Designrr dashboard and click on ‘Create a new project’.

Alternatively, you can a take a tour first or click the ‘Help’ button.  designrr dashboard


2. Give your project a name

designrr - name your project

3. Choose a source, either Import from URL, Import from Word, PDF, from Facebook, import manually, or create a new draft.

designrr choose source

4. Click on your chosen source, e.g. URL  paste the blog URL and click Import

import your content

5. The next step is to choose a template. You can choose from one-column or 2 column

choose a template

6. Click on next and the software will create the ebook for you with no clutter, e.g. no sidebars, menu, widgets, social icons etc.

finished product

7. You can leave the ebook as is or add some finishing touches to it. If you are happy with it, go ahead and click ‘Publish.’

designrr final steps

Last Step

Click on ‘Export’ and the PDF will be downloaded on to your computer. All you need to do, add it as a media file to your blog.

Once you have added it, copy the URL and share the link via email, in your posts, or via social media.

grab the link to share

Here is an example of an ebook/PDF I have created with Designrr for my family travel blog.

How Much Does Designrr Cost

There are different options to choose from.

  • The basic account covers all the things I have explained before and is enough for my needs. The package is called Designrr Standard and you only pay $27 for lifetime access.

Here is the link to the special offer: Special offer (lifetime access for only $27)

  • The PREMIUM version for Designrr includes the possibility to create 3D covers and flipbooks. It costs $97 if paid annually. Please note, the subscription renews every year. There is a 30-day-money-back guarantee.

Here is the link to get the subscription: Designrr Premium Monthly/Annually

  • The next and most advanced version is Designrr Pro which includes 4 transcription hours a month. You can grab the Pro version for $397 a year. Try it for free for seven days.

Designrr Pro Annual Offer

  • There is also a package for Agency’s which costs $197 a year.

Designrr Agency Offer

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Designrr

Let’s start with the Pros

  • Designrr is super easy to use. Full stop! It can’t get  any easier than simply choosing your blog URL, copy and paste and in a few seconds your ebook is ready to be downloaded as a PDF
  • It works with any blogging platform (not just WordPress)and also with Facebook.
  • All links in the ebook are clickable including affiliate links.

    Please note: Be careful with affiliate links. Check with your affiliate program if you are allowed to use them in offline promotions like an ebook. Amazon, for instance, doesn’t allow affiliate links in ebooks.

  • Lot’s of in-depth tutorials available on the dashboard.
  • Great customer service.
  • Designrr removes all clutter automatically e.g. sidebars, social icons, the menu etc.
  • You can choose images from the Media Manager (for free!)

What are the Cons

  • Be careful when you have Emojis in your post. They are humongous in the ebook version.
  • I have found the editing process not very intuitive at times.

Should You Get Designrr?

If you are wanting to build an email list and need a lead magnet to get your readers to subscribe, then Designrr is the best tool to get the job done.

The finished ebook looks clean, professional, and is a great way to represent any brand or blog.

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It is also perfect to upgrade your content by offering your audience a printable PDF. Again, you can use the PDF to collect email addresses or as a bonus. This will help to build trust with your audience as well.

Designrr is fantastic for people who have no design skills and are not tech savvy like me.


Do I recommend Designrr? Heck yeah! I’ve been using the standard version for the last two years and love it. It has helped me saving a lot of time and money to hire a Graphic Designer.

I have created lots of ebooks mainly for my family travel blog and was able to build an email slow but steady.

And for only $27 for the lifetime access, I can’t complain at all. So, yes go for it and try it for yourself.

If you don’t like it you have 30 days to get your money back.

Special Offer (Lifetime Access For Only $27)

Please note: I am an affiliate partner with Designrr. If you click on any of the links and purchase the Designrr software, I will get a commission at no extra cost for you.

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