What Is Paid 2 Save Network Opportunity – Is It Legit Or A Scam

I have come across the Paid2Save network through an What Is Paid 2 Save Network Opportunityacquaintance who
also introduced me to the Kyäni business. Well, I decided to have a closer look at Paid2Save and check out if you really can make money with it.

So if you have been approached by a Paid2Save consultant, please read my review for more information.

Company: Paid2Save.compaid 2 save logo
Founder and CEO: David Hart
Start-up costs: Either 65/month or 125/month
Rating: 80 out of 100

The Paid 2 Save network company is a travel club MLM company. It was founded in 2013 in Murrietta, CA by David Hart. It started off originally as a discount card club and had been converted to a travel club.

The goal of the company is to make travel affordable and to get huge savings on hotels, entertainment parks, cruises, rental cars and more through a monthly membership of $12.95.

That means you can A) become a member of the travel club (a customer) and pay a monthly fee of $12.95


B) become a partner and buy a Business Membership of $125/month. There is also a business membership available which is called Travel Club Starter Pack and costs $65 a month.

business system paid 2 save

Travel Club Business System ($125/month): 

  • includes Personal Travel Club Membership
  • unlimited trial Travel Club Membership you can give away each month to potential customers
  • qualifies for Rank Advancement Bonus and Builder Bonus

Travel Club Starter Pack ($65/month)

  • includes Personal Travel Club Membership
  • 5 Trial Club Membership each month
  • 60 days time to upgrade to Business system  (must pay $125 to upgrade)

Ways To Earn Money

  • You can earn a commission by getting new customers. As mentioned before, you can give away free trial memberships, so a potential customer can try it out for 30 days and make a decision based on their experience. I think that is pretty good. Once they decide to become a member, you will get $10/month recurring for up to 25 sold memberships. After that, it is $5/month recurring.
  • The second way is by getting Customer Getters (term Paid 2 Save is using). There is a system of Trilogy pay and Dual pay. You get paid whichever is higher. (refer to screenshot)Commission paid 2 save
  • Travel Dollar Commission (see the compensation plan)
  • There is also a mobile app the customer can download: ” Partners earn 40% direct sales commissions on the BV of goods sold on the app. • Commissions are calculated weekly and paid the on the 15th of the following month. • 40%(BV) will go into the matrix and pay out in the 3×10 matrix. (U.S. only)

For a full disclosure of the commission plan, please click here.

Paid 2 Save emphasizes the Get 3 ⇒ Help 3 ⇒ Teach 3 Model which in return should give you a team of 39 members. With 39 active members, you would earn $1500/month.

Business Tools

You have access to your very own travel portal, a back office to facilitate sales and a replicate website. I haven’t found any information about training tutorials, or other training material.

What Are The Pros and Cons

There are a few things I like about Paid 2 Save:

  • Unlimited Trial Memberships you can give to potential customers. I like the ‘try before you buy’ approach. The customer can see for themselves if the membership is really as good as promised.
  • Easy marketing with free membership offer.
  • Recurring commission because it is a membership.
  • It is not only about recruiting but also about building a customer base.
  • If the product is worth the money, you should get many customers who are happy to pay $12.50/month
  • Mobile App

What are the Cons in my opinion:

  • The affiliate fee of $125/month is quite a bit to pay each month.
  • Limited business tools.
  • Not too sure at this point, if the company delivers as they are promising.


If Paid2Save delivers on their promise to beat competitors like Expedia.com and Trivago.com, it is a product that should be quite easy to sell to targeted customers who love to travel.

Since it is a membership product, you will also get a recurring commission which is another plus.

The free trial is a sign that the company believes in the quality their membership can deliver. So if you look for some extra income, it might be worth to have a closer look at Paid 2 Save.

Back to my initial question if Paid 2 Save is legit or a scam: From what I gathered, this networking company seems to be legit. I like that they don’t claim a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and also have the customer needs in mind.

As for the monthly expense of $125, you need to make the decision if you can afford it until commission payments are kicking in.

I rated Paid2Save 80 points out of 100 because of the limited business tools and the monthly investment of  $125 a month. It can take a while to break the costs even. It really depends on how many people sign up for the monthly membership and how long they remain as paying member, in other words, what is the conversion rate.

The same applies to recruiting ‘Customer Getters.’ The company emphasizes on ‘get 3, help 3 and teach 3’ but it is not clear to me how you are going to help and teach them.

But maybe some of you folks who are reading my review know more or have experience with the company and could chime in with a comment. I appreciate every feedback.

If you are not keen on becoming part of a networking company, I invite you to check out, how I earn money from home. It is called Affiliate Marketing, and I learned everything on a learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

~ Anke


  1. Quark said:

    Run away. It’s a scam. I have been to their meetings. All about recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and almost nothing about selling product especially to the general public. Don’t these people ever learn.

    May 13, 2017
    • Anke said:

      Thanks for taking the time and chiming in with your feedback. It does seem like MLM companies never learn. I am glad you checked it out for yourself.
      All the best from Anke

      May 15, 2017

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