Our Ultimate Aquasource Algae MLM Review

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Are you looking for convenient and natural solutions to improve your health and general well-being? Taking nutritional supplements from natural sources is the best way to go.

AquaSource Algae has these offerings to customers and business prospects alike. With the key company products formulated from blue-green algae, bovine colostrum, and many more, AquaSource has been operating for years to offer nutritional supplements to its customers as well as a business opportunity.

 If you are looking for more information about AquaSource Algae on how you can benefit from its products as well as its business opportunity, then this post is for you.

In this article, we bring you, our honest MLM review of AquaSource Algae. Let us find out more about this company and see for yourself if it is the kind of business that you can get involved in.

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Our Ultimate Aquasource Algae MLM Review

The Aquasource Algae Company

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Aquasource or AquaSource Algae  is a health, wellness, and fitness company founded in 1994 by David Howell and Robert Davidson.

Both are leading personalities in promoting homeopathy. According to WebMD, homeopathy is a way of treating disease based on the belief that the body can cure itself and can be achieved by using tiny amounts of natural substances.

The company is based in Dublin Ireland and is currently headed by Arthur Spurling. According to his profile from the corporate website, Arthur has been a pioneering member of the company and has a solid background in the fresh food business.

AquaSource is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), an organization that requires its members to abide by a certain code of practice for ethical and fair dealing to customers.

The company also donates 10% of its profits to LightSource Charity, an agency founded by Arthur Spurling and his wife with the goal of promoting a comfortable and relaxing learning environment in schools.

The  Aquasource Algae Products

aquasource algae products

As already mentioned, AquaSource is a company that offers, health, wellness, and fitness products. These products are said to come from natural sources. Among the company’s notable products are listed below with their retail prices.

Organic Algae (60 capsules - EUR26.40) and Sea Power Algae

These are capsules made from blue-green algae from the Upper Klamath Lake. They are said to be a source of multiple essential nutrients that our body needs.

Colactive Colostrum (120 VAPS) and Colactive3 (120 Caps) - EUR45.70

These are capsules made from bovine colostrum and have preserved nutritional value.

Green Energy (120 Caps) - EUR41.40

These are capsules made from Algae, Organic Alfalfa and Spirulina. These are said to contain nutrients that help with increased energy and cognitive function. 

Super Antioxidant

These are capsules that contain Pycnogenol that is said to be “a patented extract of Maritime Pine bark extract” with rich antioxidants.

CoQ10 Complex (30 Caps) - EUR42.90

These are antioxidants with Chromium and algae in capsules.

AquaSource has other 20 or more products in nutritional capsule form, oil blends, protein powder, Himalayan crystal salt, and skincare products.

How Can You Join Aquasource Algae

According to one AquaSource distributor website, to become a distributor you need to purchase a Distributor Kit worth EUR49.50 (GBP45).

The business opportunity is open to distributors located in U.K. Russia, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Australia.

The  Aquasource Compensation Plan

I cannot seem to find detailed information about the AquaSource compensation plan that is also known as Euro Business Program.

 However, on the company’s opportunity page, it was mentioned that as a distributor of the company, you can benefit by getting training, promotions, and recognition in the work that you do as a distributor of the company.

 Also, it is said that you will find security in this opportunity being your own boss and you get to decide how you will spend your time.

From the company’s money presentation that is available here, it seems that you can earn by selling products to your customers and by recruiting people to join the business and replicating what you do.

Please bear in mind, that the video is from 2013, so it might even be outdated.

Clearly, AquaSource is a multi-level marketing business opportunity from which you can earn by selling the company products and recruiting people to join the business.

How Much Can You Earn With Aquasource Algae?

I cannot find an official income disclosure statement from AquaSource. There is a discussion about the prospective earnings of distributors in the video, I have mentioned before.

Here are the potential earnings.

1. As a distributor who purchases 1 wellness package that is priced now at GBP79 and you sell to 6 customers each 1 wellness package, you can earn GPB200/month.

2. As a distributor who purchases 1 wellness package and recruits 5 distributors who buy 1 wellness package each and sell wellness package each to 6 persons, you can earn GBP200/month.

3. As a distributor who buys 1 wellness package, sells to 6 persons each with a wellness package, and recruits 5 distributors where each distributor purchases a wellness package and also sells to 6 persons, you will earn GBP640/month

4. As a distributor who buys 1 wellness package, with 5 distributors who have 6 customers each and with another 5 recruits who in turn recruits 10 distributors and has 6 customers of wellness package each, you will earn GBP1700/month.

Although it is not really stated in the video, I can see that these are merely estimates and as to how many distributors can achieve this is another question that is not addressed by AquaSource.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons of Aquasource .

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The Pros Of Aquasource

  •  The company is a legally established company with long years of operation.
  •  It is a member of the Direct Selling Association where members are bound by a certain code of ethics.
  • It has a rich product portfolio with products that are retail-viable.
  • It allows you to start a business at a minimal cost.

The Cons Of Aquasource

  • There are no available details about the company’s compensation plan on the company website or anywhere on the internet. (except one YouTube video)
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  • For you to earn from this opportunity, you need to sell the products and recruit people to join as distributors.
  • The website seems somewhat outdated with not much information at all.


AquaSource Algae is a legally established company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has been operating for long years now since 1994.

 The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association that means its members are bound by a certain code of ethics in direct selling. It offers retail-viable products that are said to be formulated from natural sources to promote health, wellness, and fitness.

Also, it offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business at a minimal start-up cost. These are the main strengths that we see about AquaSource.

However, AquaSource has been lacking in some aspects. The business opportunity that it offers is limited to certain locations and is not available in the United States.

 Detailed information about the compensation plan is not available as well as the income disclosure statement. But, looking at the company’s money presentation, the way to go with the company’s business opportunity is to sell the company products and convince people to join as distributors and convince them to replicate what you do such as selling and recruiting.

The company’s money presentation is talking about 6 customers monthly and 5 recruited distributors who can, in turn, sell to 6 customers monthly, this milestone can make you earn GBP400/month as a distributor.

 It may look easy in words but maintaining such sales and recruits can be taxing. It would require the right skills and determination to achieve. We know for a fact that MLM numbers across the industry are not looking good for those seeking a business opportunity with a bigger chance of profit. MLM numbers show a very insignificant chance of success in terms of distributors earning a full-time income.

In the case of AquaSource, its compensation plan is not readily available as well as its income disclosure statement.

 I must say that there is really no basis to believe that AquaSource is offering something different that sets it apart from other similar health and wellness companies that we have reviewed so far.

Similar companies are ID Life, Amare Global, or Black Oxygen Organics, for example.

 The MLM sector is an ocean of opportunity that is not generous to most of its members and with AquaSource, I cannot find enough reason to let your hopes up and even myself in believing that it can actually make a difference from what we have already seen with other MLM companies of similar nature.  

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