Can You Earn Money With Keep Me Safe?

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Indeed the world is filled with harmful materials and toxic compounds. Our preference for safe and harmless products that work with our needs should never be taken for granted.

 Keep Me Safe Worldwide also known as Keep Me Safe Organics made it its mission to bring safe and harmless products to its customers.

 If you are looking for these kinds of products for your skin, body and home, then you may have looked up KMSW already or it may already come up in one of your searches before.

 If you are doing your own research now and want to know more about this company and the business it offers in addition to its products, then this article is especially for you.

 By the end of this article, we will find out if you can earn money from Keep Me Safe and we will know what other benefits we can get from this company as a business prospect. 

Without further ado, lets get started.

Can You Earn Money With Keep Me Safe?

More About The Keep Me Safe Company

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Keep Me Safe Worldwide (KMSW)  or formerly known as Keep Me Safe Organics (KMSO) is a skincare and cosmetic company launched in 2017 by its founders Rebecca Black  and Kelli Bono.

On its LinkedIn profile, Rebecca declared that she was a stylist business owner for 10 years prior to creating Keep Me Safe Worldwide.

Kelli Bono’s message in the company’s corporate website made a mention that she was a graduate of Florida University with 2 masters degrees.

It is KMSW’s mission to keep harmful chemicals away from your home by offering toxic-free products for your skin and body.

The company is headquartered in Florida, USA. As to the company’s membership with other organizations, I can only find the company listed in Leaping Bunny Program, an independent agency that set standards for non-animal tested cosmetics and household products.

Similar companies are Aloette Cosmetics, Ever Skincare, Sweet Minerals, and Because Cosmetics, just to name a few.


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Keep Me Safe Worldwide Products

keep me safe products

Keep Me Safe Worldwide products are classified into makeup, skincare, body care and home. Here are the price range for KMSW’s products.


  • Blush - $9-$15
  • Bronzer - $15
  • Brushes - $12-$23
  • Eyeshadow Kit/Bundle - $29-$50
  • Lip Balm Kit - $35
  • Basic Makeup Kit - $67
  • Eyeshadow - $7.20-$12
  • Finishing Powder - $24
  • Lip Balm - $5.50
  • Foundation - $24
  • Custom Foundation Set - $38-$50
  • Highlighter - $15


  • Toner - $21
  • Cleanser - $29
  • Moisturizer - $30
  • Rejuvenating Glacier Mud - $34
  • Serum- $44.50
  • Sets - $52-$151

There are haircare and body care products as well including consumable home products such as dish soap and hand soap.

In one of the company’s Facebook posts, it is stated there that the following components are not present or are not characteristics of KMSW products.

keep me safe toxin free

How To Join Keep Me Safe Worldwide?

You have several options when starting a business with KMSW. Here are some of them.

Digital Enrollment - $8.95

This kit will provide you a free customer website where your customers can shop the products for 60 days.

 After the 60 days expires, you can renew this website for $8.95/month.

 This is the standard monthly subscription fee when your access to your personal KMSW online shop expires.

Bodycare Business in a Box - $99

This kit gives you access to your online personal shop where your customers can purchase the product  for 30 days and about $160 worth of products that you can start using or selling directly to your customers.

Makeup & Skincare Kit - $229

This kit comes with your access to a personalized website valid for 12 months and $400 worth of KMSW products that you can use and sell.

You can also organize meet-ups and earn hostess rewards depending on the value of the products sold during the event.

The  Keep Me Safe Compensation Plan

keep me safe compensation plan

I have been on different sites on the internet, but I cannot seem to find a detailed explanation about KMSW’s compensation plan.

The information below is from a Facebook video post of one of the top leaders of the company which you can find through this link here

It was said that you can earn up to 30% of retail commission when you sell KMSW’s products as an advocate. There’s  a team commission program as well for advocates with at least $100 in retail sales for the month. Team commission is paid up to 6 levels.

Infinity commission is said to be at 0.75% on level 7 to infinity. Check match bonus is paid on all first to second generation leaders. While dream leader bonus is from the elite leaders pool. 

Due to lack of a detailed explanation on KMSW’s compensation plan, I can only provide this rough summary but it is clear that KMSW pays retail commission, team commissions and extra bonuses for the top leaders of the company. 

What I’ve found from KMSW's corporate FB page is a hostess reward chart where the host earns 10-25% product discount, dollar rewards  and 1 to 6 pieces of half-priced items depending on the sales made by the event. 

keep me safe hostess rewards

Can You Make Money With Keep Me Safe Worldwide?

On KMSW’s Policies and Procedures that are available here, advocates are prohibited to make misleading income claims.

“When presenting or discussing the Keep Me Safe opportunity or Compensation Plan to a prospective Advocate, Advocates may not make income projections, income claims, income testimonials, or disclose their Keep Me Safe income (including, but not limited to, the showing of checks, copies of checks, bank statements, or tax records), or the income of any other Keep Me Safe Advocate. Nor may Advocates make “lifestyle” income claims.

 A “lifestyle” income claim is a statement or depiction that infers or states that the Advocate is able to enjoy a luxurious or successful lifestyle due to the income they earn from their Keep Me Safe business.

 Examples of prohibited lifestyle claims include, but are not limited to, representations (either through audio or visual medium) that an Advocate was able to quit his/her job, acquire expensive or luxury material possessions, or travel to exotic or expensive destinations.”

Also, I cannot find an income disclosure statement posted on the KMSW website or anywhere on the internet.

Hoever, it is clear that as an advocate you can earn from retail commissions and from the sales of your team as well as the whole organization if you reach a certain rank.

 These points make KMSW a multi-level marketing company that pays multi-level commissions to its advocates.

 It may be due to the newness of the company that it does not have enough data yet to create an income disclosure statement but failing to show this document is a red flag in assessing an MLM company like KMSW.

The problem with MLM business opportunities is its low success rate where only 1-10% of members succeed in terms of earning a full-time income.

 So, KMSW having none to show as proof of how much its advocates are earning, left itself open to this discouraging finding as well.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Keep Me Safe.

The Pros Of Keep Me Safe

  • The company is listed by Leaping Bunny Program. 
  •  KMSW’s mission to offer toxin- free products is timely and on the trend.
  • Joining the company requires minimal investment.
  • KMSW’s mission to offer toxin- free products is timely and on the trend.

The Cons Of Keep Me Safe

  • The company is relatively new and has been only launched in 2017.
  • It is very difficult to get a hold of the detailed company’s compensation plan.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Keep Me Safe pays up to 30% retail commission to its advocates so if you have the customer base for KMSW products you can surely earn money from this opportunity.

 What we know so far is that KMSW is a legit company that is listed by Leaping Bunny program. It offers a wide range of toxin-free products on its portfolio.

 These products are timely and on the trend at these times. Also, joining KMSW business requires a low investment.

However, KMSW has not laid down enough proof to back the profitability of its business opportunity.

 Given that the company is new and the business opportunity and its compensation plan are not readily available on its corporate website, I cannot help to be doubtful about the profitability of joining the company’s business opportunity.

 To further add to the problem, KMSW has not created its income disclosure statement yet. This income disclosure statement could be an acceptable proof for KMSW to show off if its advocates are earning well from the business.

KMSW has not established yet an accessible and detailed information about its business opportunity offering so if I’m looking for a business prospect just like this one, I would less likely to consider it in the time being. 

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