Color Street Reviews – What Is Going On There?

Welcome to my Color Street review that will introduce you to this social selling company.

In this review, I will discuss the joining process, the compensation plan, and most importantly, share with you the income potential.

I am not part of the Color Street company so I am trying to be as unbiased as possible with outlining the pros and the cons of the Color Street opportunity.

Most people who are looking at this work from home opportunity, are most likely woman because after all, as a Color Street stylist, you will be selling nail polish strips to your customers. 

You may have read a few Color Street reviews before? There are a few things going on with Color Street that some reviewers may have missed and  that I feel you should be aware of before making your decision whether you should become a Color Street stylist or not.

So, without further ado, let's dive in to learn  more about this relatively new direct selling company.

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Color Street Reviews - What Is Going On There?

More Info About Color Street Company

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As mentioned before, Color Street is a relatively young direct selling company which is based in New York.

Color Street Nails was launched in 2017, only two years ago.

However, the story of its founder and CEO Fa Park started way back in 1984.

His story as an immigrant from South Korea to the US in 1980 is quite inspiring.

After observing a woman trying to apply nail polish in a car, Fa Park had the idea to make this process easier and simpler.

After lots of learning about nail polish chemistry, he invented nail polish strips and a machine that could produce them.

So we are talking about a decade of trial and error until his perseverance started slowly to pay off.

He got the patent for the nail polish strips in 1990 but it was still a long way to go.

Make a long story short, Fa Park founded a company called Incoco in 2007 which is now the parent company of Color Street which was launched as direct selling branch in 2017.

But here is a catch which will I talk about later in more detail. Incoco is also the parent company to Coconut Nail Arts which sells nails trips at Walmart, and Incoco itself which is being sold at Ulta Beauty as nail appliques.

Color Street is now one of the fastest growing direct selling companies with 119 Million dollars in sales in 2018.