Healthy Habits Global Review – Health Drinks At Its Best?

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This is not the first time that I came across a networking business selling coffee with Ganoderma components.

Surely, there is something beneficial about these ancient Chinese medicinal ingredients. With Healthy Habits Global (HHG), they added Panax Ginseng and Tongkat Ali to its coffee products in addition to the wonder Ganoderma mushroom.

Similar companies are Organo Gold and Gano Excel.

These ingredients are said to be the most documented natural herbs that help in achieving optimal health and performance in us humans.

 In addition to this, HHG added health and fitness supplements to its product portfolio as well as a totally different product under fuel.

This makes HHG a multi-faceted business all leaning towards the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  

In this Healthy Habits Global review, we will find out if the company is indeed offering health drinks at its best in comparison to its competitors.

 Are these health drinks at their best make Healthy Habits Global the best business opportunity to join at this time?

Let us find out together as we move forward in detailing more information about HHG.  

Healthy Habits Global Review - Health Drinks At Its Best?

More About The Healthy Habits Global Company

healthy habits global logo

Healthy Habits Global (HHG) is a multi-faceted networking company dealing with health and wellness products as well as fuel enhancers.

The business started in late 2012 and was launched in 2013.

 HHG was founded by Ted Fitzgerald who has a total of 17 years of experience in the direct sales business.

Prior to venturing to direct sales, he had built businesses such as athletic clubs, restaurants, and several retail establishments.

The product development sector of the company is spearheaded by John Payne, a genetic scientist.  

HHG is based in California, USA. The company is listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A+ rating but is not BBB accredited. 


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The  Healthy Habits Global Products

healthy habits global products

HHG’s products are classified into 3 categories HHG T.A.G.G., HGG Fit, and HGG World.


T.A.G.G. stands for Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, and Ganoderma. These are the proprietary ingredients added to HHG coffee products.

Below are HHG coffee products with their retail prices:

  • Gourmet Black Coffee - $23.95
  • Gourmet Blend Coffee - $23.95
  • Gourmet Cappuccino Coffee - $25
  • Gourmet Chai Tea - $23.95
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate - $25

HHG Fit consists of nutritional supplements to help improve health, memory, and wellness.

  • Pure Complete - $99.95
  • Cardio Boost - $59.95

Pure Life

  • Fruits & Veggies Capsule - $54.95

HHG World offers GF2 Fuel Enhancer at $99.95 for 8oz bottle for your vehicles.

How To Join Healthy Habits Global

To join HHG Global, you have the option to select from several start-up kits from different product divisions of the company.

 That is from HHG T.A.G.G, HHG Fit, and HHG World.

The product kits price options are $100, $199, $499, and $999.

 Purchasing one of these kits will qualify you to earn commissions and bonuses from the HHG compensation plan. 

The  HHG Compensation Plan

hhg compensation plan

HHG compensation plan pays retail commissions, fast start bonus, residual commission, and rank advancement rewards and bonuses.

Uni-Level Monthly Commissions and Rank Qualifications

There are 11 ranks to advance in HHG. The startup level is Distributor that requires 50 PV (personal volume) and 100 GQV (total qualifying volume from your personal and placed team). The highest level is Triple Crown Diamond. As an HHG distributor, you can earn 5-10% on your team’s commissionable volume up to 7 levels deep. Diamond ranks and higher gets the infinity bonus.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonus is paid out on new starter kits and upgrades of new distributors within their first 30 days. This amounts to 25% for the sponsor and 5-10% for levels 2 to 4 sponsors.

Retail Customer Commission

HHG pays 20% to 40% retail commission to distributors depending on the amount of PV that a distributor is active on. It also pays another 2% of the retail commission to up to 7 levels deep. 

Other bonuses such as global bonus pool, car bonus, and prosperity bonus are available for distributors on higher ranks. There are also gadget rewards for distributors who advance in ranks. 

For a detailed HHG’s compensation plan overview, you may check the link here.

Healthy Habits Global Income Disclosure Statement

On HHG’s corporate website, it is stated there that it lacks enough statistical data to prepare reliable income disclosures.

They further mentioned that based on industry standards and company projections, distributors can earn on average anywhere between $500 and $2000 annually. 

However, I would like to comment on the statements above. HHG was established in 2012, almost a decade ago. This is enough time for HHG to prepare its income disclosure statement.

 The average annual income stated as per industry standard falls between $500 and $2000. This can be the case with other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies however there are other important questions that can only be addressed by a reliable income disclosure statement.

 It is important to know about the median income as well. Some MLM companies with distributors earning their average annual income between $500 and $2000 reflect zero median income which means about 50% of its distributors are earning zero annual income. Furthermore, the absence of detailed information about the income of the highest and the lowest earners left us in the dark in knowing the income distribution amongst distributors in the company.

It is worth mentioning that most MLM companies have a success rate of 1% to 10% in terms of their distributors getting a full-time income from the business opportunity with rare cases of companies showing a 10% success rate based on their income disclosure statements. For an MLM company like HHG that cannot show an income disclosure statement, it is safe to expect the same results from what we have seen so far with other MLM companies.

Unfortunately, these figures are discouraging for business prospects if you will just understand them logically and fairly.   

For a verbatim version of HHG income disclaimer, you may check out this link here 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Healthy Habits Global.

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The Pros Of HHG

  • HHG is a multi-faceted company headed by professionals.
  • HHG is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.
  • The products are retail-viable.
  • Retail sales commission is paid on multiple levels hence encouraging retail sales within teams.

The Cons Of HHG

  • The start-up kits cost relatively higher.
  • Recruitment is a must to advance in ranks. 
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  • The product choices are fairly limited. 


Healthy Habits Global (HHG) is no doubt a legal company with a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle not only by offering health drinks at its best to its customers but also greener solutions to reduce gas emissions in vehicles.

 It is a multi-faceted company led by professionals who have proven experience in what they do best. The company is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau in its 9 years of business.

The products are retail-viable and the company pays retail commissions and encourages retail sales.  

However, HHG has some limitations. It is relatively newer than its competitors. Start-up kits for distributors are relatively more costly.

 It follows the multi-level marketing (MLM) business model in which in addition to selling the company products, distributors are also required to recruit and build their teams. Commissions are paid at multiple levels and the compensation plan gives greater rewards to distributors in upper ranks.

 On top of these quite discouraging aspects of the business, the company has no enough data yet to create its income disclosure statement. 

Given all this information, HHG looks like a typical MLM company for me in terms of its business opportunity offering.

 It does not bring something new and it is even lacking in some aspects. A well-presented income disclosure statement is a document that could negate all skepticism on an MLM business just like with HHG hence letting this one slip can do more damage than good especially for newer companies like HHG.

 It leaves the company open to all discouraging findings of MLM business in general and the bulk of these uninspiring findings will make business prospects stray away from these ventures. 

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