Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam?

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Plexus Worldwide is an MLM company selling health and wellness products under the classifications of weight loss, nutrition, skin care and personal care.

In our review we are aiming to find out if Plexus Worldwide is a scam or a viable opportunity to make money.

It has its presence in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a possible expansion to Mexico in 2020.

 It has been in the business for quite some time and has been recognized among the top 40 largest direct selling companies.

In this article, we aim to explain the things you need to know about the opportunity inside Plexus Worldwide.

In our thorough review read more details about their background, product line, compensation plan and hopefully the earnings potential (it depends if the company has provided a income disclosure). 

And, at the end of this article, we wrap up the pros and cons in joining this company as an ambassador and hope to answer whether or not Plexus Worldwide is a scam.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam?

More About The Plexus Worldwide Company

plexus logo

Plexus Worldwide was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company was said to be founded by Alfred Peterson and Tarl Robinson. Today however, Peterson's name is nowhere to be found on the company website.

The company website mentions the following executive officers of the company among many others:

· Tarl Robinson as CEO and Founder

· Alec Clark as President and Founder

· Christopher Pair as President, Operations and International

All three executives are said to have proven experience in network marketing industry.

United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the listed marketplace for Plexus Worldwide.

As we have mentioned earlier, Mexico is scheduled to launch some products by spring of 2020.

In the year 2014, FDA issued a warning letter to Plexus to address issues on compliance with FDA regulations . It was mentioned in the letter that some of the Plexus products claim to have therapeutic benefits and are categorized as new drugs but have no proper FDA approval. Also, FDA stated labelling violations on the mentioned products.

Furthermore, several complaints have been filed before the FTC  by product ambassadors who were repeatedly charged for shipment of Plexus products even after they cancel their membership.


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The  Plexus Worldwide Products

plexus products

Plexus products are classified into weight management, nutrition, skin care and personal care lines.

Most of the products for internal consumption are claimed to be gluten free, vegetarian and non-GMO

Weight Management Products

Plexus Slim - USD 89.95 for 30 days consumption

This is a fruity flavored drink formulated to help lose weight, supports healthy metabolism and overall weight management.

Plexus Metaburn - USD 46.95 for 30 days consumption

These are capsules that are taken twice daily and are advertised to support fat burning, improved metabolism, positive mood and mental focus.

Plexus Lean - USD 39.95 for 14 meals or 28 snacks

These are protein meal replacement that is said to support weight loss.

Plexus Balance - USD 43.95 for 30 days consumption

These are capsules that are said to support weight management with formula that seek to help you maintain blood glucose levels and carb absorption.

Plexus Block - USD41.95 for 30 days consumption

These are capsules to help with weight loss with formula centered in blocking sugar and carb absorption.

Plexus Accelerator - USD 40.95 for 30 days consumption

These are capsules formulated to increase your metabolic rate.


Like the weight management products mentioned above, Plexus have capsules and powder packets that are formulated to support overall health, immune defense system, healthy digestion, healthy heart, and brain health.

 Also, some have ingredients that are supposed to reduce stress and nerve discomfort as well as boost performance and energy. The price range of the Plexus nutrition line is similar to that of their weight management line.

Skin Care and Personal Care

Under the skin care line, Plexus has a dietary supplement plus a  face serum that is said to have the benefits in reducing signs of aging. The dietary supplement costs US$65.95 for 30 days consumption while the serum costs up to US$84.95 for a 2-month supply.

For personal care, Plexus has developed a breast check kit at US$34.95 and body cream selling up to US$49.95.

The good news is that Plexus Worldwide has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Can You Become A Plexus Worldwide Ambassador

plexus success kit

As of this writing, becoming a Plexus ambassador costs US$39.95 annually and needs to be renewed after 12 month at the same cost of $39.95. 

As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to purchase Welcome Packs that are actually discounted combos. You have 30 days from your enrollment date to purchase one of these.

There are combos available that start from  as low as US$99 to up to US$199. This packs give you a discount of 36% to 47% from the retail price.

Being a Plexus ambassador gives you the following benefits:

  • Discount on product purchase with an 25% average discount on all products;
  • Ongoing training through yearly training events and programs
  • A virtual office and website

The membership includes the so called 'Success Kit' which includes the compensation plan, quick start information as well as product samples.

The  Plexus Compensation Plan

plexus compensation plan

There are several ways to earn in Plexus as an ambassador. The company's compensation plan listed 10 ways to earn.

However, before we go into that, it is best that we understand first the Plexus ranks and achievements.

For you to rise to these ranks, you must be a qualified ambassador who pays the annual membership fee of US$39.95 and you have at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) before the monthly cycle ends.

 As the rank increases, the higher Plexus Points (PP) and personally sponsored qualified ambassadors are required.

1. Ambassador

2. Senior Ambassador

3. Silver Ambassador

4. Gold Ambassador

5. Senior Gold Ambassador

6. Ruby Ambassador

7. Senior Ruby Ambassador

8. Emerald Ambassador

9. Sapphire Ambassador

10. Diamond Ambassador

First, an ambassador can earn from purchases of referred customers. This may range from US$4-22 per product.

Second, an ambassador can earn through the Personal Volume accumulated based on purchases associated with his or her ambassador number. The percentage earned from PV depends on the PV value accumulated. Since ambassadors are able to purchase at wholesale price, they can also earn retail profit when they make sales at retail prices directly from their own inventory.

Third, ambassadors earn retail rewards override commissions for any of their Pay Level 1 ambassador that earn over 100 PV. This commission is 5% of that ambassador’s PV.

Fourth, ambassadors can earn bonus and Plexus Points from their new ambassadors purchase of Welcome Pack.

Fifth, ambassadors get achievement bonus for each rank achieved from Silver ambassador up until the senior Ruby status.

Sixth, bonus can also be earned from Plexus Points earned for each Welcome Pack purchases of new ambassadors in your team.

Seventh, upon reaching Emerald position, you are now entitled to a portion of 3% of the 50% of the company's Commissionable Volume that is to be divided for Emeralds, Sapphire and Diamond.

Eight, at Sapphire level in addition to a portion of bonus that you can get from the emerald bonus pool, there is 1% of the 50% of the company's Commissionable Volume that is allotted for Sapphire and Diamond levels.

Ninth, at Diamond level, there is 1% of the 50% of the company's commissionable volume allotted for Diamond levels in addition to the share of bonus from the emerald and sapphire pool.

Tenth, Diamond levels can double leverage their earning by re entering the program with a second position that will be placed under his/her team at Level 1.

Plexus also offers car bonus and lifestyle bonus programs to Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond levels.

plexus compensation plan part 2

Can You Make Money With Plexus Worldwide?

The important question is though if you can earn money as a Plexus Ambassador.

The income disclosure of the company from 2018 says the following: 

  • The Top 1% of Ambassadors made an average of $79,624 annually; 50% of the Top 1% made more than $39,441.
  •  The Top 10% of Ambassadors made an average of $13,550 annually; 50% of the Top 10% made more than $4,982.
  •  In 2018, an average of 26% of all Ambassadors enrolled at least 1 active Ambassador and earned income (excluding retail profits).
  •  50% of Ambassadors made more than $146

Looking at these numbers it is very clear to me that like most MLMs very few ambassadors are really earning a decent income in Plexus.

Also, it is mentioned in the 2018 income disclosure statement that it will take about 23 months to reach the top 1% of an Ambassador.

 This is quite some time and would really need a considerable amount of effort and commitment.

The Plexus Worldwide LinkedIn account states that they currently have 550,000 ambassadors worldwide.

 I think this accounts to a saturated market already.

 If there's a great opportunity in Plexus, it would come from new country markets that will soon to open their doors to these products, e.g. in Mexico.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons of the Plexus opportunity.

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The Pros Of Plexus

  • The membership fee is a reasonable amount at US$39.95 annually considering the benefits e.g. up to 25% off the retail price.
  •  The company is already 14 years in the business and it is quite a time.
  •  Good opportunity for expansion in new country marketplaces e.g. Mexico

The Cons Of Plexus

  • Products under weight management and nutrition line claim to have benefits that are not really backed by exhaustive scientific research. There has been minimal report of harsh or bad side effects on the products.
  • Earning a decent income from this requires you to really put in the work of recruiting more ambassadors in your organization and for each of them to replicate your effort which is always not the case.
  • Only 0.25% of the ambassadors are earning an above average income in comparison to the average household income in the USEven though. So, you cannot really depend on this income scheme when you are supporting yourself let alone raising a family.
  • Even though Plexus gets A+ BBB rating  and is at the world's 40 largest direct selling companies,  it is not completely free from complaints coming from customers. Most complaints are in the form of auto charging of membership fee and shipping and charging of products to customer’s account even after cancellation..

Conclusion - Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam

So, is Plexus Worldwide a scam? No, definitely not.

Plexus Worldwide has actual product lines that cater to people's need for weight loss, nutrition, skin care and body care.

 The remaining question though is do the products work? There is not enough scientific research to back whether or not Plexus products work.

Another drawback can be the product prices too because they are relatively costly.

If you are into the company’s products, then being an ambassador can be your alternative source of income.

If the products actually work for you, then marketing and selling them may be an opportunity as a side hustle.

Plexus requires a reasonable amount of annual membership and a substantial income, as outlined earlier, is not guaranteed.

 The core of its compensation plan lies mainly to recruiting ambassadors to your organization. If you can recruit and make your organization to replicate your effort then this is the best way to earn a decent income.

 In saying that, earning a good income from this scheme is really challenging.

 This is even clear in the company's income disclosure where the median income is really low amongst ambassadors and less than 1% of the ambassadors are earning a decent amount to support oneself let alone a family.

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