Is Premier Designs A Scam Or Worth Your Time?

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Welcome to our Premier Design review and the question if Premier Design is a scam or worth your time?

Premier Designs Inc. is a direct selling company that has been in existence for quite some time and is still creating some. It is founded by a husband and wife pair and is passed on to their children.

For years, Premier Designs has been into the jewelry industry and is very vocal with their vision that is to place people over profit and to enrich each other by coming together.

 The company is also very consistent with their principle of honoring God above all hence they openly declare that they regularly make contributions to some churches and bring hope to the prisoners of the penitentiary that they support.

To learn more about this organization  and to answer the question whether of not the company is a scam, we thoroughly researched  Premier Designs Jewelry.

We look into this opportunity without the bias of emotions by setting aside first any Biblical principles that this organization preaches.

At the end of this article, we will come to the conclusion  whether or not Premier Designs Jewelry is a scam.

If not, then can one actually make money from it? Is it really a means to achieve financial freedom and independence?

Without further ado, let's start exploring this business opportunity.

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Is Premier Design A Scam Or Worth Your Time?

More About The Premier Designs Company

premier logo

Premier Designs Jewelry  is a direct sales jewelry company founded by husband and wife, Andy and Joan Horner in 1985.

Both are known to have supported ministries all over the world. Until now, honoring God and serving the people are at the core of Premier Designs' business principles and purpose.

The company started in Irving Texas and is said to have grown into a more than 350-million-dollar company with zero debt.

 Independent distributors or salesforce of the company are called jewelers and have their presence in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

Today, Tim Horner who is the son of the founder is the company's President.

Premier Designs is a member of Direct Selling Association, a national trade association for companies using the strategy of selling directly to customers through independent distributors and the likes.

Similar companies are Keep Collective Jewelry, Paparazzi Jewelry, and Origami Owl Custom Jewelry.

It is said that the company's purpose is primarily serving and enriching the people and selling is just secondary. Nevertheless, the usual strategy of distributors includes hosting parties and person-to-person selling.

Premier Designs, Inc. is accredited by BBB since 1990 and has an A+ rating . However, just like most companies, there have been some products and service complaints against Premier Designs.

 These complaints are mostly on product quality concerns and refund process. There have been some complaints as well relating to rude and pushy jewelers.


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The  Premier Designs Products

premier design products

As already mentioned, Premier Designs Inc. is into jewelry products. They have various collections and are classified by colors, item types, style and even price.

The product line includes necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets and watches.

As of this writing, the company product brochure showcases jewelries inspired by destination travel theme with necklaces inspired by sea, sunset, river and island vibe among many others.

There are jewelry pieces that you can request to be personalized with the engravings of your choice. There are initial charms, birthstone charms and rings as well. You can find watches and jewelry for teens and young at heart too.

The company website and brochures also offer some styling ideas and mix and matches of the available jewelry pieces in stocks.

For your price reference, here are some examples:

· Bracelets - US$24-49

· Charms/Personalized - US$14-29

· Earrings - US$24-49

· Necklaces - US$34-74

· Rings - US$39-49

It is great to know that Premier Designs products come with 60-day warranty.

How Can You Become A Premier Designs Jeweler?

premier design joining

Once you join the company as an independent distributor, you will now be called as Jeweler. You will need to pay for membership fee amounting to US$95 a year. This will give you a license to sell Premier jewelries and have your own personal website. It comes with US$45 in retail jewelry and US$25 business essentials. The highest package is US$795. Above is the screenshot of the available packages that you can choose from.

The  Premier Designs Compensation Plan

Once a jeweler, you can earn 50% gross profit from each product you sell at retail price. Also, you will get to earn from your referred jewelers in your first 3 levels. This amounts to 10% commission on the wholesale amount of their respected purchases.

Achievement rank in Premier is given by star. To get your first star, you need to sponsor 1 Jeweler and achieve US$1000 Commissionable Volume (CV). Reaching your first star entitles you to US$100 in retail jewelry and charm

. The sooner you reach a star the higher the bonus in retail jewelry you will get. At higher levels, even more cash bonus.

There are several leadership levels in Premier Designs and the requirements are stated on the below screenshots.

premier design leadership levels

There are actually 14 ladders for you to climb in this scheme as provided in the company’s marketing plan.

When you host an event, you can earn 30% of your total retail in free jewelry plus you can shop 8 items at half price. Your half price purchases add up to your total retail as well.

 To qualify you need a minimum of US$200 total retail purchases. You have the option to share this with your hostess as well for a Jeweler share of US$10. Within 60 days in the company, you can even offer a 50% Hostess perks.

Lastly, you can encourage customers to purchase more by offering them Gem Membership for a fee of US$39 a year.

 And, to jumpstart your business, you can offer free gem membership within your first 10 days in the business.

 Gem members get 20% discount on purchases, free shipping on all orders US$75 or more and other perks for members that may apply within the year.

 Can You Make Money With Premier Designs?

This question be  be easily answered if the company had an income disclosure statement posted on their website. In the case of Premier Designs however, you cannot find this document on their website or anywhere else on the internet.

 In this aspect, Premier Designs really falls short. For this reason alone, one should let this opportunity pass.

Nevertheless, we can analyze the marketing plan to know if the Jewelers can really make money with this opportunity. A 50% gross profit in sales is quite promising as well as the 10-10-10 scheme where you can get 10% commission from your organization up to level 3.

 It is mentioned that the 50% profit on sales is paid to you on the spot. However, I cannot really pinpoint whether they are paid to you in cash or just a credit to be used on your next purchase especially in cases when your customer purchase on your website.

One thing is clear though and that the 10-10-10 commissions are paid to you monthly by check if you have submitted at least US$300 CV for the month.

If you have the client base for jewelry, then this can be an effective side hustle. The challenge however is that people do not need jewelry regularly unlike the consumable products.

Hence, my answer to the question above is yes and no. It really depends on your effort and client base as well as your ability to recruit jewelers to join your team and host events to sell the jewelry pieces.

 However, it is also likely that you cannot earn some income on some periods because jewelries are not necessities to most people.

Now, let’s summarize the pros and cons of this (business) opportunity.

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The Pros Of Premier Designs

  •  Premier Designs is a member of DSA, a direct selling trade association that follows certain code of ethics, so there is an assurance that jewelers are at least bound by this.·
  •  It has been in the business for quite some time, 35 years to be exact, and has grown its value with zero debt.·
  •  It has been accredited by BBB for 30 years and is rated A+.· The company offers 60-day guarantee for any factory defects.·
  •  The product designs are vast and have included several pieces that can be personalized.· Profit rate of 50% is relatively high for an MLM plus the 10-10-10 commission scheme.·
  •  There is no need to keep an inventory. Premier Designs can handle stocking and shipping for you.

The Cons Of Premier Designs

  • There have been product complaints relating to quality and the refund process.·
  •  The product prices are too high when you relate them to the product quality.·
  • The startup fee is relatively high.
  • The company has no income disclosure statement.
  • How the 50% profit rate is paid to jewelers are not really clear to me especially in cases when your customer makes the purchase in your website.
  • Premier seems to target new jewelers/customers emotions by actively mentioning their contributions to the church and prisons but I cannot find concrete evidence backing this claim except the videos posted on the website.·
  •  The scheme does not go far from how a typical MLM operates, and as what MLM statistics are generally saying only the people on top of the ladder gets decent income and this accounts to 1% at the most.

Conclusion - Is  Premier Designs A Scam

Based on what we have already said, Premier Designs Jewelry is obviously not a scam. They are a legitimate company with recognitions coming from authorities.

 The company has been in the business for 35 years and is continuously growing in value and is said to be in zero debt.

This company is built on religious principles and is often associated with charity contributions to some churches and even to penitentiary.

 Although, this does not in any way relate to whether or not it is a business opportunity worth your time and effort. But it is good to keep it in mind.

Looking at the marketing plan of Premier Designs, it can be said that the commission scheme is quite simple and the commission rate is relatively high at 50%.

 This way, with the right client base, you can really earn immediately from your sales.

 However, just like most MLMs, you need to recruit so that in addition to your retail profits, you will get passive income from the purchases made by your down line members.

The challenge with Premier Designs Jewelry and is also common in most MLMs is that due to the high commission rate, the product quality is compromised.

This also means that your customers are actually buying the jewelry pieces at a higher price than their actual value.

Also, just like most MLMs, Premier Designs nature is designed to reward those at the top of the organization and almost neglecting the jewelers in the bottom that are doing most of the work.

Not to mention the membership fee in Premier Designs is really high. So, there is always a risk of losing your investment.

 As a side hustle and with the right client base this may actually work but with no guarantee because even Premier Designs who has been in the business for years left out one important thing that could help prospective jewelers to make informed decision before shedding some investment to this scheme.

 Not publishing an income disclosure statement is I think reason enough to let this company pass because it is not being transparent on the income aspect. If your goal is to reach some sort of freedom and independence with your finances by joining this company, I think this is not the right path given the amount of information that the company is giving out.

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