Can You Earn Money With Life Expressions Decor?

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Are you into DIY home decor or creating your own design with words or statements?

Are you also looking for a business opportunity in this product category?

Life Expressions Decor can be the company that you are looking for.

 In this article, I give you my honest review of Life Expressions Decor, about the products that it offers and most importantly the business opportunity that is available for business prospects like you out there.

 Can you earn money with Life Expressions Decor? Let’s get started and find out.

Can You Earn Money With Life Expressions Decor?

Facts About The Life Expressions Decor (LE) Company

life expressions decor logo

Life Expressions Decor (LE)  is a DIY home decor company that offers a business opportunity for individuals to start a business from home.

The company was founded by sisters in law, Michelle Brown and Kaycie Cooper. Both co-founders have their own family and their own children.

 The company started in October 2009 with headquarter in Michigan, United States. 

It seems that LE is the first venture of the owners into the direct selling business.

The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) or in Direct Selling Association (DSA). 

The Life Expressions Decor Products

life expressions depot products

Life Expressions Decor offers DIY and finished home decor products designed with words or statements. You can create designs on your own, mix and match designs to be applied on different surfaces as well.

 You have the option to personalize the design, add a graphic, and the likes. You can also save costs when you create your chosen product in a company’s Make & Take or workshop. You can also request a customized design from LE.

LE has its own catalog where you can choose the product to purchase.  The products are classified into the following: 

Home - price starts at $5

Here you will see personalized and finished door tags, doormat, mailbox, kitchen, dining, living room, laundry room, and bathroom designs with vinyl prints. There are create a cup, create a coaster, create a sparkling tumbler and create a pillowcase using vinyl print designs as well.

Loved Ones - price starts at $5

Here you will find love & wedding gift-worthy designs, personalized family, baby, and children vinyl print designs. 

This & That - price starts at $5

Here you will find hobby, sports, USA pride, business, careers, educators, religious, inspiration, and just for you vinyl print designs. There are also chalkboards styled designs.

Humor - price starts at $5

Here are vinyl print designs that incite humor. Designs are available for different surfaces.

Seasonal - price starts at $3

Here are designs inspired by different seasons.

Graphics - price starts at $5

Here you can choose the different vinyl-type graphics to design your chosen surfaces.

3D Cutouts - price starts at $5 per letter

These are 3D cutouts great to design your walls.

Blocks - price starts at $18.25

These are block sets where you can choose your word or name, font, and colors.

 Accessories - price starts at $0.25

These are the accessories that you will need when making or installing your decors.

 Surfaces - price starts at $3

Blank surfaces from wood boards, white frame, doormat, tote bags, framed chalkboard, mugs, glass canister, and many more.

Paint/Vinyl colors - price starts at $3.50

Paint and vinyl colors that you can choose from to create your decors.

How To Join Life Expressions Decor

life expression decor start up kit

To join Life Expressions (LE), you need to purchase a startup kit between the $29 and $99 options. Then, depending on how you want to sell the company products, you can purchase the following optional bundles.

Make & Take Bundle - $100

This includes 20 sets of wood boards, vinyl prints, and hooks. 

Workshop Starter Bundle - $85

This includes different surface materials with their matching vinyl prints which you can use to host a workshop.

Try it All Starter Bundle - $135

A mix of the Make & Take and Workshop kits.

You can start earning personals sales volume when you buy the add ons below:

  • Full paint set - $200
  • Surface Add On - $110

The  Life Expression Decor Compensation Plan

life expressions decor compensation plan

Just like in most multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunities, the earnings of members depend on the rank on which they can qualify.

 For LE, as an affiliate, you start as a creator and grow in rank up to Executive Director. Here are the different ways to earn in LE’s compensation plan.

Personal Immediate Commission

You can earn 30-50% in sales commission.

Team Commission

You can earn in downline commission 1-7% up to your level 5 downline depending on rank.

Business Building Bonus

There is no detailed explanation about this on the company’s compensation plan but my guess is that this is the matching bonus that you can earn from your downline’s team commission or this can be similar to a business pool bonus where creators can have a share of a certain amount of the company’s business profit.  This ranges from 1-2% depending on your rank.

Here is the link to LE’s compensation plan. 

Can You Earn Money With Life Expressions Decor?

I cannot find an income disclosure statement posted on LE’s website. An income disclosure statement for an MLM company provides information about the income earnings of representatives in a particular period.

 In a way, this can show if the opportunity turned out to be profitable for representatives. However, across the MLM industry, it is common knowledge that most income disclosure statements turned out to be profitable for the very few representatives only.

Most of these income disclosure statements show up to 90% of the representatives earning an insignificant amount of money and the success rate in terms of earning a full-time income only accounts for 1% of the members.

 In the case of LE, the things we see in most MLM companies’ income disclosure statements can be a high possibility, and since it does not have an income disclosure statement to show, the company cannot discount this point.

Unfortunately, this is the sad truth about MLM companies and can be the same case with LE having patterned on the same business model.

The Pros And Cons Of Life Expression Decor

  •  LE is a legally established company based in Michigan, USA.
  •  The company has a rich product portfolio with various designs to choose from. There’s a wide option to personalize your order as well.
  • The company gives an opportunity for DIY lovers to start a business from home doing what they like at a minimal cost
  • To earn an income you need to sell the products and recruit members.
  • There is no income disclosure.
  • The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau or Direct Selling Association.


Life Expressions Decor is a legally established company with headquarter in Michigan, United States. The products are under the category of home decor and it encourages creators and  DIY makers to create their own designs.

The products can be customized making it easier for people who are looking for specific designs to find what they are looking for from the company. The company gives an opportunity for people to start a business from home at a minimal cost. 

However, the company has its limitations. LE is not listed in Better Business Bureau and in Direct Selling Association. Better Business Bureau provides trust rating for companies while membership in Direct Selling Association bounds members to a certain code of ethics that direct selling members should abide by.

Listing on these organizations gives customers some level of trust in the member companies. Also, LE’s business opportunity offering is designed from an MLM business model, hence starting a business with the company means you need to sell the products and recruit.

Earning an income in MLM companies like LE is not easy. Considering the industry figures where the success rate in terms of earning a full-time income by members is very low and income disclosure statement from the company is lacking, getting involved in LE for its business opportunity does not look very promising to me.

It is your decision if you would like to give the opportunity with LE a go. 

Be aware that experience with selling products and recruiting new sales people into the company would be a great advantage.

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