My Lala Leggings MLM Review – Is It Worth It?

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Are you fond of leggings and creating your own clothing style at an affordable price? Then, maybe My Lala Leggings products and business opportunity could be for you. 

In this article, I hope you will find the things that you need to know about My Lala leggings. If you are looking for a business opportunity, My Lala Leggings has one to offer.

 By the end of our MLM review post, we will be able to answer whether or not My Lala Leggings is a business opportunity that is worth your time. 

Read on to find out more.

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My Lala Leggings MLM Review - Is It Worth It?

About My Lala Leggings

my lala leggings logo

My Lala Leggings is a clothing company based in California, USA.

 It was founded in 2014 by a group of women whose profiles are not mentioned on the corporate website or anywhere on the internet.

The company’s affiliate program opened in 2016 to give women an opportunity to start a business from home.

Similar companies are Buskins Leggings and Legging Army.

 My Lala Leggings is available for shipping to the United States as of this writing.

I cannot find any listing of the company with Better Business Bureau or Direct Selling Association. It has 17,810 followers on its Facebook page and 2250 followers on Instagram.

My Lala Leggings support some charities including O.U.R. Rescue (Human Trafficking Organization), Best Friends  (Animal Rescue), The Pink Fund (Breast Cancer Foundation), Cure Autism Now (CAN) Foundation and National Domestic Violence Hotline.

The  Lala Leggings Products

my lala leggings products

My Lala Leggings offer all kinds of leggings and other clothing.

Here are some of My Lala’s Leggings and their prices. The sizes available include ordinary size, for curvy, for extra curvy, for kids, and for babies.

These leggings come in different designs as well. There are designs with solid color, for holidays, for Halloween, for Valentine’s Day and many more.

 There are matching leggings as well for mother and their kids. My Lala Leggings are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex with high waist elastic band.

Here are some of the prices for some types of leggings that My Lala offers.

Booty Lifting Leggings _ $21.99-$27.99

Yoga Band Premium Leggings - $10-$26

Yoga Band Capris - $14-$26

Elastic Band Leggings and Capris - $15-$26

Solid Color Leggings - $16-$26

My Lala Leggings also offer women’s pants such as joggers, jeggings, lounge pants, loose fit pants, fleece & fur leggings. The price range is $15-$25.

There are also dresses ($20-$42), shorts and skirts ($17 - $22), pocket shorts ($24), women tops ($12-$32), sweaters, cardigans & scarves ($12-$44), activewear and bralettes - ($16-$26), graphic tees ($24.99-$27.99) and face masks ($7.99-$20).

My Lala Leggings also sells non-clothing items like mugs ($19.99-$24.99).

How To Join My Lala Leggings

To join My Lala Leggings as an affiliate, you need to purchase a startup kit from the below options.

Affiliate Enrollment Only - $10

Affiliate Enrollment 1 pair sample leggings - $18.99

Affiliate Enrollment 2 pair sample pack - $27.99

Boss Babe Affiliate Enrollment (10 sample items) - $109.99

The  My Lala Leggings Compensation Plan

my lala leggings opportunity

Joining My Lala Leggings as an affiliate gives you the chance to get 25% discount on your future purchases.

Bulk purchase discount at 40% up to 50% is also available for affiliates who wish to host an event and buy in bulk.

There is no quota to be able to start earning. 

This opportunity also gives you as an affiliate a 25% commission on all sales generated through your link, a 5% sales commission from your personally sponsored affiliates and a $5 commission for every person you refer who becomes a company affiliate by paying for his/her membership. 

Your sales commission can increase in accordance with the below condition as you grow your sales volume.

28% when you have over 500 in personal sales volume

30% when you have over 1000 in personal sales volume (5% from 2nd tier sales).

I cannot find a full text of My Lala Leggings’ compensation plan on its website. What is available is a bulleted summary of the benefits that affiliates can get from the opportunity.

Click here to check it out.  

Payout is done every Friday with $10 minimum threshold.

Is My Lala Leggings Worth Your Time?

My Lala Leggings has no income disclosure statement. On its website’s terms and services, it states there that,

“Any and all Affiliates must truthfully describe the Company compensation plan. No past, potential or actual income claims may be made to prospective Affiliates, nor may Affiliates use their own incomes to assured or otherwise guarantee any income estimates to potential Affiliates.”

Looking at My Lala Leggings’ compensation plan, I must say that it is quite straightforward since you can start earning without thinking of maintaining a sales quota.

 But, just like a multi-level marketing company, My Lala Leggings rewards both selling and recruitment. The good thing about this company is you have lesser pressure to recruit although doing so can surely help you leverage your income from the opportunity. 

It may look easy to earn from My Lala Leggings opportunity however, it is not usually the case. My Lala Leggings just like any business faces tough competition from other companies selling the same products.

 For you to sell and achieve your goals, you need to have a network of buyers or an online presence to promote your affiliate link. You would need some knowledge of online marketing at the very least.

Selling products online without the proper training can be difficult. Since you will be selling clothing products, you must have knowledge of styling and must be passionate about the products that you sell.  

If you are good at these things then My Lala Leggings can be worth your time where you will enjoy what you are doing that is selling, promoting, and recruiting people to buy leggings and the other products of the company.

 If you think you don’t have the attributes that I just mentioned, then this opportunity can bring you zero results especially on the part of your income earnings.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of My Lala Leggings.

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Hi, I'mAnke

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The Pros Of My Lala Leggings

  • The products are retail viable with reasonable prices.
  • You can start a business for as low as $10.
  • There is no sales quota to earn an income.
  • The company offers a means for customers to shop for a cause.

The Cons Of My Lala Leggings

  • You will need proper training on online marketing and/or selling to achieve results.

  • Company ownership and leadership is unknown.
  • There is no income disclosure statement. 


There you have it our feature and review of My Lala Leggings. We learned that the company is legit and it offers real and affordable leggings and other clothing and accessory products.

 It has its terms and conditions, privacy policy, and policies for return and exchange. It allows you to start a business for as low as $10 and is sometimes offered for free when there are promotional offers.

 Such a business opportunity allows members to earn without a sales quota.

However, there are some issues that we see in My Lala Leggings on the other side. The company leadership is unknown.

What we do know is that the company is based in California, USA and it started in 2014. It is not listed in Better Business Bureau nor in Direct Selling Association. 

My Lala Leggings opportunity does sound easy to get involved in but achieving results can be a challenge.

 You need to have proper training in online marketing and selling to make real sales and just like in other MLM companies, you need to sell and recruit to earn.

 My Lala Leggings has no income disclosure statement and no sales figures to show on its corporate website so it is hard to assess how affiliates are faring.

 If you are passionate about leggings and styling and if you think My Lala Leggings products are worth selling and marketing both online and offline and you have what it takes to convert your effort to sales and referrals then My Lala Leggings can be worth your time.

 Otherwise, if you have little knowledge about promoting your links online effectively, then you cannot expect results from My Lala Leggings to just appear from nowhere.

 Getting your presence known online is already a challenge, making sales and directing people to your link to take action is quite another story.

 If you cannot do these things successfully, then your My Lala Leggings membership will just become another dormant membership with no use for you at all.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Selling And Recruiting With An Online Presence

We have learned that your chances of selling products from My Lala Leggings are increasing when you learn how to have an online presence aka a website.

Here Is My Suggestion

How about, you as aspiring My Lala Leggings affiliate  create your own website and from there drive traffic to the main My Lala Leggings website.

You will earn a commission when customers you refer click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

This is also called affiliate marketing. Read more here.

That way, you are not only standing out from the crowd but it also increases your chances of recruiting new affiliates as well as reaching a higher sales volume.

You can learn how to build your own website and to get traffic from Google through a (free) membership with Wealthy Affiliates.

If you are keen to check it out, simply click on the banner below. It doesn't cost anything to get started.

~ Best, Anke

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