Sedalia Designs – The Right Party Plan Business For You?

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Pieces of jewelry are precious items and oftentimes they are symbols of great style and sophistication.

 If you are looking for a jewelry company to start a business with, then you may have already come across Sedalia Designs.

 Finding the right party plan business for yourself is not an easy task. Doing research and actually assessing the good things from the bad can become overwhelming.

So, in this article, we will make it easier for you to understand and get to know one company that you consider joining and that may be on your list of jewelry companies, Sedalia Designs from Colorado.

Similar companies are Keep Collective Jewelry , Stella and Dot Jewelry, or Park Lane Jewelry, just to name a few.

Is Sedalia Designs the right party plan business for you?

 I hope that you will find the information below helpful as well as my inputs about Sedalia Designs.

Read on to find out more.

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 About Sedalia Designs

sedelia designs logo

Sedalia Designs  is a direct selling jewelry company founded by Marcy Schoenborn.

 According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s been the owner, designer and marketer of California Gold Designs for 26 years prior to starting the Sedalia Designs in 2009. 

The company claims to support charitable organizations like Arising Hope, Courageous Faces Foundations and some other ones but the shop link on its website seem to be not properly working as of this writing. 

The company is based in Colorado, USA. It is mentioned on the corporate website, that the company ships to 11 countries as of this writing.

 It also accepts consultants from these 11 places including USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Guam and Bermuda.

Currently, the company has about 8000 consultants and members.

I cannot find any listing of the company on Better Business Bureau and on Direct Selling Association. 


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The  Sedalia Designs Products

sedalia designs earrings

Sedalia Designs offer the following products with their price below.

DIY Jewelry $5 - $30

This consists of pieces of jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklace and sets that you will design and assemble on your own.

Face Masks - $5 - $18

These are face coverings for self-protection when going out. There are face masks for kids, ladies & men and some neck buffs.  

Hair Accessories - $3 - $12

You will see here baby headband and scrunchies.

Purse - $12-$30

This includes coin purse and card holder mini wallet.

Going Gone Gone

Here you will find earrings, other pieces of jewelry and other company items for as low as $2.


In this  category, you will see all types of jewelry for as low as $3. There are pendants, rings, brooch, anklet, baubles, chains, earrings, necklaces and jewelry sets.

There are unique collections as well including Cheyenne, aromatherapy, artisan birthstone, cowgirl bling, diva, fitness interchangeable earrings, bridal and many more.


These are scarves with various designs for as low as $9.

All products of the company are said to be made in the USA.

How To Join Sedalia Designs

To sign up as a Sedalia consultant, you need to pay $19.99. This fee comes with 10 pairs of earrings, a free website link, and training.

There’s a $49 Live Pack with a free consultant fee as well that comes with 8 assorted necklaces, 5 bracelets, 2 pairs steel hoops, 2 pairs of Leatherette Earrings, 5 pairs pewter earrings. Another sales kit for consultants is priced at $99 with $200 worth of jewelry inclusion.

Other MLM companies which are selling jewelry are Origami Owl, Stamped4U, or Bomb Party.

To remain active as a consultant and get a downline commission, you only need 10 personal volumes every quarter otherwise there is no minimum volume requirement to stay active.

You can be a part of Sedalia Designs as a VIP Customer. Now, it’s free to sign up (before it was $25) and you will get 20-35% cashback when you shop using your link.

The Sedalia Designs Compensation Plan

Sedalia Designs rewards its consultants with 35% commission on personal sales. There are cases that this can go up to 50%.

 For your downline commissions, as a consultant, you can earn 5% on the sales volume of your first-level recruit and 1% on your second to fourth-level recruits. There is a mention of residual income also when you sign your customers as VIP shoppers.

I cannot seem to find Sedalia Design’s party plan on its corporate website, but I saw this photo below from Pinterest with a Sedalia Designs logo.

sedalia designs commission plan

Please note, that Sedalia Designs have no detailed text created solely for its compensation plan.

 The information above is gathered from the Sedalia Designs website and on social media posts of its affiliates. 

Can You Make Money With Sedalia Designs?

Sedalia Designs has no income disclosure statement or an income disclaimer in line with its business opportunity offering. We know that Sedalia Designs is a direct selling company and it offers an opportunity for its affiliates to earn money.

 It pays a sales commission of 35% and it pays a downline commission so you can leverage your earnings when you recruit consultants to your downline.

 In this respect, we can say that Sedalia Designs is a multi-level marketing company. 

Choosing the right party plan business for yourself depends on your personal preferences. If you are passionate about jewelry and related accessories and you like Sedalia’s designs, then Sedalia Designs can be something that you can get involved in.

 On the business side of things, Sedalia offers retail-viable products with various styles and designs. I must say the product assortment of the company is quite good and the 35% commission on all sales is just fair.

To increase your commissions and maximize the opportunity, you can build your team and qualify for downline commissions.

 I am not sure how Sedalia’s residual income works though as there’s no dedicated text explanation about it on the company’s corporate website. 

If you have the skills and capabilities to sell jewelry and you are certain that you will not run out of leads, then this opportunity will work for you.

 However, without actual experience in selling and recruiting and if you plan to do this business online, then you will need the right training on how to sell and market online, establish your presence, and convert your efforts to sales and team building.

Selling online is not easy as it seems to be especially when you are facing tough competition not only on the products you sell but also in establishing your presence online and making your leads actually do the purchase or take action to join the company.

In deciding if Sedalia Designs is the right party plan business for you, these considerations must be treated with great importance.   

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The Pros And Cons Of The Sedalia Designs Business Opportunity

  • Sedalia Designs owner is a seasoned jewelry entrepreneur with several decades of experience in the industry.
  • The company support charities.
  • The company gives you an opportunity to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • The products have great assortments, are affordable and retail viable.
  • Sedalia is not listed in Better Business Bureau or in Direct Selling Association.
  • You need to sell the products and recruit to earn an income.
  • Detailed information about the compensation plan is lacking.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is Sedalia Designs The Right Party Plan Business For You?

Deciding whether or not Sedalia Designs is the right party plan business for you is a matter of personal preference.

But, it helps that you understand what you are going into when you choose one. In this article, we learned that Sedalia Designs is headed by a person who has several years of experience in the jewelry industry.

 It is a company that is based in the USA and is slowly expanding to other countries as well. The company supports charity initiatives and it offers a great assortment of products that I consider affordable.

 The products are definitely retail viable. The company allows you to start a business at a minimal cost.

On the other hand, we don’t see that the company listed on websites like Better Business Bureau and on Direct Selling Association.

 Listings on these sites provide the company with some level of trustworthiness but Sedalia has none in this respect.

 To earn from Sedalia, you need to sell and recruit and we know that selling and recruiting is not for everybody. It requires skills, training, and some experiences. Every product faces competition and we know that we don’t live in a perfect world so expect problems and challenges along the way.

 Also, it is not clear if the benefits of the business opportunity that are available on the corporate website have no added conditions because Sedalia has no formal presentation about it.

Lastly, the company has no income disclosure statement so there’s no proof of how Sedalia consultants are actually faring in terms of their income earnings. 

As mentioned already, if you have the skills and training to sell and recruit and you have a passion for jewelry items then Sedalia Designs may work for you but I think I need to say this that when I was doing research about the company, I don’t like how the information is presented to me through the corporate website.

 In addition to this, there’s not much information about the company from other websites that usually give out profiles of similar companies. In line with this, it brings more questions at the back of my mind about the company making me doubt its trustworthiness or if it actually works.

 However, you can always check these matters on your own by clarifying the things that bother you with the person who approached you to join the business before you enroll once you decide to do so.

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