What Is Zyia Active? – The Next Hot Sports Fashion MLM Company?

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Welcome to my Zyia Active review where I walk you through everything you need to know about this relatively new MLM company.

What exactly is Zyia Active, how much do you have to invest to join, and can you actually make money with this fashion MLM company.

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Most likely this company will appeal mainly to younger women who are leading an active lifestyle at Yoga classes or at the gym.

Even though Zyia Actives websites looks very good and inviting, it took a lot of digging to find out more details especially regarding the owners and the joining costs.

Without further ado, let's get straight into it.

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What Is Zyia Active? - The Next Hot Sports Fashion MLM Company

More About Zyia Active

zyia active logo

To be honest, I wasn't able to gather a whole lot of information about the company.

For starters , Zyia Active was founded in 2017 and is based in Sandy, Utah.

Founder and CEO of the company is Erin Bradley and co-Founder/designer is Brenda Bradley who I assume is Erin's sister.

That is where the info ends. I don't know what sort of background both ladies have e.g. do they have been involved in MLM before etc.

As of this writing, Zyiah Active is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau nor are they connected with the Direct Selling Association. 

There is also no information available on DirectSellingNews.com so they don't seem to be very popular.

The  Zyia Active Products

zyia active products

Zyia Active is specialized in active wear and has a wide range of clothing for kids, women, and men.

The range includes sport bras, tops, leggings, hoodies, jackets, hats, underwear, and even a limited choice of swimsuits.

As for the price range I feel the products are pretty pricey. 

Leggings start at $65 and go up to $79; tank tops start at $25 to $42, just to give you an idea.

Being a sporty person myself, I'd rather spend this kind of money on brands like Nike or Adidas.

Even if the quality is as high as Zyia promises, for these price tags they should be exceptionally great.

When I researched the internet for feedback and came across a very detailed blog post from a former Zyia rep.

The author has found that there can be issues with the quality e.g. leggings might be see-through or the sizes of the clothing were irregular.

"Another thing that I was concerned about was that not all the clothing had regular sizing. Some of the legging styles were true to size, some were quite small, and some were loose fitting, even though they were all designed to be snug like workout leggings should be.

I found that most of the shirts and tanks were pretty narrow on my hips as well, so I had to order up a size (or 2 sometimes) to fit on my hips and then they were baggy on my bust area." [source]

Overall, she believes that most of the quality is good but you really have to do your research before you purchase something.

Also, if you want to return your product it is only free when the product is defect. Something to bear in mind.

The Zyia Active Starter Kit 

zyia active starter kit

It took a bit of digging to find out more about how much it actually cost to join Zyia Active as representative.

The information is not available on the Zyia Active website. Instead I had to rely on second hand information published by a Zyia rep.

The starter kit costs $395 plus taxes and shipping. There are two options to choose from, a kit with women and a kit with men active wear.

Here is what is included in the kit:

  • a website (free for the first two month)
  • business tools like the Zyia look book and order forms
  • a legging/jogger, a tank top, a hat, a jacket, and a bra - the sizing is your choice
  • a $200 gift card

As Zyia rep you'll also get 25% off the product price.

The website will cost you $15 a month from the third month onwards. If you reach a monthly sales volume of $600 the fee is waived.

The  Zyia Active Rewards  Plan

zyia active rewards plan

The Zyia rewards plan aka compensation plan features 12 ranks starting as a representative going up to the highest position of a Zyia Presidential.

The base commission is 20% and increases with higher ranks starting at Executive to 25%.

Once you reach a personal sales volume of $1000 you'll receive a additional 8% in commission payments.

The personal monthly sales volume also increase once you advance in the ranks. (refer to screenshot)

Check out the rewards plan for more details here.

zyia active rewards plan 2

Can You Really Make Money With Zyia Active?

The Zyia reps can sell the products via home parties and/or social media via Facebook events or by sharing via Instagram say if you are an Instagram influencer.

The good news is that Zyia offers incentives for hostesses to hold a shopping party. To qualify for any rewards the party has to have at least 3 orders and $200 in sales.

 However, the best way of selling the products in my opinion is online. But more on that later.

As of this  writing there has been no income disclosure published by Zyia. 

Based on my own experience with direct selling and MLM and by reviewing nearly a hundred of MLM companies, I think it is fair to say, that only a minority of reps will earn a great amount of money.

It also depends how many other reps are in your area. If the market is oversaturated it will be much harder to build a team .

 And quite frankly, in the long run it essential to build your own team to make a decent income.

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The Pros Of Zyia Active At A Glance

  •  It is a fairly new company so the market might not be saturated with reps yet.
  • Zyia offers a wide range of clothing with new products released each week.
  • The rewards plan is easy to understand.

The Cons Of Zyia Active

  • The starter kit is quite costly even though it includes a $200 gift card.
  • The clothing range is pricey considering the quality is not consistent.
  • Zyia is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and is not affiliated with the DSA either.
  • The base commission of 20% is quite low.

Wrapping It Up

So is Zyia Active the next hot sports fashion MLM company?

Well, I am not too sure even though the company is quite young. That means your chances might good to build a team and advance in the ranks.

On the other hand the sports wear and clothing range is pricey and the quality seems to be inconsistent according to a former Zyia active rep.

There is lots of room for improvement in several areas e.g. the website should be free as well as cheaper options to join the company.

Not everyone has $395 at hand for the starter kit so that could be a hurdle for many.

Only time will tell, if Zyia Active can become a successful MLM company. 

Ultimately it is up to you if you want to join this company but if you do I can show you a way how to sell and recruit  with a MLM company like  Zyia Active.

A Better Way Of Selling Zyiah Active And Recruiting  

There is still a way to sell  Zyiah Active products and, as a matter of fact, any other products you'd like to promote and actually make money with it.

It is called affiliate marketing and the process is pretty simple.

You share your (affiliate link) on your website, via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

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The key is to have your OWN website/blog.

That means you can build your own personal brand by creating a fashion blog, a lifestyle blog, or a 'mom' blog.

Here is a good example of a Zyiah Active rep who has established a website and uses it to recruit people into her team.

Click here to check it out.

Don't Know How To Build A Website?

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  1. How To Build A Blog
  2. How To Write Good Articles
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I do hope this tip will help you to increase your sales and to to build a successful team with Zyia Active.

To Your Success!

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Please note, this post  contains affiliate links.

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anke profile picture

Please note, this post  contains affiliate links.

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Discover How To Create Passive Income

Without Recruiting One Person!

Sign-Up For My Free Email Course And Start Building A REAL Business!

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