Can You Earn Money With Solle Naturals?

Finding the best health and personal care business in an MLM industry is challenging given the number of companies out there in this sector.

 If you can narrow it down with companies offering 100% plant-based products, Solle Naturals is one of these companies.

 If you are interested in getting to know more about Solle Naturals, then you have come to the right post as this article features our honest MLM review of Solle Naturals.

Can you earn money with Solle Naturals? What are the things that you need to know about this company? What kind of products are they selling?

These are just a few things that we will be tackling in this article. 

So, let’s get started.

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Can You Earn Money With Solle Naturals

About Solle Naturals

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Solle Naturals is a health and personal care company based in Utah, USA.

The company started in 2012. The company founders are still the driving force of the Solle Naturals up to now.

The founders who composed the company’s leadership up to now include Greg Halliday who is the current President and Jordan Patterson the Vice President.

Greg Halliday is said to be a seasoned executive coming from the natural health sector for the past 25 years. Paterson, on the other hand, has a background in finance and business administration. 

The company values giving back by allotting a certain portion of its sales to its chosen charities one of which is the Heart and Solle Charitable Foundation.  

I cannot see the company listed on Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) though. 

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The  Solle Naturals Products

solle naturals products

Solle Naturals offer plant-based supplement and personal care products that are classified into its specialized use such as balance, lift, clarify and calm.

The company offers a ten-point guarantee for its products which they call Sollecertain guarantee.

This guarantee states that products are well-sourced and studied, environmentally responsible, and vegetarian.

Each Solle Naturals product is said to be 100% plant-sourced, Gluten-free, soy-free, Non-GMO, no artificial ingredients, MSG-free, and nut-free.

The products make use of adaptogens which refer to a special class of herbs that are safe for daily use but effective enough to provide a lot of health benefits.

Here are some of the company’s products and their retail prices. 

  • Solle LongeviD3 Capsule - $31.95

These are vegetable capsules that offer several health benefits including immune system health support.

  • SE Connect 2oz Spray - $21.95

This is a blend of 100% pure essential oils.

  • Adaptable Capsule - $52.95

These are capsules with a mood-enabling formula.

  • SolleFlex Capsule - $84.95

These are capsules that can improve your healthy inflammatory response and menstrual cycle among many others.

  • Solle Excell - $43.95

These are powdered beverage that offers benefits of improving eye and mind health, respiratory and circulatory health. 

  • SolleClear - $30.95

These are capsules that help in the improvement of the immune system.

  • Verdezymes - $68.95

These are capsules with calming digestive formula.

How You Can Join Solle Naturals

You can join Solle Naturals by becoming a member or by becoming a Solle Specialist.

If you only want to purchase the products at a discounted price then you can be a member. 

But, if you want to benefit from the company’s business opportunity, then you can apply as a Solle specialist.

In this review, we will focus more on Solle’s business opportunity offering for specialists.

You can become a Solle specialist by paying a one-time fee of $75. As a specialist, you can earn weekly and monthly commissions.

The enrollment fee comes with a SolleRewards, workbook, free Solle website, and access to the Solle resource center among many others.

The Solle Naturals Compensation Plan

solle compensation plan

Solle International specialists or distributors can earn from the company’s compensation plan in 7 ways. Just like in most MLM companies, you will be paid based on your retail sales and your group sales as you recruit people to join your team. 

  • SmartPlan

This pays you as much as 15% on your highest level based on your monthly organizational volume. 

  • Solle Quick

This is an enrollment bonus that you can get as you recruit new specialists to your team. 

  • HDOverride
solle hdoverride

This is great for high selling shops and to encourage retail sales. Depending on your monthly retails sales, you can get a rebate of 15% to 32%.

  • Infinity Bonus

This bonus is for SolleLeader 15K rank and up. This is calculated by taking 1% of all the commissionable volume of your 8th level and beyond.

You will be paid 10% to 100% of such volume depending on your rank. Solle International has 11 ranks to advance to as shown on its compensation plan chart. 

  • SolleDriven
solle car bonus

This is a car bonus for SolleLeader 15K rank and up.

  • Mentor Match

This is the matching bonus that SolleLeaders 5K rank and up get based on the combined bonus checks of their personally enrolled SollePro specialists. 

  • SollePrime

This bonus is based on the points you get when you recruit new members or new upgrades and when you recruit new specialists. 

An explanation of Solle Natural’s compensation plan is available here on this link.

How Much Can You Earn As Solle Naturals Specialist?

Solle Naturals has no published income disclosure statement. An income disclosure statement can provide information as to how much an average specialist earns from the company’s business opportunity.

From this document, we can also see how much the top earners’ income as well as the non-earners. 

In most MLM cases, it’s a normal occurrence to see most members are earning close to nothing. From the studies of MLM companies as well as our own research, we see a trend in which only 1% of the members are actually earning enough from the business opportunity and as already mentioned, more than 50% of the members are earning close to nothing.

In the case of Solle Naturals, although we see some encouragement of retail sales in the compensation plan, the best way to earn is really to complement it with recruitment to increase your organizational sales volume. 

Hence, there are really not enough reasons to believe that Solle Naturals compensation plan could make any difference in changing the distribution of income among its members that could actually benefit most of the members. 

We wonder why Solle Naturals does not want to make public its income disclosure statement if there is any but when we talk about MLM opportunities, the lack of this document is often seen as a red flag.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Solle Naturals.

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The Pros And Cons Of Solle Natural

  • The company is a legal company based in Utah, USA. 
  •  The products are said to be plant-based and are retail-viable.
  • It offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at a low startup capital.
  • To earn an income you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business.
  • The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) and in Direct Selling Association (DSA).
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Can You Earn Money With Solle Naturals

We know that Solle Naturals is a legal company based in the USA. It recognizes its social responsibility to give back to the community by doing charity works.

The products are in a way unique made with 100% plant-based formulations and the use of adaptogens that are said to be a special class of herbs that are potent and safe.

It has business opportunity offers that allow ordinary people to start a business at a minimal capitalization. 

However, going back to our original question at the beginning of this article, can you really earn money with Solle Naturals? Our answer to this is it depends. The company chose not to make public its income disclosure statement if there is any.

We know very well how MLM companies work. For you to earn an income as a distributor, you need to sell both the company products and the business opportunity offers.

Bonus and commissions are paid in multi-levels so your income is leveraged when you have a large and working organization which means you need to recruit people to your team and let them duplicate what you do. This is never easy especially if you are just a beginner in a networking marketing business. 

You are exposed to a high level of risk in an MLM company. Studies and even our own MLM reviews have shown that you have a 1% chance of success in terms of earning a lucrative income from the business. Most members actually don’t earn enough and about 50% of the members are earning almost close to nothing.

With Solle Naturals, you are very likely to see this same situation if you get to see the company’s income disclosure statement.

If you want to believe otherwise given the situation, then it’s your personal call. However, based on the level of risk that you will face in this kind of business, you need to revisit first your experience and capabilities before entering one.

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