What Is Tiber River All About? Is It Simply A Scam?

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Consumable personal care and home items never get old and there will always be a vibrant market for these products.

Although competition is more visible in this category, starting a business in this line is more relatable. If you are from Canada, you may have come across Tiber River, a personal care and home company.

So, what is Tiber River all about? 

Can you make great business with this company?  Or is this company simply a scam?

Let’s find out below as we give you our honest MLM review of Tiber River.

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What Is Tiber River All About? Is It Simply A Scam?

The Tiber River Company

tiber river logo

Tiber River  is a personal care and home supplies company based in Canada. It was founded by Adrianna De Luca when she started making her own handmade soap and lotion.

Later, Michelle Lalonde came in with her knowledge in corporate sales and branding.

The company started in 1999 with Adriana’s party model, then shifted to brick and mortar store to what it is now, a home-party model.  

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau and is rated A+. 

The company’s purpose is to create happiness through its products and services. 

The company is currently facing a controversy relating to some complaints of its previous employees for having toxic work culture.

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The  Tiber River Products

tiber river products

Tiber River offers eco-friendly personal care products to the market. The company bans certain ingredients on its products for being unsafe such as mineral oil, Cocamide DEO and MEA, Parabens, Triclosan, Sodium Laurel, Polyethylene glycol, BHT and BHA.

Its products are labeled whether they are -10 or less ingredients, vegan-friendly ingredients, Gluten-free ingredients, fragrance-free, essential oils only and contains almonds.

Products are classified into home, bath, pet, body, and baby care products. 

These are some of the company’s popular products:

  • Zucchini Lemon Peal Soap - $9

This is a pioneering product of the company.

  • Dana’s Cream - $30

This moisturizes and helps soothe itchiness on the skin.

  • Power Play - $10

This is an aromatic spray that is recommended for sports lovers.

  • Hydro Hands - $14

This is a lotion that moisturizes the skin and protects against environmental stressors.

  • Green Tea Tonic - $16

A facial toner made from green tea. 

  • Almondoolah Shower Shake - $17

This exfoliates and moisturizes your skin.

  • Good Nights Bath Bomb - $9
  • In Your Face Cleanser 240ml - $28
  • Smells Like Clean Spirit - $12

This an all-purpose cleaner.

  • SOS Bar Soap - $9
  • Tropic Like Its Hot Foaming Hand Soap - $10
  • You Cant Crack Me Up Lip Balm - $12

How To Join Tiber River

To join Tiber River’s business opportunity, you need to sign up as an Ambassador. The start-up kit cost starts at $49. 

The start-up kit

 comes with a personal replicated website, some business tools, and training opportunities. Once you received your first commission, you will be required to pay $10.95 annually as a Hyperwallet fee.

In some states, you need to pay for your license as required by the local government authority. 

To remain an active ambassador, you need to make at least $200 personal volume every 4 months.

The  Tiber River Compensation Plan

tiber river compensation plan

Tiber River compensation plan pays you depending on your ranks. The ranks are classified into team building and leadership ranks.

You start as an educator and advance to 7 ranks up to diamond director rank.

Here are the ambassadors’ sources of income in Tiber River’s compensation plan. 

Personal Commissions and Bonuses

This commission starts at 30% of your retail sales. Once you reach $1200 PV, depending on your rank, you can be paid 2% to 6% more of your retail volume.

Team Override Bonuses

This is the bonus that you earn from the commissionable volume of your downline. Leadership ranks could qualify to team infinity bonus.

Generation Bonuses

A generation is created once a director is promoted under a director rank or higher. Tiber River pays up to 3rd generation. 

The company also offers a fast start bonus under its Tiber River Trailblazers program. A discussion of the company’s compensation plan is available on this link here.
tiber river fast start

 How Much Money Can You Earn As Tiber River Ambassador? 

Tiber River does not make public its income disclosure statement if there is any. In an MLM company, an income disclosure statement can remove doubts about the profitability of the business opportunity offers in question.

An income disclosure statement can show how much average ambassadors earn. From this document, we can see how many of the members are actually earning and who are losing. In the case of Tiber River, they opted not to show this document. I wonder why that is. 

However, we know how MLM company like Tiber River works. In terms of the income earnings of consultants, it is a known fact that you have a much bigger chance of losing in this business than actually earning from it.

Reviewing hundreds of MLM companies in the past and reading independent researches about MLM companies, we have seen that your chance of success in getting a lucrative income or at least a full-time income from such an opportunity could not be greater than 1%. 

Most people lose in this opportunity with more than 50% of the consultants earning close to zero annually. 

So, looking at another MLM company with the same bonus and commission programs in place without an income disclosure statement, just like in the case of Tiber River, we would not want to expect a different scenario other than what we have already seen in most MLM cases when it comes to the consultants earning potentials.

If you have the experience, capabilities, and established network then you will have a better chance of earning from such an opportunity but for beginners, the playing field will be quite rocky. 

The Pros And Cons Of  Tiber River

  •  The company is a legally established company in Canada with more than 2 decades of operation.
  • It has an A+ trust rating in Better Business Bureau.
  • The company has a wide range of products and is conscious of its environmental impact.
  • It gives an opportunity for ordinary people to be business owners at a minimal startup capital.
  • The company is offering a business opportunity that is an MLM model so for you to earn as an ambassador, you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join your team.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Tiber River is no doubt an established and legal company. It started more than 2 decades ago with the same owners that it had before.

It offers personal care and home items manufactured with safe ingredients and packed with environmentally sustainable materials. 

It has a long line of products that you can find buyers anywhere. The company has a high trust rating in Better Business Bureau and it offers direct sales opportunities to ordinary people so they can run their own business at minimal investment.

However, it is clear that Tiber River follows an MLM business model and for ambassadors to earn an income, they need to sell the products and build their own team by recruiting people to join the business.

The recurring problem with the MLM business model has been established by our own MLM reviews and even by other independent studies.

Our reviews show that MLM companies with income disclosure statements have very few members who are actually earning enough from the opportunity. It is a common occurrence to see about more than 50% of the members are earning close to nothing.

This is the harsh truth about MLM companies and in the case of Tiber River if they have addressed this concerning issue, it does not show any proof of that.

Tiber River has no income disclosure statement and I must say that if it has this paper and has better figures on it, it is worth sharing than keeping. But, the company chooses to keep it. 

I must say being a member of an MLM company although enticing and has easier entry requirements, is a tough and risky business to enter.

With red flags about the business opportunity offers, we would want to make scarce our recommendation about it, same is true with Tiber River.

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