Is Vabo-N Worth Your Time?

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With a lot of options in choosing a company in the niche of nutritional supplements to make business with, finding the one that is worth your time is daunting.

Limiting your search to European companies will lead you to find Vabo-N, an Austrian company.

If you are particularly searching for this company and want to know more about it, then you have come to the right place as this article is all about Vabo-N and our honest review of its MLM business opportunity offering.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Vabo-N Worth Your Time?

More About The Vabo-N Company

vabo-n logo

Vabo-N  is a nutritional supplement company in the niche of network marketing or MLM business.

The name stands for Valuable Body Nutrition.

It was founded in 2015 by the couple, Martin and Nina Dvoracek who brought with them years of experience from the same field.

As of this writing, the company is operating in 12 countries in Europe with a headquarter in Austria. 

Other MLM companies that might be of interest to you are Solle Naturals, Melaleuca, or the Healthstyle Emporium.

The  Vabo-N Products

vabo-n products

Vabo-N offers natural nutritional supplements that are said to support better health, fit body, and beauty. Here are the company products.

  • Vabo-N Essentials (2 bottles) - EUR79

This is a health optimizer drink that supports your overall body health.

  • Vabo-N Fierce (24 cans) - EUR77

This is an improved version of Vabo-N Essentials. It contains gurana and gives you an energy boost.

  • Vabo-N Oh!Mega (36 jellies) - EUR39

This contains Omega-3 supplements that support your heart health among many others.

  • Vabo-N Renew (60 gums) - EUR59

This contains soft gums with Spermidine that can support your cellular health. 

  • Vabo-N Blossom (30 sachets) - EUR74

This is a powdered beverage drink that can reduce your wrinkles and firm your skin among many others. 

  • Vabo-N Apex (24 cans) - EUR94

This is a canned beverage that can support your sporty lifestyle. 

How To Join The Vabo-N Business Opportunity

vabo-n starter kit

You can join the Vabo-N business opportunity by applying as a Partner.

You need to purchase a starter kit that costs EUR29 and 120QV worth of products that cost around EUR146 and up.

You also need to subscribe to 1 product with 120QV for the auto-ship program.

The starter kit comes with a personal website, back office, and training materials or links. 

To remain an active partner, you need to have at least 60 QV in autoship and a total of 120QV inclusive of 60QV autoship that is just mentioned.

To qualify for commissions from the compensation plan, you need to be an active partner and have at least one active account in both of your legs.  

The  Vabo-N Compensation Plan

vabo-n rank advancements

Here are the ways to earn commission in Vabo-N compensation plan.

  • New Customer Bonus

When you recruit new customers or Vabo-N partners, you can earn new customer bonuses and CV points from their first order.

  • Quantum Bonus

This pays you EUR50 every time you enroll 3 new customers or partners during a 4-week period.

  • Cycle Volume Bonus

This is a bonus that you can get as a partner when you accumulate 6:3 ratio of CV or 360CV is to 180 CV on both your legs. 

  • Balanced Team Building Bonus

This is the bonus that you will be paid when your team on both sides gets 500QV each. Depending on your rank and the volume that your team accumulated you will get a bonus of EUR100 to EUR600.

  • Matching Bonus

This is the bonus that you can get as a percentage of the cycle volume bonus earned by your personally enrolled team.

  • Rank Advancement Bonus

There are ranks that can be unlocked in Vabo-N compensation plan. When you advance in ranks and meet certain requirements, you can get a rank advancement bonus.

There are also other bonuses like the e-bike, car, and real estate bonus.

A detailed explanation of Vabo-N compensation plan is available here on this link.

Vabo-N also rewards existing customers with bonuses when they recommend Vabo-N products to others.

Can You Make Money With Vabo-N ?

Vabo-N has no income disclosure statement so we don’t have an outright source of information on how its affiliates are faring in terms of their income earnings.

 In reviewing an MLM company, an income disclosure statement is an important document in a way that it shows how much average consultants earn from the business.

This document also shows the figures from top earners. Unfortunately, in reviewing several MLM companies in the past, we have not seen an income disclosure statement that shows more consultants are earning from such an opportunity.

Just like what most independent studies on MLM companies are saying, most people actually lose money from joining an MLM business opportunity.

In the case of Vabo-N, I would like to point out that it is quite expensive to remain an active partner as you need to have at least 120 QV  that can cost around EUR146 of personal purchases or sales each month. 

Also, recruitment is a must to be a partner because this is required so you can make the best out of the compensation plan.

I don’t see much focus on retail sales as well as your earnings from the compensation plan are mainly based on your team sales as well as your ability to recruit new customers and partners to your team.

The strength of MLM companies like Vabo-N is that the business opportunity is open for anyone however having the earnings that you envision from such an opportunity will always give you a tough journey achieving your financial goals.

Across the board, MLM figures indicate that only 1% earn a full-time income from such an opportunity, and for the lucky ones they were able to earn lucratively. However, for the remaining members, we often see that almost 50% of the members are earning close to nothing.

So, the way we see this, if you are looking for a real business to earn an income, you are facing a greater risk from this kind of opportunity.

This is especially true for ordinary people who do not have the experience and capabilities in doing the needed tasks for a networking business that involves more selling and recruiting as in the case of Vabo-N.

The Pros Of Vabo-N Opportunity

  •  Vabo-N is a legal company based in Austria.
  •  It offers real European-made products in the niche of nutritional supplements.
  • It opens an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at minimal startup capital.

The Cons Of Vabo-N

  • Being self-employed is not for everyone and may require skills and experience to succeed.
  • As outlined earlier, you have to purchase products each month to remain active. It can get expensive. A big red flag for me.
  • The company is an MLM company and for you to earn you need to sell the products and recruit people to join.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is  Vabo-N Worth Your Time?

Finding the right business that is worth your time is a matter of personal preference in some ways. However, it is important to know the company’s good points and weak points.

In the case of Vabo-N, we see a legitimate company based in Austria. It offers European-made products that target to support better health, fit body and even beauty.

Ordinary people who want to start a business can join the company and be a partner at minimal start-up capital.

However, Vabo-N is designed in an MLM business model and for partners to earn an income they need to sell the company products and build their team. Such tasks are not for anyone to succeed.

The opportunity can be open to anyone but the playing field will never be equal especially in terms of the members’ earning potential. 

Looking back at the figures across the MLM industry referring to members’ earnings, going into an MLM opportunity and aiming for a full-time income is a risky business.

With most income disclosure statements of MLM companies only favoring the upper 1% of the members and leaving the rest with uncertainty, going into this kind of business must be reexamined well. 

In the case of Vabo-N, income disclosure statement is not given importance if there is any because it is not readily available.

We wonder why that is. But, surely in finding a business that is worth your time, at least the information available in the company’s income disclosure statement must be considered with care.

Without this, it’s like doing business without all the important details beforehand.

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