Is Rain International Worth Your Time?

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Finding a business that is worth your time in the MLM sector is quite a difficult task.

We are well aware of the challenges that MLM members are facing and it is fairly substantiated by studies from reliable sources and even from our own research about these companies. 

So, it is just right to get your facts straight when reaching a decision in joining an MLM company.

In this post, we give you the facts about Rain International and by the end of this MLM review, we hope that you can make the right decision on whether or not Rain International is worth your time.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Is Rain International Worth Your Time?

More About The Rain International Company

rain international logo

Rain International, also known as Seed Nutrition Co., is a seed-based health and wellness company based in Utah, USA.

The company operates worldwide with offices in several countries including Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom among many others.

Rain International was founded in 2011. Now, the company is headed by its founder, Byron Belka. There is a mention of the company’s scientific advisory board but the member’s names are not shown on the corporate website as well as the members of the leadership team. 

Rain International has a charity arm, a foundation called Seeds for Change.

The company is listed in the Better Business Bureau but is rated D-. 

Other MLM companies in the health and wellness niche are Lifewave, Acti-Labs, Plexus Worldwide, or Dynamaxx, just to name a few.

The  Rain International Products

rain international products

As mentioned above, Rain International offers seed-based health and wellness products to the market.

It is said that the company uses a cold-press process in extracting the most potent nutrients from seeds. Rain International products use key ingredients such as raspberry seed, black cumin seed, grape chardonnay seed, chia seed, and many more.

The products are divided into Nutrition and Skin Care categories.

Here are some of Rain International products and their retail prices:


  • Reno Detoxify Daily - $44.95
  • Soul Drink Packets (30 servings)- $88.75 - for active lifestyle
  • Core Drink Packets (30 servings) - $93 - detoxification and immune system support
  • Bend Drink Packets (30 servings) - $99 - for joints health
  • Form Chocolate Drink (15 servings) - $50 - bodybuilding, recovery promoting, vegan powered protein
  • Pure Probiotic Fruit Punch(30 sticks) - $59 
  • Bryt (30 capsules) - $43 - brain food, body fuel, naturally energized everything
  • Xseeds - CBD-seed oil blend - $92.95

Skin Care

  • Revri Purifying Cleanser - $50
  • Revri Serum - $85
  • Revri Moisturizer - $90

How Can You Join Rain International?

To join Rain International you need to purchase an enrollment kit worth $143, $260, $540, $1320 or $2625.

These enrollment packs come with a referral site, back office, up to 3 business centers, and Rain International products. Once enrolled in the company’s business opportunity, you will be called a Rain Partner (RP).

To remain active as an RP, you need to purchase products with a minimum of 50 PV (personal volume) points every month.

The  Rain International Compensation Plan

rain international rank advancement

The ways to earn income from the Rain International Compensation Plan are the following. 

1. Retail Preferred Customer

As a RP, you can purchase the products from the company at a wholesale price and you can sell them at suggested retail price and get the profit. 

2. Referring Customer Bonus

Similar to retail bonus, when your customer orders from your referral website, you get 40% commission for every purchase.

3. First Order Bonus

This is the bonus that sponsors get from the first purchase of their enrollees. 

4. First Order Bonus Match

This is the matching bonus that sponsors get when their personally sponsored consultants refer another new enrollee who in turn purchase a starter kit. 

5. Team Commissions

Consultants earn 10% team commission on the volume of their lesser team.

6. Leadership Bonus

This is a bonus coming from the 3% of the total company commissionable volume. This is paid to manager rank or higher.

7. Generation Match Bonus

This is the bonus you get as a percentage of your team’s commission. 

8. Lifestyle Bonus

This is for Platinum Elite rank or higher. Bonus is paid weekly from $100 to $1000 weekly depending on your rank.

Just like in other MLM companies, there are ranks to achieve in Rain International compensation plan and there’s a mention of rank advancement bonus from Manager rank and up from $30 to $250000 depending on your specific rank.

The full text of the company’s compensation is available here.

Can You Make Money With Rain International?

Rain International has no income disclosure statement to show how much its average members are earning as well as the top consultants.

 In the company’s Policies and Procedures that is available here, consultants are prohibited to make income claims or income projections when discussing the opportunity to prospective consultants.

I wonder why Rain International cannot provide an income disclosure statement when similar companies can do so.

Time and again, I keep on writing about the findings we gather when reviewing MLM companies for years now.

I’ve seen that most if not all MLM companies have a 1% success rate in terms of their members getting a full time income from the business opportunity. Of the remaining 99% more than 50% of them are earning nothing or close to nothing.

I wonder if this is the reason that Rain International did not bother to release its income disclosure statement.

Knowing how much an average consultant earns in a business opportunity like this with Rain International can help prospective consultants in making real goals and expectations with the business opportunity. In looking for a business, it is important that you know your chance of success in getting a fair income from the opportunity.

In the case of Rain International, you don’t have any guarantee. You may calculate your chances based on your selling capabilities and network reach however you must understand that to succeed in an MLM business just like in Rain International, you need to sell the products, recruit people to join the business and make them duplicate your efforts in return.

It is a chain of selling and recruiting and it is very likely that you will run out of leads. I must say that you can wish for it to happen when you are already in the top 1% of the consultants.

Otherwise the struggle would be real and just like most people who lose money in joining MLM business, Rain International could not guarantee that your fate could never be the same with one of them.   

The Pros And Cons Of Rain International

  • Rain International is a legal company with a headquarter in Utah, USA and several offices all over the globe.
  • The company is trying to make a distinction about its products and I must say that the products are retail viable.
  •  It gives an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business with low startup capitalization.
  • The company is rated D- by Better Business Bureau.
  • Rain International is an MLM company and for you to earn you need to sell the products and recruit people to join the business.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is Rain International Worth Your Time?

We have learned that Rain International is a legal company that was founded in the USA and for a decade has expanded its operations to several countries around the globe across several continents.

It gives back to the community through its charitable programs. The company is making a distinction on its products being seed-based that target health and wellness support.

There is no doubt that the products are retail viable. The company offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at a lesser startup cost. 

Are these reasons enough for you to say that Rain International is worth your time? 

Surely, not yet at this time. 

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau but it has a D- rating. It is clear that it is an MLM company and for consultants to earn, you need to sell the products, recruit people to join your team and make them replicate what you do.

On top of these all, the company has no income disclosure statement and is not making any guarantees about your success.

There is also the problem of several findings stating that most people lose money in MLM opportunities.

Even our years of MLM review support these findings. The income aspect is important in choosing a business that can be worth your time.

Sadly, like in most MLM companies that we have studied in the past, your chances of getting a fair income in Rain International seems to be a distant reality. 

Here is what I would recommend to earn a passive income, without selling or recruiting.

Here Is What I Recommend To Make Money Online

I am not a fan of MLM, not because it is not legit, but through my own experience of being a sales representative (the school of hard knocks).

I was restricted in the products I  could sell, I had to recruit to climb the ranks, and had to invest quite a bit of money. No, thank you!

Instead, my recommended business model is Affiliate Marketing.

These are the simple reasons, why:

  • Promote any product you want
  • You don't have to recruit anyone (no more annoying friends and family)
  • Make passive income from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • It is free to get started.

So if this sounds like you, why not give it a go.

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~ Anke

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