Organo Gold Review -Can You Make Money By Selling Coffee?

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Welcome to our Organo Gold review and the question if you can make money by selling coffee.

But before we get started a few words about a certain type of mushroom that is used in Organo Gold's product range.

Ganoderma lucidum, a kind of mushroom and also known as Lingzhi or Reishi has been recognized to have potential health benefits by reputable health websites like Healthline and National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The inclusion of this mushroom type as the proprietary ingredient on Organo Gold’s products is said to make the company stand out from the sea of similar companies in the industry. 

If by any chance, you are looking for more information about the companies selling products containing Ganoderma mushroom then most likely you already have come across the Organo Gold.

 In this article, we bring Organo Gold in focus.

As mentioned before, we want to answer the question of whether or not you can make money by selling coffee from Organo Gold and other questions that you can think of so we will know exactly what business opportunity we can expect from this company.

Read on to find out more.

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Organo Gold Review -Can You Make Money By Selling Coffee?

More About Organo Gold

organo gold logo

Organo Gold  is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that started with marketing coffee products containing ancient Chinese herbal medicine, Ganoderma mushroom.

It was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand . Chua has long years of experience in network marketing prior to founding Organo Gold.

Shane Morand, on the other hand, is a seasoned mentor and motivational speaker. I cannot in truth find information on the company’s executives on Organo Gold’s company website, but there has been a mention of Paul Caldwell as the Chairman in one company banner.

The company is currently headquartered in British Columbia but has global reach from the Americas, Europe, Asia to Africa.

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB)  with 12 years in business but is not rated. 

One of the biggest controversies faced by Organo Gold is from a lawsuit initiated by Marlin Johnson with allegations that Ganoderma extract present in the company’s coffee products caused serious complications after he underwent gastric bypass surgery. 

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The  Organo Gold Products

organo gold products

As already mentioned, Organo Gold started with selling coffee products containing Ganoderma extract.

 Now, the company has expanded to include other beverage variations that promote weight management and general wellness.

 There are also personal care and skincare products on its portfolio.

 Most Organo Gold products incorporate its proprietary ingredients, the Ganoderma extract. 

On Organo Gold’s products page, its products are classified as listed below. I also added the price range of each product category.


  • Gourmet Coffee (30 sachets) - $30-$52
  • Tea (25 sachets) - $37
  • Espresso Capsules - $9.50 
  • Body Management
  • Capsule Supplements - $61.50 - $99
  • Shake Mix - $68

Personal Care

  • G3 beauty Soap (3 bars) - $36


  • Cream Cleanser 100ml - $45
  • Anti Aging Mask 50ml - $65
  • Anti Aging Serum 30ml - $80
  • Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer 50ml - $70

How To Join Organo Gold

To join Organo Gold, all you need to do is to register by purchasing a business entry kit.

 The business kit costs $49.95 that will give you free access to your back office and replicated website.

This kit also comes with free samples. Product packs start at $78.50.

The  Organo Gold Compensation Plan

Here are the ways to earn from Organo Gold. 

Retail Profit

Retail profit of up to 50% is paid to representatives when they sell Organo Gold products.

Fast Track Bonus

As an Organo Gold representative, you can earn right away the amount of $20 to $120 on each promotional product that you sell.

Dual Team Bonus

Dual Team Bonus is paid as a percentage of the sales volume of your dual team’s lesser leg.

Unilevel Bonus

Unilevel bonus is the bonus you will get from the sales generated by your group up to 9 levels deep.

organo unilevel bonus

Unilevel Matching Bonus

Unilevel Matching Bonus is the bonus that you can earn by encouraging your downline to establish their own team.

You can earn 20% on your downline’s unilevel bonus and an additional 8% in matching bonus up to additional 3 levels.

Organo Gold also pays generational and global pool bonuses for those consultants on higher ranks.

Here is a link where I found a detailed explanation of Organo Gold’s compensation plan.

Can You Make Money With Organo Gold?

Organo Gold’s latest income disclosure statement is from the records of its consultants’ income in the year 2019.

 This issuance reflects the annualized average income of all active consultants in the year 2019.

 It says there that 88% of active consultants earn between $0 to $599 while the remaining 12% are leadership ranks and earn between $600 to over $100,000 annually.

Based on US median household income in 2019 that is $65,712 and looking at Organo Gold’s income disclosure statement, about 3.95% of the company’s active consultants were earning near or above the US median household income on that year. 

organo gold income disclosure

This only shows that Organo Gold’s consultant income is no different from what we have already seen from other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.

We see here that less than 5% are earning a full-time income and the rest if not struggling are earning nothing at all.

This is always the bad news with MLM companies like Organo Gold where we see a very unfair distribution of income.

 Despite the fact that mentoring is encouraged, the end result is that only the leaders are benefiting financially.

 If you are looking for a real business opportunity, I must say that Organo Gold that is following an MLM system of business and is showing this kind of income disclosure statement will surely not strike as a convincing opportunity in all respect unless you have what it takes to reach that 3.95% who are the lucky few. 

For a detailed version of Organo Gold’s income disclosure statement, you may check this link here.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Organo Gold.

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The Pros Of Organo Gold

  1. The company is an established company with a global reach.
  2. The product portfolio contains a rich line of products that are retail viable.
  3. Joining cost is relatively low.

The Cons Of Organo Gold

  1. Organo Gold is listed in Better Business Bureau but is not rated.
  2. The company has faced a lawsuit involving misleading claims about the products that led to harsh side effects on the user.
  3. Just like most MLM companies, Organo Gold’s consultants can only maximize their earnings when they recruit and build their teams.
  4. The income disclosure statement shows that only 3.95% of the active consultants are earning full time while the rest are struggling and are earning nothing at all.

Wrapping It Up

Organo Gold is one of those companies that rise from earning zero to billions by marketing products formulated with proprietary ingredients. In the case of Organo Gold, it’s the Ganoderma mushroom on beverages mostly coffee.

 The company has established a global operation in just 12 years of business that spans across continents. Its product line lists a variety of products that are retail viable. Also, joining requires a small cost.

But, our primary question in starting this article is whether or not you can earn money from selling Organo Gold coffee.

 Looking at Organo Gold’s income disclosure statement, you have about 88% of earning zero to an insignificant amount of money annually, about 8% chance of earning some money as a part-time income source, and 3.95% chance of earning full-time.

 I think you would agree that these are some unconvincing figures to make you join the business unless you are sure that you have what it takes to be on that upper 3.95%. 

Organo Gold, unfortunately, is very similar to most MLMs that we already know.

 The products are surely retail viable despite some reported side effects that can affect the very few. But, we surely cannot disregard the Ganoderma difference.

The problem, however, is on how selling the products is pitched as a real business opportunity when in fact the system that governs the rewards and commissions of consultants are predatory to the consultants themselves and in reality, only benefit the established leaders on top.

 This is the sad truth in MLM businesses and Organo Gold doesn’t disprove anything that will make us think otherwise.     

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