Is Ariix (The Opportunity Company) A Scam?

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Ariix and its leaders pride themselves to be called The Opportunity Company. In the company’s own words, it “refers to your ability to unleash your human potential for good through obtaining and cultivating Strong Finances.”

 If this pitch catches your curiosity, then you may be wondering why Ariix is called The Opportunity Company.

Is using this tagline a mere company ploy? Could Ariix be just another scam?

 Let’s find out together in this article as we bring to you our feature on Ariix to answer all your relevant questions about this company.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Arixx (The Opportunity Company) A Scam?

About Ariix

ariix logo

Ariix  is a health, wellness, and fitness company headquartered in Utah, USA. It was founded in 2011. The company’s current CEO and also one of the founders is Fred Cooper.

He has more than 20 years of experience in network marketing particularly with USANA (read our review here), a professor in some big universities, and an award-winning businessman.

 Mark Wilson is the current President and is also a founder. He has been with USANA for 15 years as well prior to joining Ariix. 

Fred Cooper’s LinkedIn profile shows that he is now the Board member of New Age, Inc from August 2020. This may be the case because of the merger between New Age and Ariix in 2020.

New Age is a direct selling and distribution company that also acquired Morinda/Noni, a super fruit company that sells Tahitian noni fruit-based products. You can see my detailed review of Noni by New Age on this link.

Ariix is said to be affiliated with The American Business Awards, Business for Home, and DSMA. The company is also listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.

The company showcases its scientific advisory boards, wellness council, and athletes council on its website.

Global reach consists of offices in the USA, HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Canada, and Australia.

The  Ariix Product Line

ariix products

Ariix carries the following brands under its wing:


Limu offers nutritional beverage products.


Lucim offers skin care products.


Nutrifii offers premium body supplements.


Priime offers essential oils.


Puritii offers air and water filtration systems.


Reviive offers personal care products.


Slenderiiz offers weight loss products.

The products are also divided by category including energy, supplement, weight management, skin care, body care & wellness, and lifestyle.

Here are some of the company’s bestsellers and their prices.

  1. Rejuveniix - $83.56
  2. Omega-Q - $70.70
  3. Biopro Q - $77.07
  4. Restoriix - $116.40
  5. Slenderiix and Xceler8 - $171.36
  6. Nutrifii Probiotiix - $45.64
  7. Magnical-D - $54.99
  8. Optimal M - $58.50
  9. Optimal-V - $68.50
  10. Moa Pouches - $126.97

How To Join Ariix

To benefit from Ariix’s business opportunity, you need to be a member or Representative.

Similar companies are Arogalife, Emris International, Coseva, and Oxo Worldwide, just to name a few.

 You need to sign an agreement with Ariix, and purchase or sell a minimum threshold each year.

Here are the options to activate status as a representative at different levels as seen on Ariix’s application form:

Ultimate Level 1500 + PV

Elite Level 100-1499 PV

Business Level 500-999 PV

Activated 150-499 PV

The  Ariix Compensation Plan

The Ariix compensation plan is called Activ8 and its nature is multiline which means as a representative, you can earn unlimited income horizontally and diagonally. 

Here are some of the ways to earn income from Ariix.

Retail Profits

This can be earned from the direct purchases of your customers to your e-store or when you purchase products at a discounted price and sell them at a regular retail price.

Team Lead Bonus

Team Lead Bonus is earned from sales of products to new customers. This ranges from 15% to 30% depending on the PVs of the products sold and the business level of the sponsor.  

Base Commissions

A representative can earn 15% of base commissionable volume on all pay lines.

ariix base commission

Matching Bonus

Matching bonus is the bonus paid as a percentage of the base commission earned by your enrolled representatives. You can earn up to 7 levels deep in this program depending on your status.

ariix matching bonus

A IIX Membership can leverage further your earning potential. Other bonus programs indicated in the Ariix compensation plan include income position bonus and pay line bonus where you get the chance to earn from a fraction of the global sales. Also, there is the savings bonus where Ariix will bank an additional 15% of your base commission each week up to $2000 and issue a bonus check to you when it reaches $10000.

Here's the Ariix title advancement chart.

ariix title advancement

 A detailed Ariix Activ8 compensation plan is available on here.

Can You Make Money With Ariix?

ariix income disclosure

Ariix has its 2016 income disclosure statement posted on its corporate website. This is already obsolete in my opinion since that was from the record going to 5 years ago. However, since this is what we have, let us discuss it anyway.

 Ariix showed the weekly and annualized average income of its representative in 2016. The company is proud to say that full-time representatives’ average annual income is $286,539 and $2,025.62 for all 43,945 representatives.

What Ariix forgot to state however was that the median income of its representative is between $0 to $70 weekly which means that 50% of its representatives were earning at this level.

Based on average earnings shown on its income disclosure statement, about 6.73% of the representatives were earning at the level of income that is comparable to the median household income in the USA in 2016.

 The rest were earning lower. I can guess that if you will look at the actual figures and not just the average, it can be the case that the number of representatives earning above the USA’s median household income can be much lower.  

I must say that Ariix’s income disclosure statement is no different from the other income disclosure statement that I have seen with other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.

 Above 90% of the members if not struggling have incomes that are on the extreme low when compared to the highest earners of the company. This only shows that the MLM system has the tendency to polarize the income of its members despite the fact that it is pitching for a business opportunity.

 I must say Ariix is no different. It may have complied to satisfy the condition on transparency by showing its income disclosure statement but it was not able to prove anything that can convince us that it is an MLM company that can break all established facts linking to the very risky nature of investing one’s time and effort on this kind of business opportunity.  

The Pros Of The Ariix Opportunity

  •  The executive leaders are seasoned leaders in network marketing.
  •  The company is affiliated with several business organizations and is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.
  • Ariix has a global reach in terms of operation and a

    a long list of products under several relevant product categories.

The Cons Of The Ariix Opportunity

  • The company’s income disclosure statement is old and is based on 2016 records.

    Only average figures are stated in Ariix’s income disclosure statement. There’s no range as well that could give a better picture of the income distribution amongst representatives.

  • The company has a relatively high purchase or sales requirement to activate compensation plan benefits.
  • Recruitment is necessary to avail of the rewards in the compensation plan.

Conclusion - Is Arixx (The Opportunity Company) A Scam

There is no doubt that Ariix is not a scam. It is a legitimate company with responsible management and leaders who are already seasoned executives of network marketing.

 It is affiliated with several other business organizations and is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. It has a global operation with a strong product portfolio with items that are retail viable.

My only issue with Ariix is its marketing pitch in calling itself the opportunity company. It’s Activ8 compensation plan is patent pending that is said to reward its representative in unlimited levels both across width and depth.

But, the way I see it, Ariix is no different from other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that I already reviewed, especially in terms of the necessity to recruit to earn more and what its income disclosure statement is showing.

 It is indeed amazing to see that full-time representatives are earning $286,539 annually in the year 2016 by average. However, these full-time earners only constitute 1.93% of all representatives.

 Also, average figures can be misleading if we can’t also know how the distribution of income amongst representatives is faring.

 Looking at the income disclosure statement table, it is very possible that weekly median income can be between zero to $70. Unfortunately, Ariid did not show any range.

Looking into these points especially about the Ariix’s business opportunity features, Ariix as the Opportunity Company is not really convincing and does not really sit well with me. 

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