Our Detailed Crunchi MLM Review

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There should not be a trade-off in beauty and health. This is becoming a trend in the cosmetics industry recently.

 Most known cosmetics brands are advocating for safer and environmentally sustainable products while staying true to giving high-performing beauty supplies and tools to users around the world.

Crunchi is supporting this movement by offering safe, sustainable, and effective beauty & skincare products in the market and by providing an opportunity for people to join the movement where they can start a business with the company while being educated in the company’s advocacy at the same time.

Similar companies to check out are Beautycounter, Beauty Society, or Ever Skincare.

 What are the things that you should know about Crunchi before deciding to be a part of it? Here, we give you our Crunchi MLM review and we hope to give some light to your questions about this company at the end of this post. 

Our Detailed Crunchi MLM Review

More About The Crunchi MLM Company

crunchi logo

Crunchi is a cosmetics and skincare company founded by new neighbors Melanie Petschke and Kelly Kreusler.

Both are mothers and professionals on their own right, Melanie, a family nurse practitioner, and Kelly, a pharmaceutical representative and sales professional.

They established the company with the aim of offering safe, healthy, and effective beauty products in the market. The company also promotes sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.  

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.

It is also listed in Leaping Bunny Program which means the company products are certified cruelty-free.

The company is currently based in Florida, USA. It has been operating since 2016.  

The  Crunchi Products

crunchi products

Crunchi offers high-performance cosmetics and skincare products that are free of toxins. These toxins are listed on the company’s banished ingredients.

 As already mentioned above, the company assures that its products are sustainably packaged. The products are classified under their intended usages such as for the face, eyes, lips, skin, and body.

 There are makeup tools, swag items, and sample cards as well.

 Here are the company’s bestselling products with their retail prices.

Beautifully Flawless Foundation - $50

This is a high-pigment foundation with formulations for different skin types and colors. 

  • Smart Primer - $48

Smooths and even skin for easier makeup application.

  • Daylight Facial Cream - $48
  • Nightlight Facial Cream - $54
  • Shattered Mascara - $28
  • Daily Facial Sunscreen - $48
  • Charcoal and Gentle Facial Bars -= $24
  • Powerlight Eye Cream - $58

How To Join Crunchi

You can join Crunchi as an advocate or as a host. To join Crunchi as an advocate you need to buy your business portfolio that is currently priced at $29.

This comes with access to your personal back office, training, and some selling tools. You can also avail yourself of a 20% discount on all your personal purchases.

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Next, you need to purchase your chosen product collection. You can choose from $70, $270, and $470 worth of startup kits that come with discounted Crunchi products.

The annual advocate renewal fee is $40. To remain active as an advocate, you need to purchase or sell at least $400 in personal volume within a 6-month consecutive period and pay the annual fee.

To qualify for a commission you need to be active with $150 or more in personal volume for the month. 

There is the Crunchi host program as well where hosts are rewarded with discounts on their product purchases depending on the value of sales that they are able to make.

The  Crunchi Compensation Plan

Crunchi’s compensation plan is not available on its corporate website.

But, upon further research on the internet, I saw a summary of Crunchi’s compensation plan from one of Crunchi’s affiliate websites here.

 It mentions the different ways to earn an income from Crunchi’s compensation plan.

Personal Sales

As mentioned above, upon enrollment as an advocate, you can enjoy a 20% discount on your personal purchases. Also, you can earn 20% to 40% commission on the purchases of your clients.

Team Sales

You can earn up to 10% on team commissions up to 15 levels deep.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This is the bonus for those who achieved rank advancement milestones in Crunchi’s 10 title levels.

Smart Start Program

This is the bonus that you can get in your first month as a Crunchi advocate just like a fast start program with other MLM companies.

Can You Make Money With Crunchi?

Although this is not officially from Crunchi’s corporate website, I saw this 2020 Income Disclosure Statement of the company from this link here.

 Here are some important points mentioned in this document.

There are 5268 Crunchi advocates in the United States in 2020.

57.86% of the advocates received a commission in the same year.

$1068.34 is the average annual income for all advocates

$33.60 is the median annual income for all advocates

$2134.15 is the average annual income of top 50% 

$9578.74 is the average annual income of top 10%

$62526.19 is the average annual income of top 1%

Looking at the data in Crunchi’s compensation plan, it’s a relief to know that less than 50% of the advocates are earning nothing. I would say it is a slight improvement from what I’ve seen previously in some of MLM companies’ income disclosure statements.

 However, from this income disclosure statement, we see the glaring truth that is also true with most MLM companies where only 1% of the advocates earn a full-time income from this business opportunity.

 The top 10% of the company are earning an annual average of $9578.74 must also be noted with value as it is quite a decent part-time income, in my opinion, that is, if consultants are also giving part-time hours for such network marketing works.  

Just as is the case in most MLM companies, if you think you have what it takes to be part of the top 1% then it is reasonable to give this opportunity a go.

 If you are willing to bet on such a chance then it is your own personal call but you need to remember there are other business opportunities out there that can give you a higher chance of success without the pressure to sell and recruit among your group of friends and family that may lead eventually to jeopardize your relationship with them.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Crunchi .

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The Pros And Cons Of The Crunchi Opportunity

  • The company is a legally established company based in Florida, USA.
  •  The company is founded with the aim to advocate for safer and environmentally sustainable products.
  • The products are retail viable, safe, effective, and cruelty-free certified.
  • It allows you to be educated and to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • There is no detailed explanation of the company’s compensation plan on the corporate website.
  • There’s monthly pressure for you to sell and recruit so you can earn an income, e.g. you only qualify for a monthly commission payment if you made at least $150 in sales.
  • The products are facing tough competition from several other similar and commercial brands like Beauty Society for example.

Wrapping It Up

Now, we know that Crunchi offers clean and effective beauty and skincare products in the market. It aims to educate its advocates on what the company believes in especially relating to safe and environmentally sustainable cosmetic products.

 It is a legally established company based in the USA with an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau and a listing in Leaping Bunny Program.

 It gives an opportunity for advocates to start a business from home at a reasonably low price. 

Also, it is clear that Crunchi is an MLM business. Its advocates must sell the company products and recruit people to join the company to earn an income.

 The company’s products look great but they are not without competition. Clean cosmetics are offered by several other companies and most of them have been in the market for several years and decades and a great number of them enjoy brand recognition.

 In relation to most of these companies, Crunchi appears to be a new entrant. For an MLM company, Crunchi has no detailed information about its compensation plan on its corporate website.

 I found the company’s income disclosure statement somewhere but there is nothing new about it from what I have already seen with other MLM companies. Crunchi’s income disclosure statement just confirmed that only 1% are earning full-time amongst its members.

 This is quite consistent with what we already know about the success rate in MLM companies. The rest of its income disclosure statement just reinforced the fact about the real and ugly situation in most MLM companies.

 I must say that although the company goals are valid in bringing safe and ecofriendly products in the market while giving an opportunity for people to start a business at a minimal cost, the results especially in terms of getting a financially sound business are becoming a failure for most of its advocates.   

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