Is Amare Global A Scam – A Must Read Review

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Is Amare Global a scam is a question that many people have been asking before deciding whether or not to join this fairly new MLM company.

People who are looking for a work-from home opportunity, flexible working hours or just want to subsidise their current income are usually attracted to this kind of business.

But also the chance of earning an unlimited (passive income), incentive trips, extra bonuses and the likes make the MLM opportunity appealing to many entrepreneur-minded people.

But is Amare Global worth your time and money? Should you get involved with this company or should you look elsewhere?

My detailed review will not only talk about the joining process but also if you can actually make money with Amare Global.

And the end of this review, I will also show you a way how you not only promote Amare Global products but also any other products you like.

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Is Amare Global A Scam? [Review]

The Amare Global Company

amare logo

Amare Global calls itself the 'mental wellness' company mainly to distinguish itself from other MLM companies in the health- and wellness niche like Bode Pro,  IDLife, or ASEA, just to name a few.

The name Amare is latin and means 'to love.' It was founded by Hiep Tran in 2016 and is based in Irvine, California.

While the founder and CEO Hiep Tran doesn't seem to have any former experience with running an MLM company, Amare Global's Chief Science Officer Shawn Talbott has got quite an interesting past.

He was one of the developers of a diet pill called CortiSlim. It was hugely popular pill for people who desperately wanted to lose weight back at the beginning of 2000.

But as it turned out, the Federal Trade Commission "sued a trio of Orange County companies and a Utah chemist for falsely claiming the capsules spurred weight loss."

Well , the Utah chemist was Shawn Talbott, ..." (who) agreed to pay the FTC $225,000 cash, plus $350,000 from a home in Cape Cod, Mass., $39,000 from the sale of a timeshare in Hawaii and $500,000 from property in Lisbon, Ohio." [source: LA Times]

However, the story doesn't end here. Shawn Talbott got involved with LifeVantage in 2014, an MLM company which sells a controversial product called 'Protandim.'

Read my full LifeVantage review here.

Mr Talbott was the Chief Science Officer for LifeVantage from 2014 to 2015. He has also been involved with MonaVie, and Nu Skin.

Based on these facts, I would look at Amare Global products quite sceptical.

What is the actual research and science behind the "gut-brain-axis' nutrition? And so far I haven't seen many details about scientific studies regarding Amare Global's approach to improve mental wellness.

The Amare Global Products

amare products

Amar Global focuses on mental wellness products which means they want to provide natural dietary supplements to address people who are feeling stressed, not getting enough sleep, feeling exhausted, and suffer from mood swings.

The company's theory is that our gut is our second brain, and an unhealthy gut is a key contributor for an imbalance in our mental health.

amare flagship product

Therefore, the products are targeted at keeping the gut healthy. 

Now, I am not here to judge whether the products work or not. What I do miss though, is the scientific proof of these statements,

I do believe that a healthy gut is essential for our overall well-being but I also think that a balanced diet with wholesome food and regular exercise should be sufficient to  help with keeping our gut healthy.

But for some people it is easier to use pills or supplements to achieve results rather than changing their lifetyle habits.

The Product Range

As mentioned before, Amare's flagship product is MentaBiotics, a product that "... supports the growth and vitality of a range of friendly gut bacteria to increase the production of the “feel-good” neurotransmitters." [source: Amare website]

MentaBiotics belongs to the FundaMental category which also includes MentaFocus, MentaSync, and Amare FundaMental packs.

Other product categories are:

  • MentaTherapeutics: Energy+, Mood+, Relief+, Sleep+, , Reboot+
  • MentaEssentials: Probiotics, Digestive, ViatGBX, OmMega; GBX Foods - Protein, SuperFood. SeedFiber, GBX Foods System
  • Amare Kids including  Kids VitaGBX and Kids FundaMental
  • Different Value Packs

Looking at the prices, the products are not more expensive or cheaper than similar dietary products from other MLM company in the health and wellness niche.

People who would like to save money, can become a preferred customer for an annual fee of $24.95. In return, they can enjoy 25% off the retail price, free products, and a flat rate shipping fee of $4.99.

If you subscribe for a monthly auto-ship order, you can save an additional 10%.

How To Join Amare Global

amare join

Distributors with Amare Global are called Wellness Partner and it is very straight forward to join.

For an annual membership fee of $69.95 you can join Amare Global and start earning a commission by selling the products, and recruit new wellness partners.

In addition you can purchase a launchpack for $749.95 but it is not compulsory.

Included in the membership fee is a personalized website, an app, and access to the back office.

The Amare Global Compensation Plan

amare comp plan

The compensation plan is easy to understand.

Amare Global is using a unilevel structure where 13 ranks can be achieved with the highest being the 5 Heart Servant Leader.

In order to earn commissions and bonuses, a wellness partner has to be active with 100 PV (personal volume) a month.

The personal volume includes personal purchases, and transactions by personally enrolled retail and preferred customers.

It is interesting to see though that the Amare Global Policy Manual states the following:

"A person is not required to purchase any products to be a Preferred Customer or Wellness Partner.

It also says on page 32:

"Wellness Partners are not required to purchase products or be on Subscribe & Save in order to earn bonuses or commissions."

There is still pressure to make purchases to meet certain requirements especially when one wants to advance in the ranks.

To qualify for the first rank alone, one need 300 OV (organizational volume) and for the second rank '2 Heart' 750OV.

A More Detailed Break  Down Of The Compensation Plan

Let's have a closer look at the compensation plan.

For the full compensation plan, please click here.

First up, a wellness partner will earn a commision on the retail markup which equals a 25% commission payment.

Amare Global has also a fast start bonus in place which they call the 'Heart Start Bonus'. In the first sixty days of enrollment, an the Enroller, and their upline, will earn a Heart Start Bonus on all orders generated by the new Enrollee.

However, in this period, there are no Personal Customer Bonus or Unilevel Bonuses paid.

The Personal Customer Bonus pays between 5% up to 15% depending on the sales volume.

amare personal customer bonus

Unfortunately, there are no bonus payments for sales under 500 PV.

There is also the 'Me And Three Bonus' that pays out $135 bonus when a wellness partner personally enrolls three customers or wellness Partners that are on Subscribe & Save with at least 100 PV that month.

Even though the policy manual states one doesn't have to be on a monthly auto-ship order, as discussed before earlier, to earn this bonus the  pressure is on to get customers or new distributors to get on a 100PV subscription plan.

On top of that, a wellness partner only earns  this bonus when he/she is active with 100 PV and have 600 PTV (Personal  Team Volume).

Overall, the pressure is on to make personal purchases to stay active and to be eligible for commission and bonus payments.

The rank requirements, in particular the team sales requirements are high. The same applies for the Me And Three Bonus.

Even though, Amare Global hasn't published an income disclosure yet, I doubt that the majority of wellness partners make a decent income with the Amare Global income opportunity.

Moving on ...

Before I talk about how you could make a good passive income with Amare Global (and other health and wellness  companies), let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Amare Global.

The Pros Of Amare Global

  • Amare Global is accredited with the BBB.
  • No monthly additional ongoing costs for the website and access to the back office.

The Cons Of Amare Global

  • There is no sufficient scientific proof that the products work as advertised by the company. The Chief Science Officer Shawn Talbott has a controversial background with being involved in developing products that have been proven not to work as promised.
  • Rank and bonus requirements are not easy to achieve. There is pressure to make personal purchases to meet the requirements.
  • It is not clear how new distributors are being trained to sell the products. It requires some sort of knowledge to know how the products work, the different ingredients and the likes.

In Conclusion - Is Amare Global A Scam

Based on what I have found out in my research, I don't think that Amare Global is a scam  even though there are a few things I find critical as outlined before.

It is not clear to me how a wellness partner is supposed to sell the products. For someone who is new to MLM it would be tough to be successful with this company.

To sell the products via presentations requires solid product knowledge, great sales and customer skills.

There is pressure to get customers on a monthly auto-ship order to earn bonuses and to achieve team volume requirements as well as get  the 100 personal volume to stay active.

Even though, I personally would not get involved with Amare Global, there is a way how to sell the products without bothering friends and family, or doing presentations.

If you do like the products and would like to become a wellness partner, here is what I would recommend to earn money with Amare Global ...

How To Sell Amare Global (And Other Products) And Make Money

There is still a way to sell Amare Global and, as a matter of fact, any other products you'd like to promote and actually make money with it.

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The key is to have your OWN website/blog.

That means you can build your own personal brand by creating a fashion blog, a lifestyle blog, or health and wellness related blog.

Doing it this way, you can promote any product you like, not just Amare Global.

Don't Know How To Build A Website?

In order to succeed and getting sales, you will need to learn

  1. How To Build A Blog.
  2. How To Write Good Articles That Convert.
  3. How To Find The Best Keywords.
  4. How To Get Traffic (aka readers/buyers) to your blog. 

While this may seem intimidating at first, there is an online training platform available that not only teaches all this things but also offers website hosting, a keyword research tool, and other essential tools 'under one roof' so to speak.

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I do hope this post will help you to increase your sales and has shown you that you don't need to rely on just one company.

To Your Success!

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  1. Carrie Lynn said:

    I recently joined Amare. I have seen people having amazing results, getting off medications, etc….As far as the business aspect, I am being taught step by step attraction marketing for FREE. No more messaging friends and family. And once you hit silver level, you get a guaranteed amount each month. I’ve never seen such a thing. It usually depends on your team volume.

    A non profit Vet organization, recently partnered with AMare to provide free holistic products to vets.

    There are some amazing testimonials. And I’ve read some peer reviewed clinical studies on the science.

    Giving it a go.

    But I do agree that several things are good to market…different things for different needs. I do that too.

    October 8, 2019
    • Anke said:

      Hi Carrie, good luck with your new Venture as an Amare distributor.
      I don’t questioning whether the products work or not. My main focus is the ‘business’ opportunity, to see if a distributor as a good chance of making money at all.
      Would you be happy to talk more about the guaranteed amount each month Amare pays once a distributor gets to the silver level? That would be a novelty in multi-level marketing to get paid money without reaching a certain sales volume and team volume.
      All the best from Anke

      October 10, 2019

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